Rosaura Oliva De Leon Diaz: “One International Day at Thompson Rivers University”.

Rosaura Oliva De Leon Diaz who is in High-Intermediate General English Course at EC Vancouver shares the experience she had on the  TRU campus tour.

TRU is an international campus with about 2000 students from over 80 countries, where, by the way, we were warmly welcomed during the International Day Celebration. This has become a tradition within the international student community, who celebrate the diversity of culture and art. It was a pleasure for EC students to be part of a multicultural experience with university students, teachers and staff who shared their knowledge and experience that they have acquired so far, through a truly inspiring speech.


Personally, I consider the program they offer us to be such a great, unique opportunity to become an international university student. Particularly, because it has been designed based on the student needs. As a result, this program is totally different from others. While walking around campus, you realize that the University is really interested in supporting and encouraging foreign students. For instance, students have the opportunity to study specifically with others who are from the same country in order to understand the cultural context in which students develop and obtain the best results for all.

I am incredibly excited about this idea. As i see it, it is a great opportunity to improve as a student. I am glad to have visited TRU; they are doing an excellent job managing diversity of careers and programs in an innovative way.


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