Tomoki Ishimatsu from Japan: “I could make a lot of friends! Also, you can make friends!”

Tomoki Ishimatsu (General English – Pre-Intermediate) shares his EC Vancouver experience.


Hi everyone! My name is Tomoki Ishimatsu. I am from Japan and a high school student! When I enrolled in EC Vancouver, I could not speak English. So I felt the first day orientation was very difficult! But don’t worry about it! After one or two weeks, I could make a lot of friends! Also, you can make friends! They are very friendly and talkative. You can get along with your friends soon! If you are shy, I think you should change you mind.

And if you are in trouble, you can count on teachers or staff. They can help you.

Anyway, after a few days, I must go back to my country even if I don’t want to go back!

You will have this feeling when you  are in your last week!


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