Aya Mizumoto: “Let’s study English! You have no choice! It’s worth a try!”

First of all, English is the most important subject in the world. All people are eager to acquire English; in other words, if you can speak English, you can exchange unique ideas with foreigners and have a wider view in your life. How incredible is it! Actually, that’s why I became curious about English when I was 13.It was love at first sight with English. Secondly, through my stay in Vancouver, I could learn not only English but also what I need. For example, in Vancouver, I faced something severe, but it told me that the important thing is not giving up trying something new.  Actually, a lot of unexpected things happened to me. It was quite precious and priceless! Let’s study English! You have no choice! It’s worth a try! Thank you so much for having awesome time! I love EC Vancouver! ===== EC offers various English Courses, including English private lessons in Vancouver.

MacEwan University Presentation

  A presentation was given by Kimberly from the MacEwan University on March 26th. Over 30 EC Students attended the presentation during the afternoon for about an hour. They enjoyed pizza and coffee as well as Kimberly’s explanations about the different Certificates, Bachelor degrees, Clubs, Diplomas that MacEwan offers. Moreover, they were informed about living in Alberta and what kind of activities they can do during summer and winter time. The students were really impressed about how it could be studying in Edmonton and a lot of interesting questions came up about it! After the presentation, many EC Students crowded around Kimberly to get further details about the University. In the upcoming weeks, two more presentations are planned. They are taking place on the following dates: If you would like to join us, please, come to the front desk at EC Vancouver to sign-up!  

Tomoki Ishimatsu from Japan: “I could make a lot of friends! Also, you can make friends!”

Tomoki Ishimatsu (General English – Pre-Intermediate) shares his EC Vancouver experience. Hi everyone! My name is Tomoki Ishimatsu. I am from Japan and a high school student! When I enrolled in EC Vancouver, I could not speak English. So I felt the first day orientation was very difficult! But don’t worry about it! After one or two weeks, I could make a lot of friends! Also, you can make friends! They are very friendly and talkative. You can get along with your friends soon! If you are shy, I think you should change you mind. And if you are in trouble, you can count on teachers or staff. They can help you. Anyway, after a few days, I must go back to my country even if I don’t want to go back! You will have this feeling when you  are in your last week! ===== EC offers various English Courses, including One to one English lessons in Vancouver.  

Rosaura Oliva De Leon Diaz: “One International Day at Thompson Rivers University”.

Rosaura Oliva De Leon Diaz who is in High-Intermediate General English Course at EC Vancouver shares the experience she had on the  TRU campus tour. TRU is an international campus with about 2000 students from over 80 countries, where, by the way, we were warmly welcomed during the International Day Celebration. This has become a tradition within the international student community, who celebrate the diversity of culture and art. It was a pleasure for EC students to be part of a multicultural experience with university students, teachers and staff who shared their knowledge and experience that they have acquired so far, through a truly inspiring speech. Personally, I consider the program they offer us to be such a great, unique opportunity to become an international university student. Particularly, because it has been designed based on the student needs. As a result, this program is totally different from others. While walking around campus, you realize that the University is really interested in supporting and encouraging foreign students. For instance, students have the opportunity to study specifically with others who are from the same country in order to understand the cultural context in which students develop and obtain the best results for all. I am incredibly excited about this idea. As i see it, it is a great opportunity to improve as a student. I am glad to have visited TRU; they are doing an excellent job managing diversity of careers and programs in an innovative way. ===== EC offers various English Courses, including One to one English lessons in Vancouver.  

Spring Has Come!!!

Finally spring came yesterday, it was a little chilly though. However, you should definitely take this opportunity to do outside activities and enjoy nature. Here are EC Vancouver recommendations: -Stanley Park is one of the best places to visit and see the first hot rays of the sun. Also, it would be fantastic to go to English Bay at sunset. – Queen Elizabeth Park would be a great option for seeing spring flowers blooming. The park is also the perfect setting for  a picnic, stargazing, and fine dining at Seasons in the Park. Go outside, Hang out with friends, and enjoy springtime in Vancouver!

“My experience in Thompson River University” by Neirel Diaz Tafur

Neirel Diaz Tafur who is in Low-Intermediate General English Course at EC Vancouver shares the experience she had on the  TRU campus tour  last Friday. It was a beautiful drive to Thompson River University. It took about four hours from Vancouver. We saw beautiful landscapes and the guide shared his experiences about life as a campus student. Upon arrival we got to meet a staff member at the college. He explained the different programs and answered all of our questions. In the university, we enjoyed a walking tour where we saw academic buildings, residence halls and met more students from different schools. During this walk, our guide gave us a lot of information about the campus and which activities you could experience at the university. If you are looking to study in Canada, choosing a University that best fits you is an important decision and visiting campuses is one of the best ways to determine if a university is right for you. A personal visit to Thompson River University will provide an opportunity to meet faculty, students and to explore campus life. ===== EC offers various English Courses, including English private lessons in Vancouver.

Sora Yoon from Korea: “I can say with confidence that I have learned a lot in EC.”

My long trip, from last summer in Vancouver, started with an idea which was the only way that I could avoid my reality. I struggled with thoughts that I did not fit in my new school and, to be honest, I truly wanted to escape from that. Eventually, thanks to supportive parents, I was able to come here to study, meet many friends, and think about my future. The time that I joined EC in Vancouver was last October. At that time, I was looking for something different class and I came across the school on the Internet. I cannot believe that it has already been five months since I started to go to school. During the time, I have attended TOFEL and Cambridge classes at EC Vancouver , which were really helpful. I can say with confidence that I have learned a lot in EC. For example, I actually wrote TOFEL test twice and the results are getting better. Also, I could get many good quality references, which would not be seen in any other places, from Cambridge class. Now, I am planning to attend IELTS class in EC and I strongly believe that it will be good, too. I cannot tell about my life in Vancouver without my friends whom I met here. I have met so many people who were very nice although each of them came from different countries. I could not imagine that I am going to have friends from Europe, South America, and other countries in Asia when I was in Korea. Therefore, I feel so sad whenever we have to say goodbye to each other. This is the saddest thing that happens in Vancouver, but I know we are going to meet someday in the future. It has been almost nine months since I came here … Read more

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming!

It’s a cultural and religious holiday celebrated annually on  March 17th. It’s related to the death date of the most commonly-recognized patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick.Originally, the colour associated with Saint Patrick was blue, however, over the years green ribbons and shamrocks began being worn in celebration of  St Patrick’s Day. The shamrock helped to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish. Vancouver’s next St. Patrick’s Day Parade is on March 16 from 11am – 1pm. Its route runs along Howe Street in downtown Vancouver, starting at Howe and Drake and proceeding north to W Georgia Street. It then turns right on W Georgia and ends at W Georgia and Granville Streets. EC Students, get out your green clothes and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Vancouver!   ===== EC offers various English Courses, including English private lessons in Vancouver.

Rene Luethi: “EC has great teachers, modern technology and a good atmosphere.”

Hello I`m Rene from Switzerland. I have been in EC Vancouver for a few months and I am in Intermediate level now. Vancouver is a wonderful city for everything – eating, snowboarding, visiting tourist spots  and studying English with new friends. EC has great teachers, modern technology and a good atmosphere. Students are from around the world. It makes classes very interesting and fun. I decided to take some one to one English lessons in Vancouver to improve my English. They are personal and help me to understand specific questions. I enjoy private lessons a lot.

Free Yoga Class

Various traditions of yoga are found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism and they include breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. It’s widely practiced in the West for health and relaxation. Yesterday, we had the first Yoga class at EC Vancouver English School which was instructed by Fukui Rena, who is an EC Student and comes with four years of professional Yoga training experience. Students were so relaxed that they didn’t want to leave the room after the lesson was over! We have free Yoga class from 3:50pm every Tuesday. You can sign up at Front Desk every week. Hurry! The space is limited up to only 6 students!