“Lost Souls of Gastown” Tour in Vancouver

Have you heard about “Forbidden Walking Tours” in Vancouver?    It is a tour that will bring you to the heart of Downtown, introduce you to “The Lost Souls of Gastown” and will reveal stories of speakeasies, showgirls, corrupt mayors and mobsters and you’ll visit Vancouver’s most iconic buildings and places like the Sun Tower … Read more

JIN SU PARK from Korea: A great Alumni story!

Jin Su Park, from Korea,  shares his experience while taking the General English Course (Low Intermediate) in Vancouver. Hello everybody, Let me introduce myself. My name is Jin Su Park from Korea. I completed a hospitality Management degree at Semyung University in Korea. Also, I used to work at Sheraton Hotel in Seoul. I have chosen … Read more

Hsin Hua Tsai from Taiwan: “EC Vancouver is a perfect language school and I am extremely grateful.”

Hsin Hua Tsai, from Taiwan, shares her experience while attending the TOEIC course at EC Vancouver. To study aboard was my lifelong dream all the time. Before I came here, I knew that it’s a peaceful and high-quality city in Canada. Moreover, I have a cousin living in Vancouver, so we can take care of each … Read more


Centuries ago, the month of April was dedicated to Easter the Anglo-Saxon goddess of offspring and fertility, her symbol being the rabbit. Eggs and rabbits symbolize birth and fertility in many cultures, with eggs decorated in bright colors and given away as gifts. Now, it’s known as a Christian festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection … Read more

Silvano Stecher: A great Alumni story!

Silvano Stecher, from Switzerland, shares his experience while attending the Cambridge ESOL Course in Vancouver. Ueila! I am Silvano from Switzerland. I grew up in a tiny village in the Swiss mountains. Before I arrived here in Canada, I finished my apprenticeship and my military service.  The problem was I just had to wait over … Read more

Maria Auxiliadora Olavarrieta Rodil from Venezuela: “I am sure that EC English Vancouver School is your best choice.”

Maria Auxiliadora Olavarrieta Rodil,  (General English – High-Intermediate) shares her EC Vancouver experience. My name is Maria, I am from Venezuela. My degree is in Business Administration but my true passion is Tourism. In my opinion, traveling is an excellent opportunity to learn about new cultures and of course the perfect excuse to meet new … Read more

Yousef Al-Khadher Ahmed Hasan from Yemen shares his EC Vancouver experience!

Yousef Al-Khadher Ahmed Hasan, who sat for the General English Course in Vancouver, (Low Intermediate) shares his experience.   I’ll write about my opinion about Vancouver and my impression of the best city in the world. Before I came to Canada, I was hesitant to choose Canada, especially Vancouver. I had many options before I … Read more

Akiyoshi Yokoyama from Japan shares his EC Vancouver experience!

Akiyoshi Yokoyama, who took the General English Course in Vancouver, (High-Intermediate) shares his experience. Hi!! I’m Akiyoshi Yokoyama from Japan! Everyone calls me Aki! I’m a mechanical engineer in Japan. I think…Studying English at EC Vancouver is the beginning of your dream. If you have a dream which is worldwide, you should come here soon. … Read more