Wouter Lasonder from Netherlands: A great Alumni story!

Wouter Lasonder from Netherlands shares his experience while he was attending Cambridge exam preparation course (CAE). Spending 2 months in Vancouver and going to EC was one of the best choices of my life. It was not a huge necessity for me to improve my English, I just wanted to make sure I can read my books for my college back home without any trouble and be more confident while speaking. I chose to do a Cambridge course in English, which means that I had to follow an 8-weeks course and finally take a 2-day exam. I didn’t want to do this in England because it’s too close to my home. I decided to go to Vancouver due to all the recommendations I had from friends who went to this city. “Vancouver is one of the best cities to live”, was a sentence I heard a lot before I made my decision. And yes, it is. Everything is possible in this city: Bear watching, zip-lining, skiing, cruising in a boat, and even more. The dynamic downtown-life goes perfectly along with the peaceful, mountainous surroundings. Take a bus from downtown and within 15 minutes you can enjoy the silent and green nature. Vancouver is, absolutely, an incredible city in which you can find everything. Canadian people will make your experience even better; their friendliness is boundless. Everyone will help you find your way and will make your stay there as comfortable as possible. The school offers a pleasant way to make it to the exam. Every single day I had enjoyable lessons from my teacher, who was excellent in teaching Cambridge English. Sometimes we played some games to make learning English more fun, which really motivated me. During break times I used to hang around with other students or grabbed lunch somewhere in … Read more

Jinwoo Jay Park from Korea shares his experience

Jinwoo Jay Park, from Korea, shares his experience while attending the General English course – Intermediate at EC Vancouver. Hi everyone, My name is Jinwoo Park from South Korea and my English name is Jay. I have been studying at EC Vancouver for 4 months. At first when I arrived here, I felt a bit bored because I didn’t know anyone here. But I adapted and I met a lot of friends and we have made precious memories together. When the weather was nice, I used to go to English Bay or Stanley Park to ride a bike.There are many things to do and nice places to visit in Vancouver. I feel like time is flying. When I started to study English, I was in Pre-intermediate but now I’m in Intermediate. Even though it takes time to learn English, I will try to do my best to be perfect and I will make many nice memories with international friends. I enjoy my Vancouver life in the nice EC school. Thank you    

Pascal Zgraggen from Switzerland: A great Alumni story!

Pascal Zgraggen, from Switzerland, shares his experience while attending the General English course – High-intermediate at EC Vancouver. Hello everybody!, My name is Pascal Zgraggen and I’m from Switzerland. I decided to go study English because I wanted to see the world with a new perspective and meet new people. I flew to Vancouver on February 8th, 2014 and spent four months improving my English at EC Vancouver. During this time, I lived with a host family. My family here helped me improve my English and supported me whenever I needed assistance. We did a lot of activities together. When I arrived in Vancouver, I was very confused because I realized I was about to live in a new country and I didn’t know what would happen during the next months. After a few days at school, I felt comfortable because everybody was kind, they liked to talk to each other and it was very easy to befriend people. For me, Vancouver is a good blend of city life and nature. There are a lot of things to do with your friends: spending time downtown or even checking out the beautiful landscapes. You also get the chance to eat in different restaurants and experience many new things. If you are on a budget, you can still enjoy the sun at the beach and play volleyball. The school offers different types of trips through their partnership with Club ESL. You can go to the USA for shopping or a sightseeing tour! You can also go to Whistler or other places to see lots of green. These are two of my favorite places in Vancouver: one is Stanley Park where you can rent a bicycle and cycle around, relax there after a delicious meal at “Rio Brazilian Steakhouse”, next to the park. The other place is … Read more

Lars Imfeld from Switzerland: A great Alumni story!

Lars Imfeld, from Switzerland, shares his experience while attending the General English course – Low-intermediate at EC Vancouver. Hello future EC Vancouver students, First of all, my name is Lars Imfeld. I’m 21 years old and I’m from Switzerland. I completed my apprenticeship as a sales assistant in a Swiss sport store when I was 18. After two years of work, I wanted to experience something new; that’s why I decided to travel abroad to improve my English skills. I chose Canada because I only heard good things about this beautiful country and especially about Vancouver. What a great city! It reminded me of Switzerland but with higher buildings. You can do whatever you want during your free time. I’ve never seen a city with so many activities to do. I was studying at EC Vancouver, a very modern language school located downtown Vancouver. I’m really happy that I chose this school. You can learn a lot and the teachers are very friendly, funny and helpful. At the end, when it will be time for you to leave, you will realize then some teachers or even some staff members were friends of yours. During my time in Canada, I lived with a host family in Burnaby, about 20 minutes away from the school through public transportation. I thought it was a really good choice because Burnaby is really close to downtown; and actually, a lot of my friends needed much more time than me to get to the school every day. Vancouver is the perfect destination to learn or improve your English because so many people from all around the world live there! In addition to this, it’s also very easy to talk to people in the city which helps you to practice. I had a great time there and I would definitely … Read more

Great place to visit for EC Vancouver students: Vancouver Art Gallery

Hello EC Vancouver students! Today’s article is going to feature one of our interns, Whitney, who went to the Vancouver Art Gallery last Tuesday. “I went to the gallery without knowing what to expect. One of EC staff members told me that the admission fee was by donation on Tuesdays so I asked my friend to join me so we could sneak a peek; it’s pretty much free after all! This season’s exhibition is about Douglas Coupland and his theme is “everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything”. Interesting isn’t it? I was a little sceptic until I actually got inside the gallery. There were a lot of people, the line seemed endless but it went pretty fast since it was on donation. I literally waited only for five minutes. Since we felt bad for not paying, we gave them $5 for the two of us. Once inside, we immediately realized that that exhibition wouldn’t be just another boring one. It featured modern works, very fresh and internet oriented. The artist also wanted to retrace the history of Canada using items that represent the country. Some items were very thoughtful. Everything was very unique, since he used Legos or everyday items; how cool is that?! Douglas’ work is only located on the ground floor where photography is highly encouraged. I personally loved it; I thought it was like a perfect blend of craziness and magic. I would definitely recommend it! It’s free, it’s impressive, it’s fun and you get to discover a new artist. The exhibition will last till September 1st 2014. I guess you have plenty of time, but why procrastinate so much fun? And don’t forget, it’s on donation only on Tuesdays from 5:00PM to 9:00PM.” If you need more information about the exhibition or even the Vancouver Art Gallery, click the link: … Read more

Arunee Arunsawadruek from Thai: “My life in Vancouver & EC Vancouver”

Arunee Arunsawadruek shares her experience while taking the General English Course (Intermediate) in Vancouver. I arrived in Vancouver last year. I decided to go to Canada because I would like to improve my English and also because I like the nature and the weather there. Vancouver was my first choice. Last year, I studied at another school and I decided to study more since my English was not very good. After that, I went to talk to my agency and they recommended me to go to an EC School. So I went to EC Vancouver for a trial. I met good classmates, and I felt impressed by this school. The school was beautiful and I felt comfortable. The place was very nice! They have good tools to study with, and just fifteen people per class. So the number of students in the class was not huge. That’s a good reason to choose this school. My first day was three months ago. I liked this school and people. My teacher was so kind and my classmates were really nice and hilarious. At first, I felt a little bit worried about everything, afraid of speaking with others because I didn’t speak English often. I thought that I needed more time to change and to study. Anyway, I am feeling a little better every day. My teacher helped me improve my English; I also tried to learn as many things as I can by myself. Lucky me, I had a good teacher and good classmates! Also, I had a lot of fun in this school. I will try to improve my English as much as I can and will travel as I need to experience more things so I can remember them later. I am just enjoying my life. ===== Find out more about  Canada English … Read more

Camila Lopes Ferreira: New EC Vancouver Student Ambassador!

Camila Lopes Ferreira who is taking EC Vancouver’s General English course (High-intermediate) joined EC Vancouver’s Student Ambassador! 1) Tell us something about you I am friendly, I like to have fun and my true passion is helping others. I am adventurous, I love travelling around the world, discovering other cultures and learning new languages. 2) Why you choose to be a Student Ambassador? I like to promote parties, communicate with other students, cultures and meet new people. 3) What is your job as a Student Ambassador? Promoting events and outside activities for the students. Helping the students that are new in school. 4) In your opinion, what is the best activity at EC Vancouver ? Why ? I enjoy talking to people from other countries, discovering different cultures; so the best activities for me, besides classes, are the outside ones, like volleyball. I also enjoy movie nights and all this kind of stuff. =====  Learn English in Canada! EC offers various English Courses, including General English Course(s) in Vancouver.  

Minkyung Kim: New EC Vancouver Student Ambassador!

Minkyung Kim:who is taking EC Vancouver’s General English course (Upper-intermediate) joined EC Vancouver’s Student Ambassador! 1) Tell us something about you … I came here three months ago from Korea. I’m a university student, and my major is economics. I live in China for ten years so I can speak Chinese. 2) Why you choose to be a Student Ambassador … I think it can be a good chance to meet many friends and improve my English. And I like to do these kinds of  job. 3) What is your job as a Student Ambassador? – Helping EC students – Preparing activities for EC students – Helping graduation ceremony 4) In your opinion, what is the best activity at EC Vancouver ? Why ? I like the Volleyball activity that we do at English bay and Tennis club because students can be closer by playing sport games. But I think we need more activities in EC. =====  Learn English in Canada (Vancouver)! EC offers various English Courses, including General Course(s) in Vancouver.

Yiseul Song (Stella): New EC Vancouver Student Ambassador!

Yiseul Song (Stella) who is taking EC Vancouver’s General English course (Low-intermediate) joined EC Vancouver’s Student Ambassador! 1) Tell us something about you … Hi, I am Stella and I am from Korea. I have been living in Vancouver since last January. I like to make new friends that are from other countries. 2) Why you choose to be a Student Ambassador … I chose to be a student Ambassador because I wanted to make new friends from different countries. I wanted my experience at EC Vancouver to be good, so I decided to be a Student Ambassador. 3) What is your job as a Student Ambassador? As a student Ambassador, I search some activities for the students of EC Vancouver and I also help them. 4) In your opinion, what is the best activity at EC Vancouver ? Why ? In my opinion, the best activity is tennis, because many people can join and play. If they don’t know how to, they can learn ! My friends really like it ! =====  Learn English in Vancouver! EC offers various English Courses, including TOEFL Course(s) in Vancouver.  


Hello EC Vancouver students! Wondering what’s hot in Vancouver and isn’t too boring? Well, how about a Festival, how about the Bhangra Festival? “What is this?”, you may ask. The City of Bhangra Festival is a ten-day-all-out giant dance party and music fest showcasing the music and dance of the Punjab regions of India and Pakistan. It is held every spring and is organized by the VIBC (Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration). It is organized on indoor and outdoor stages, in public parks, clubs and also in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery (very close from EC Vancouver school!). This Festival features hundreds of local and international artists in a series of dynamic performances designed to dazzle audiences of all ages ! This year, the theme that has been chosen is … #BhangraLove! They picked it because they thought it would embrace the idea of love crossing all boundaries. So be ready, because the Bhangra Festival comes along with LOADS of positive vibes. So why don’t you join them? I promise you will have a lot of fun, you will also enjoy the nice weather along with poetry, music, dance and much more! How better to express your love than by becoming a part of the spirit of celebration, generosity and community that is the Bhangra movement? To know more about all that goodness, you can visit Bhangra Festival website! You will find everything you need, from the dates to the places; but hurry, it ends the 7th of June.