Osama Bawazir: New EC Vancouver Student Ambassador!


What is your name?

– My name is Osama Bawazir.

Tell us something about you.

– I am a friendly and social person. I like to make a lot of friends.

Why you choose to be a Student ambassador?

– First, it’s a good opportunity to improve my English skills. Second, I’d like to make new friends from different countries. Finally, I love to do anything that helps EC Vancouver School.

What is your job as student ambassador?

– I come every Monday morning at 8:45 to introduce myself and do the orientation for new students.

– I come every Friday at 12:40 to front desk to take pictures with students who are graduating from EC School. I will promise I’ll do my best for this group.

In your opinion, what is the best activity at EC Vancouver? Why?

– I think EC School has many good activities such as Movie Monday and building a ginger bread house at Christmas. Unfortunately the EC School doesn’t have a soccer team, I hope they can have one in the future, because they have  good players! I can guarantee, if we do this activity, it will be one of the best activities in EC School’s history and I mean that!


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