Camila Lopes Ferreira from Brazil: “The thing that I like most in EC, is the chance to meet people from all around the world…”

Camila Lopes Ferreira shares her experience while taking the General English Course (High-Intermediate) in Vancouver. So far my life here in Vancouver has been amazing. I arrived 2 weeks ago, and already got a lot of friends here, and been in amazing places. I enjoy hanging out with friends, like going to the beach, riding a bike at Stanley Park, and spending my afternoon at Deer Lake. I’m truly in love with the city. My classmates are great, we do a lot of activities together, we like watching soccer games together, go to Malone’s, and others pubs. We have a good relationship with each other. They are really friendly and we are spending a great time with each other. The thing that I like most in EC, is the chance to meet people from all around the world and talk to them and get to know a little bit more about the culture. The weather in Vancouver is great, and now with the upcoming summer, it will be even better because we can enjoy outside activity even more and go hiking. My host family is awesome, they are kind, and we do a lot of activities together, they are really nice to me. They even invited me to a wedding, and I could learn a lot more about they culture. Another thing that I like most about them, is how they treat me. I feel like I’m one of their daughters. That’s the reason why I’m enjoying my time here. _____________________________________________________________________________ EC offers various English courses, including Academic Year Programme for long-term students in Vancouver.

Great place to visit for EC Vancouver students: Deep Cove

Located in North Vancouver, only 13km away from Vancouver, Deep Cove is a peaceful residential neighbourhood. No need to have a car to get there, from Downtown it takes less than 1 hour with public transport to reach this popular summer resort. Deep Cove is well known for its huge range of outdoors activities: if you love water activities you can enjoy kayaking, canoeing, waterskiing or also paddling and have the opportunity to view the mountains and wildlife from sea level. For mountain lovers, the Baden Powell trail is a nice, easy hike which will bring you to a very nice point where you could relax, have picnic and enjoy the peaceful and quiet area. If you have more time and motivation, Deep Cove is also a starting point to head up to Seymour Mountain, hiking in summer or skiing in winter. If you plan to go to Deep Cove, you have probably heard about the famous “Honey Doughnuts & Goodies“ shop. No visit in Deep Cove should be done without a stop in this bakery: we advise you to try the delicious honey doughnuts but be patient, you will probably have to line up for a bit. As the good weather is back this weekend, EC Vancouver is organizing a visit to Deep Cove. This Friday (May 30th), 40 of EC Vancouver students are heading to “The Cove“, as it is called by local residents, to enjoy the sun and a picnic all together facing the Indian Arm, a steep sided glacial fjord. Enjoy your time there, and I bet this won`t be your only trip to Deep Cove!!! ===== EC offers various English Courses, including Academic Year Programme for long-term students.

YoungJu Kim(Victoria) from Korea: “My life in Vancouver”

YoungJu Kim(Victoria) from Korea shares her experience while taking the General English Course (High-Intermediate) in Vancouver. My purpose for coming to Vancouver was to learn how to speak English. If I want to enter a good university or get a good job, it is necessary to study hard English. However, education in Korea only focuses on exam skills like grammar, reading, and writing – except speaking. That’s why I decided to come to Vancouver. I got the possibility to improve my English skills for 3 months. But not only English is a part of my daily life.Everyday I am having a lot of memorable experiences in Vancouver! Firstly, I can relax and calm down here. When I was in Korea, I always had to do something as a university student. Usually did I something very quick without enough composure. However, they have beautiful nature and friendly people in Vancouver. It makes me having composures and dingo something slowly and peacefully. Secondly, I can make a lot of friends who are from other countries. I think it’s a big advantage of EC. Compare with the other language schools, we have various nationalities. I can learn a lot about other cultures during hanging out with my friends. It let me know how to understand other cultures. And I believe it’s helpful to broaden my sight. To finish, we have a good systems at EC. EC managers and ambassadors always tries to make interesting activities for EC students. For example, we have an activity, “explore in Vancouver”. This activity can introduce good places in Vancouver to EC students. It’s a good chance to know where we could go and hang out with new friends. When I was in Korea, I couldn’t imagine having such great experiences in Vancouver. I am very excited to spend a … Read more

MinKyung Kim from Korea: “My Life in Vancouver and EC”

MinKyung Kim from Korea shares her experience while taking the General English Course (Upper-Intermediate) in Vancouver. Time goes too fast. I have studied at EC Vancouver for already three months. I met many friends here, and made a lot of good memories with them. Also, I am improving my English gradually. When I first came to EC, I was in Intermediate class. But now, I moved to upper-intermediate. And I hope I can graduate with fluent English. I arrived in Vancouver on Feb 28th. I was so depressed because of the weather. There was nothing to do with that weather. And comparing with Seoul, Vancouver was quite boring for me. However, I started to adapt here, and I made many friends. The weather also became sunny. Now, I’m enjoying this peaceful and beautiful city. I love English Bay and Stanley Park. I also adapted to my school. On my first day, I worried about my English and if I can improve my English here or not. I think I didn’t forget my original intention. I never use Korean in the school, and I keep speaking English with my Korean friends. I’m living with a Korean roommate, but I always speak English with her. I feel thankful to all my friends because I know they are also doing their best. Seven months are left before I go home. I will do my best to improve my English and make happy memories with my friends. I’m looking forward to the summer in Vancouver. ===== EC offers various English Courses, including Academic Year Programme for long-term students.

Fun thing to do for EC Vancouver students: Richmond Night Market

EC Vancouver students!!! It’s already Friday! Studying English is very important BUT having a good time with friends while you stay in Vancouver is also very important. As the nights get longer and temperatures get warmer, one of the best places to spend the evenings in Vancouver is on a summer night market where amazing deep fried food, cheap socks, and lots of other surprises are waiting for you. It’s pretty hard to tell the difference between the two Richmond night markets, but this one tends to be more well-known because of his huge space, great food booths, and… well… the giant duck. The Richmond Night Market first opened in 2000, eventually moving to the night market location on Vulcan Way. But in 2007, the Richmond Night Market lost his lease and went on a four-year hiatus (the Summer Night Market took over its location as a replacement in 2008). Returning in 2012 at a new location near River Rock Casino, making it easy to reach by Canada Line. The re-opened Richmond Night Market has 80+ food vendors, 250+ retailers, live entertainment, and carnival rides. What to expect… At the International Summer Night Market, vendors are split into two “sides:” a food vendor “side” and a discount-retailer “side.” Visitors usually start on the food side, where food stalls are lined up in rows; after dinner, crowds browse the retail stalls on the other “side” of the market, which include discount goods like cheap sunglasses, fashion, jewelry, electronics, and Chinese-language DVDs. Special multicultural event nights are scheduled throughout the season. EC Vancouver Students, here is more information about it: Richmond Night Market Where: 8351 River Rd, Richmond BC When: May 16 – October 13, 2014 Open hours: Friday & Saturday 7pm – 12am; Sunday & Holidays 6pm – 11pm $2 admission; … Read more

Youngju Kim: New EC Vancouver Student Ambassador!

Youngju Kim(Victoria) who is taking EC Vancouver’s General English course (high-intermediate) joined EC Vancouver’s Student Ambassador! What is your name? – My name is Youngju Kim (Victoria). Tell us something about you. – I came to Vancouver (also EC Vancouver) three months ago. I have had a good time in Vancouver. I love it! Why you choose to be a Student ambassador? – I talked to a staff in EC about how to improve my English skills and she introduced an opportunity to become a student ambassador. I think it’s really helpful because i have a lot of chances to speak in English. What is your job as student ambassador? – I have to help students who don’t know about EC (especially new students) and need to think about good activities for EC Vancouver students. In your opinion, what is the best activity at EC Vancouver?  Why? – I think becoming a student ambassador is the best activity in EC. Compared with other schools, only EC Vancouver has this unique opportunity! I have been having a lot of special experiences since I became the student ambassador. I want to enjoy more!! ===== EC offers various English Courses, including Academic Year Programme for long-term students.

EC’s Academic Year Programme

EC Vancouver offers Academic Year Programme for students who are thinking about studying General English for a long-term (24weeks+). This programme give students a strong support to have a successful and meaningful journey at EC Vancouver. Every Academic Year student will have personal class tutorials with their teacher every four to five weeks and they are outside of class time at lunch break or after classes. Also, they will have 30 minute one-to-one meetings with their personal tutor/mentor every six weeks. Through these tutorials and meetings, students will identify their learning strengths and weaknesses and it will help them achieve better understanding, fluency and accuracy of English. Tutors will give advice and suggestions and answer your questions! Just like a coach! If you skip tutorials, you will lose the chance to have them. At the end of every week they should write a short reflection of what they have learned during the week. It doesn’t matter if at school or outside in nature with their friends. This is a good opportunity to improve their writing, grammar and vocabulary. Another option is, for example, writing down some new learned expressions or phrasal verbs which were used every day. To summarise, the Academic Year Programme offers outside of the school time to write down their experiences and impressions. During doing this programme they improve their English and can review what they have learned and how big their improvement was during the stay. And of course it is a nice souvenir.

Vancouver’s Food Truck Tour

Vancouver’s Food Truck Tour Vancouver is famous for its healthy way of life, its amazing landscapes and its cosmopolitan people. But also for its food, I am not kidding, I know, it can be surprising but if you walk through the city, you probably have noticed there are many food trucks located in about every corner of Downtown. Trip Advisor gave a certificate of excellence in 2013 to Vancouver Foodies Tour and it’s recognised as one of the World’s Best Food Truck Tour. In a nutshell, a great experience during which you can experiment local and good quality street food. The tour will bring you to different food trucks, in total it will be 4 courses, 5 tastings, 9 stories to learn more about the city of Vancouver, its culinary talents and of course it will be a great occasion to meet new people. What could be better than 2 hours of fun, discovering the city and eating? Fingers crossed it won’t be raining!!! ===== Discover EC Vancouver and learn more about our Academic English course.  

The “Cirque du Soleil” is in Vancouver!!!

The Cirque du Soleil, an artistic entertainment company from Montreal, is in town from May 15th to July 6th. It is one of the most recognised circuses in the world, with more than 100 million spectators since its creation in 1984. More than 5,000 employees worldwide from 50 different countries and around 1,300 artists make these shows unforgettable. Cirque du Soleil will always work hard to evoke the imagination, invoke the senses and provoke the emotions of people around the world. This year in Vancouver, you can attend the “TOTEM” show. This show traces the fascinating journey of the human species from its original amphibian state to its ultimate desire to fly. Based on many myths, TOTEM displays the evolutionary progress of species through amazing and mind-blowing acrobatics and various visual effects. News critics are unanimous: this is a breathtaking and ravishing performance. If EC Vancouver could give you one piece of advice: do not miss the show. First, you won’t be disappointed, second, you may not have the opportunity to attend this show again and third, you can enjoy a good deal with Club ESL, our events partner, located on the 3rd floor of the school. Do not think about it too much and just go for it!!!! 😀   ===== Discover EC Vancouver and learn more about our academic English course  

Italian Day on Commercial Drive

Italian Day on Commercial Drive        Do you like pasta, pizza and prosciutto? What about music, fashion, art and sport?   If so, EC Vancouver has a great suggestion for you on June 8th from 12 to 8 pm. There is going to be The Italian Day on The Drive, which is a street celebration of Italian culture and the contributions made to this city by Italian immigrants.   Since its return in 2010, Italian Day has become one of Vancouver’s most celebrated cultural festivals with over 300,000 attendees in 2013, more than doubling the previous year’s attendance. On this day, The Drive is transformed into a vibrant street festival, showing everything from Italian inventions to Italian goods and lifestyle, as well as the products of Italian history. Therefore, this year is also expected to be a kind of ‘Venetian style’ with masks, costumes, street entertainers, music, food, fashion, contests and more!   So, don’t miss it. You will have a great time!   ===== Discover EC Vancouver and learn more about our academic English course