Aya Mizumoto: “Let’s study English! You have no choice! It’s worth a try!”

First of all, English is the most important subject in the world. All people are eager to acquire English; in other words, if you can speak English, you can exchange unique ideas with foreigners and have a wider view in your life. How incredible is it! Actually, that’s why I became curious abo … Read more

Tomoki Ishimatsu from Japan: “I could make a lot of friends! Also, you can make friends!”

Tomoki Ishimatsu (General English – Pre-Intermediate) shares his EC Vancouver experience. Hi everyone! My name is Tomoki Ishimatsu. I am from Japan and a high school student! When I enrolled in EC Vancouver, I could not speak English. So I felt the first day orientation was very difficult! But don&# … Read more

Rosaura Oliva De Leon Diaz: “One International Day at Thompson Rivers University”.

Rosaura Oliva De Leon Diaz who is in High-Intermediate General English Course at EC Vancouver shares the experience she had on the  TRU campus tour. TRU is an international campus with about 2000 students from over 80 countries, where, by the way, we were warmly welcomed during the International Day … Read more

“My experience in Thompson River University” by Neirel Diaz Tafur

Neirel Diaz Tafur who is in Low-Intermediate General English Course at EC Vancouver shares the experience she had on the  TRU campus tour  last Friday. It was a beautiful drive to Thompson River University. It took about four hours from Vancouver. We saw beautiful landscapes and the guide shared his … Read more

Sora Yoon from Korea: “I can say with confidence that I have learned a lot in EC.”

My long trip, from last summer in Vancouver, started with an idea which was the only way that I could avoid my reality. I struggled with thoughts that I did not fit in my new school and, to be honest, I truly wanted to escape from that. Eventually, thanks to supportive parents, I was able to come he … Read more

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming!

It’s a cultural and religious holiday celebrated annually on  March 17th. It’s related to the death date of the most commonly-recognized patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick.Originally, the colour associated with Saint Patrick was blue, however, over the years green ribbons and shamroc … Read more

Rene Luethi: “EC has great teachers, modern technology and a good atmosphere.”

Hello I`m Rene from Switzerland. I have been in EC Vancouver for a few months and I am in Intermediate level now. Vancouver is a wonderful city for everything – eating, snowboarding, visiting tourist spots  and studying English with new friends. EC has great teachers, modern technology and a g … Read more