“Lost Souls of Gastown” Tour in Vancouver

Have you heard about “Forbidden Walking Tours” in Vancouver?    It is a tour that will bring you to the heart of Downtown, introduce you to “The Lost Souls of Gastown” and will reveal stories of speakeasies, showgirls, corrupt mayors and mobsters and you’ll visit Vancouver’s most iconic buildings and places like the Sun Tower and the Dominion Building. To reveal a little bit: “After a night of whiskey and cards at the saloon, gold prospector John Bray staggered out onto the streets of Victorian-era Gastown. He never made it back to his hotel. Robbed and shot three times in the head, he wandered the streets for two delirious weeks before the bullets finally killed him.” Find out the story of John Bray and his mysterious death, along with tales of hustlers and thieves, vagabonds and bawdy girls, on the “Lost Souls of Gastown” tour. A gothic theatre adventure that pulls you so deep into the swirling lamplight and darkened alleys of Gastown’s murky past, you may have a hard time finding your way back out…   You will learn about the tale of a terrible and forgotten plague. A fire that ate up Gastown in minutes while people sprinted for their lives down Water Street. A Klondike goldrush beauty who had her heart-broken and pocket-book looted by a ruthless theatre magnate. The ghost of the city’s first madam and her curious Gastown abode. And you will find out who really killed John Bray…Vancouver’s most notorious unsolved murder. Additional information: –Prices: $19 for students and $22 for adults. You can join the tour at 8:00pm every Friday and Saturday.  Each walking tour is about 90 minutes. It should be a great opportunity to learn about the Vancouver’s hidden history and to share a rare experience with other EC Students! ===== Find … Read more

VANCOUVER SUN RUN on Sunday April 27th !

  Sunday’s Sun Run (April 27th)   The Vancouver Sun Run holds the distinction of being Canada’s largest annual 10k road race, and the second largest timed 10k in the world! The run’s purpose was to promote the benefits of running to improve health and fitness as well as support elite amateur athletics. It has truly become one of Vancouver’s traditional rites of spring and is preparing for its 30th year running.   The Sun Run course begins in downtown Vancouver on Georgia Street. Runners follow a 10k route that takes them through Vancouver’s West End, over the Burrard Street then east along False Creek towards Cambie and finishing in front of BC Place Stadium.     Once the race is finished at BC Place Stadium you are encouraged to enter to enjoy the wrap party along with your family and friends. At the wrap party you can celebrate your achievement with live entertainment, check out the Kids’ Zone, watch the awards’ ceremony for the top finishers and enjoy free fruits, bagels and refreshments provided by our generous sponsors. Don’t miss this unique event! If you think about taking part in this run, you can still register on-site at the Sun Run Fair. ===== EC offers various English Courses, including TOEFL preparation courses in Vancouver.  

JIN SU PARK from Korea: A great Alumni story!

Jin Su Park, from Korea,  shares his experience while taking the General English Course (Low Intermediate) in Vancouver. Hello everybody, Let me introduce myself. My name is Jin Su Park from Korea. I completed a hospitality Management degree at Semyung University in Korea. Also, I used to work at Sheraton Hotel in Seoul. I have chosen a Co-op Program with EC Vancouver because I wanted to improve my English skill and have an experience working for a hotel in Canada. I thought that the Program suited me. I was studying English in EC Vancouver, and can’t believe that I already graduated from the school in April. Before I came to Vancouver, I had a lot of questions. For example, I had to choose a country, city, school, period, course, price, food and house Etc. Among them, the biggest worry for was “how can I build friendships with Canadian friends?” or “which city in Canada is the best city to avoid Koreans?” During my stay in Canada I didn’t want to have a conversation in Korean with classmates in order to improve my English. Currently, I look back on the time that I had worries. It was totally wrong and unnecessary because all of EC students have thought the same in my opinion. Nobody wants to speak their own language. Also, the staff of EC always assists students to make them speak English only. Now I want to share my story of Vancouver’s life with some tips. I’ve had a good experience with my new friends who I met in Vancouver so I have never felt lonely. In Canada, age, nationality and culture do not matter when making friends. I wish that these happy days didn’t have to end, although I’ll go back to Korea eventually. “When you are bored what do you … Read more

Hsin Hua Tsai from Taiwan: “EC Vancouver is a perfect language school and I am extremely grateful.”

Hsin Hua Tsai, from Taiwan, shares her experience while attending the TOEIC course at EC Vancouver. To study aboard was my lifelong dream all the time. Before I came here, I knew that it’s a peaceful and high-quality city in Canada. Moreover, I have a cousin living in Vancouver, so we can take care of each other. In brief, I chose to study in Vancouver for six months. Fortunately, EC Vancouver is a perfect language school and I am extremely grateful. Because my English has improved a lot and especially the tuition is reasonable. Also, I can easily make many friends as a result of my English. That why I said EC is amazing because it has given me a lot of confidence. When I came to Vancouver in the beginning, I was surprised that everyone was very orderly even though there are many international people. Compared with other countries, we really have to progress in our life pattern. In addition, the only problem is a lot of homeless people wandering the streets concerned with social security. But they are basically not a danger to our lives. Besides, Vancouver is a beautiful city, whatever the season. we can go skiing in Whistler or the Rockey Mountains in winter time and go boating or ride a bike in Stanley Park in summer time. Furthermore, we can see cherry blossoms as well as maples everywhere. Also, we can go to the USA at any time because Canada borders on the USA. Anyway, the city of Vancouver is a very livable city. ===== EC offers various English Courses, including TOEFL preparation courses in Vancouver.


Centuries ago, the month of April was dedicated to Easter the Anglo-Saxon goddess of offspring and fertility, her symbol being the rabbit. Eggs and rabbits symbolize birth and fertility in many cultures, with eggs decorated in bright colors and given away as gifts. Now, it’s known as a Christian festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary as described in the New Testament. What people do during the Eastern Celebration? Since its origins, Easter has been a time of celebration and feasting and many traditional Easter games and customs developed, such as: egg rolling, egg tapping, pace egging and egg decorating. Also, during this holiday, chocolate is sold in the form of Easter eggs and Easter bunnies. Everyone knows that the Easter Bunny brings a basket full of goodies to children for Easter and sometimes the gifts are hidden so children have to look for them, this is called an “egg-hunt”. What to do in Vancouver? Besides the egg-hunt organized by Community Centers, but often reserved for kids, you can enjoy one of  Vancouverites favorite weekend activity. Many restaurants and hotels are organizing special Easter Brunches. You can plan to go up and celebrate Easter on Grouse Mountain, the deal includes a three-course Easter brunch, Skyride and general admission to Grouse Mountain, and an Easter Egg hunt led by the Easter Bunny. Or you can still enjoy a good Easter Brunch, even if there is no special, at some of the top places for brunch in Vancouver: Glowbal Grill, 1079 Mainland Street, Yaletown MARKET by Jean-Georges, 1115 Alberni Street, Downtown Vancouver Edible Canada, 1597 Johnston Street, Granville Island Jethro’s Fine Grub, 3420 Dunbar Street, West Side / Dunbar Have a great long weekend and …   ===== Find out more about EC’s … Read more

Silvano Stecher: A great Alumni story!

Silvano Stecher, from Switzerland, shares his experience while attending the Cambridge ESOL Course in Vancouver. Ueila! I am Silvano from Switzerland. I grew up in a tiny village in the Swiss mountains. Before I arrived here in Canada, I finished my apprenticeship and my military service.  The problem was I just had to wait over 6 months before I could start at university. How could I kill this time? The answer was going to somewhere abroad. I chose Vancouver because I love the combination of mountains and sea. During the winter, you can go skiing at the Rockies and in the summer walk at the beach or in Stanley Park. I have studied at EC for 3 months. It was just an amazing and wonderful time. I met a lot of new friends all over the world, such as: Brazilians, Colombians, Japanese, Mexicans, Koreans etc. It’s great to have so many friends and enjoy Vancouver with them. I hope to see them again in the future! EC Vancouver offers a huge variety of activities during the week and also the weekends. The teachers are great and the staff are very friendly. What I really appreciate is that the environment is very clean and everybody is so helpful and friendly. That makes an ideal atmosphere for studying and learning English. You will also do a lot of activities outside of school time, for example international dinner, Extreme Air Park, Paintball or Canucks games. Just an unforgettable time! ===== EC offers various English Courses, including TOEFL in Vancouver.

Maria Auxiliadora Olavarrieta Rodil from Venezuela: “I am sure that EC English Vancouver School is your best choice.”

Maria Auxiliadora Olavarrieta Rodil,  (General English – High-Intermediate) shares her EC Vancouver experience. My name is Maria, I am from Venezuela. My degree is in Business Administration but my true passion is Tourism. In my opinion, traveling is an excellent opportunity to learn about new cultures and of course the perfect excuse to meet new people.   After fifteen years in my job, I decided to come to Canada, the True North, to improve my English and also to learn French. Canada has this important advantage; two different points of view in the same place! I chose Vancouver as my first destination because I come from a tropical country and because of that I was concerned about the weather. However, one of my favorite moments here was when I saw the snow for the first time through my window. I felt like a child again! Living in Vancouver is such a marvelous experience. You can go to several parks around the city, visit public markets to try different kinds of fruit and seafood, and walk around old-fashioned and alternative neighborhoods. And do not worry about your security or how to return to your home, Vancouver has excellent and safe public transportation. Another priceless experience I have had living in this city is the multiculturalism; people from so many countries who are able to teach you about their cultures make you feel part of an incredible World Team. I am sure that EC Vancouver English School is your best choice. They have a good infrastructure, friendly teachers and helpful staff who always give you a big smile. ===== Find out more about EC’s English Courses, including TOEFL Courses in Vancouver.

Yousef Al-Khadher Ahmed Hasan from Yemen shares his EC Vancouver experience!

Yousef Al-Khadher Ahmed Hasan, who sat for the General English Course in Vancouver, (Low Intermediate) shares his experience.   I’ll write about my opinion about Vancouver and my impression of the best city in the world. Before I came to Canada, I was hesitant to choose Canada, especially Vancouver. I had many options before I chose Canada to study English. But my heart chose Canada, really I don’t want to lie to you when I arrived in Vancouver I felt a strange sense because of the different way of life between my city and Vancouver. My first day in the EC Vancouver School was awesome because I met many students from different countries. And all the staff at the school were very nice. Now after 10 weeks in Vancouver, I can assure you the city I am in is one of the best cities in the world, if not the best. People here like to help and they are also very kind. Here in Vancouver, you have many options that you can do on the weekends. You will not feel bored at all. In conclusion, I wanted to share with you my experience in Vancouver through the last 10 weeks. I hope it helps. Best regards, Yousef Hasan ===== EC offers various English Courses, including TOEFL Courses in Vancouver.

Akiyoshi Yokoyama from Japan shares his EC Vancouver experience!

Akiyoshi Yokoyama, who took the General English Course in Vancouver, (High-Intermediate) shares his experience. Hi!! I’m Akiyoshi Yokoyama from Japan! Everyone calls me Aki! I’m a mechanical engineer in Japan. I think…Studying English at EC Vancouver is the beginning of your dream. If you have a dream which is worldwide, you should come here soon. Otherwise, you could miss your first step of the dream. In Vancouver, honestly, although there are disadvantages, which are the weather, high price and so on. But they don’t matter for your dream. Of course, there are a lot of advantages about EC. Our teachers are flexible which is the most important quality for teacher I think. What is more, EC classmates are so excellent that you can get international friends easily! Even if you are shy, we aren’t shy so don’t worry!! I’d like to say that language is a communicative tool so we should communicate to international people and I think this is the best way to learn English. Vancouver is waiting for you!!! ===== EC offers various English Courses, including TOEFL Course(s) in Vancouver.

Things to do in April!!!

Hi EC Students, Now that it’s cherry blossom season in Vancouver, here are EC Vancouver recommendations:   -You can join the spring events like the Cherry Blossom Festival from April 03 to April 28 doing biking, picnics, and illumination events during the festival. -Also, you can attend the Vancouver Sun Run which will occur on April 27. This is a big event with about 50,000 runners every year. Let’s wear sneakers and join the race. -Moreover, you can ride the Easter train in Stanley Park on April 16 either go on an egg hunt (bring your own basket), participate in crafts and a bunny-ear workshop, join in games or get your face painted (by donation).   – Don’t forget that Baker’s Market will be for free on April 20 and enjoy the spring season and these great events!