Sora Yoon from Korea: “I can say with confidence that I have learned a lot in EC.”

My long trip, from last summer in Vancouver, started with an idea which was the only way that I could avoid my reality. I struggled with thoughts that I did not fit in my new school and, to be honest, I truly wanted to escape from that. Eventually, thanks to supportive parents, I was able to come here to study, meet many friends, and think about my future.

The time that I joined EC in Vancouver was last October. At that time, I was looking for something different class and I came across the school on the Internet. I cannot believe that it has already been five months since I started to go to school. During the time, I have attended TOFEL and Cambridge classes at EC Vancouver , which were really helpful. I can say with confidence that I have learned a lot in EC. For example, I actually wrote TOFEL test twice and the results are getting better. Also, I could get many good quality references, which would not be seen in any other places, from Cambridge class. Now, I am planning to attend IELTS class in EC and I strongly believe that it will be good, too.


I cannot tell about my life in Vancouver without my friends whom I met here. I have met so many people who were very nice although each of them came from different countries. I could not imagine that I am going to have friends from Europe, South America, and other countries in Asia when I was in Korea. Therefore, I feel so sad whenever we have to say goodbye to each other. This is the saddest thing that happens in Vancouver, but I know we are going to meet someday in the future.

It has been almost nine months since I came here and I think that I have changed a lot. One of the most exciting things that I have gained from my life in Vancouver is that I have confidence about my future. By this winter, I will have arrived in Korea and started my new days. I am preparing for the time now, so I am sure it will be different from the last year. Consequently, this experience is the most wonderful opportunity that I have had for learning, having friends, and considering about life. I would recommend that people visit and enjoy Vancouver. Of course, I believe that they will never regret!



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