Izumi Akaishi from Japan: “My experience in Canada”

Izumi Akaishi from Japan shares her experience while taking the General English Course (Pre-Intermediate) in Vancouver. I have spent a great time at EC Vancouver in Canada. At EC Vancouver, there are various nationality of students so I have met many new people from different countries. I really liked my teacher Anne. She is a very nice teacher for me because she always gave me advice how to make a resume. The main reason why I chose EC Vancouver was that there are a lot of activities for students. One of the good experiences that I had was a University campus tour to Victoria. I joined the Royal Roads University campus trip few weeks ago. I really enjoyed the trip because I could learn about the university and programs they offer. We also had some free time in Victoria so it was very good as well. I’m really glad that I came to EC Vancouver and I’ve gained great experiences and memories in Canada. Izumi

Juan Esteban from Columbia: A great Alumni story!

Juan Esteban from Columbia shares his experience while attending the TOEFL course at EC Vancouver. My name is Juan Esteban and I am studying to be an accountant in Colombia. All my life, I heard people say that a person who has no knowledge of English won’t be competitive professionally speaking. They were right; now, English has become very popular in Colombia. That’s the reason why I chose to live abroad for a while. These last two months, I have had the best time of my life. Compared to other cities in Canada, Vancouver has mild winters and warm summers. They say that you do not even feel the difference between both these seasons, which makes life a lot easier. Studying at EC Vancouver was the best decision I’ve made because the multiculturalism that you see here is extremely good to make new friends. I was only there for two months, but if I could have stayed a little longer, I would have done it. EC Vancouver has a good team to support us. The teachers are very friendly and patient; they always help us when we need it. As for the assistants who work at the front desk, they are always ready to answer our questions. In conclusion, I am grateful that I had this opportunity which has made me grown as a human being. I hope you enjoyed my testimonial, do not hesitate to come to Vancouver! Juan.

Nozomi Hiraguchi from Japan: A great Alumni story!

Nozomi Hiraguchi from Japan shares her experience while taking the General English Course (Low-Intermediate) in Vancouver. Hello everybody ! I’ll tell you about my memories at EC Vancouver. Firstly, my name is Nozomi Hiraguchi from Japan. I stayed in Vancouver for six weeks because I wanted to go abroad while I had spring vacation. I am not really good at communicating, so I chose EC Vancouver because the school is not too big. That’s also the reason why I thought I was going to be able to forge a beautiful relationship with people, teachers included. When I arrived at EC Vancouver, it was a bit hard to communicate but other Japanese helped me and introduced me to their friends so I could meet foreign people. Eventually, I improved my English skills. I have many memories related to the pubs I went to. I visited many places in Vancouver: Capilano bridge, look out viewing tower, Stanley park, water front, Whistler, China town, and English bay. Also, I’ve gained four kilograms because there are a lot of delicious dishes to try in Canada. So you should be careful not to eat too much haha! Thanks to EC Vancouver, now I can communicate with foreigners by using English, and also I’m interested in Chinese and Korean language! You can fulfill your dream at EC Vancouver. Have a good day 🙂       

Marcos Minoru Tanaka from Brazil: A great Alumni story!

Marcos Minoru Tanaka from Brazil shares  his experience while attending the General English Course (High-Intermediate) in Vancouver. My name is Marcos Minoru Tanaka, I’m 22 years old, and I’m from Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, Brazil. I chose a Co-op program with EC Vancouver, because I wanted to study English and would have an experience of working in Canada. First of all, I chose Canada because it is a safe country with amazing views and nature, mainly because of snow that I had never seen. I chose Canada because of the people too, that are known to be polite. Another thing that influenced me was the Co-Op program. Canada is one of the few countries that have it. After I chose Canada, I didn’t know which city to choose between Vancouver and Toronto. I spent weeks searching on the internet and I bought a Vancouver and Toronto guide book. And after I had talked with people who stayed in both cities, I finally chose “The beautiful city of Vancouver”. I was afraid of traveling to another country because it was my first time to travel alone and far away from my family and friends. My first challenge started when I arrived in Toronto Airport where I was supposed to transfer to another flight to Vancouver. In that time, I couldn’t speak so much English, just the basics. I had a difficult time to talk with Canadians at  first time. Even simple questions like “Where are you from?” were difficult for me. However, after suffering a little bit, I could take a flight to Vancouver without any problems. The first day at EC Vancouver was my second challenge, I didn’t know anyone, there were a lot of people from different countries, and I couldn’t speak English. In that time, I was always … Read more

The Honda Celebration of Light

Hello EC Vancouver Students! Today’s article will be about the coolest upcoming event in Vancouver. Yes, it’s true and it’s called the Honda Celebration of Light! The Celebration of Light is a fireworks competition, and this year, it will be featuring three countries: the United States, France and Japan! It will begin at 10:00 PM sharp, rain or shine, from English Bay. Here is the schedule: • Saturday, July 26 – Team USA by Pyrotecnico. • Wednesday, July 30 – Team France by F.C. Pyro. • Saturday, August 2 – Team Japan by Akariya Fireworks. The winning country will be announced on Monday, August 4th. “What is the best spot to watch the fireworks?” you may ask. So here is a nice list of the top notch spots where you should go if you want to watch the fireworks! (Where to watch Celebration of Light Fireworks in Vancouver: http://vancouver.about.com/od/summereventsjunjulaug/tp/Vancouver-Fireworks-Where-To-Watch-Vancouver-Fireworks.htm) So if you are cheering for team USA, France or Japan, come and enjoy this magical event! If you need further information about the event, you can check out  http://hondacelebrationoflight.com/! I’m sure you will find everything you may need.

EC Vancouver students visited Royal Roads University and shared their experience!

Sixteen students went to Royal Roads on Friday, July 11. The students who joined the university tour organized by EC got the chance to discover both the beautiful city of Victoria and a charming university. Francieli Brito – Brazil “I enjoyed the trip. It was such a great opportunity for me. EC, thank you for attention with us.” Johanne Lorenz – Germany “The whole trip was organized very well. The mix about visiting the university and spending fee time in Victoria was perfect to explore the city. It was great to have a presentation with all the important information about RRU. ” Jinjoo Lee – Korea “I had a great experience through this trip and I enjoyed Scavenger Hunt activity. We also met university student ambassadors which was great. I’m interested in a master’s program. Thank you for taking us to RRU.! ” Aya Yoshizaki – Japan “I enjoyed looking around the university campus. The campus tour was organized very well and the trip was very worth for me. Thank you.” Jinwoo Park – Korea “I enjoyed the trip because I could learn about the university. I would consider studying at Royal Roads University after my visit. Thank you for everything that EC and RRU provided to us and I will think about going to this university. ” Melissa Salazar – Mexico “I enjoyed the university campus tour, transportation, food, university itself and its dynamic and also free time in Victoria. I would also consider studying at RRU because they offer the program I want to learn and the university is great.” Melissa Castillo – Venezuela “I really enjoyed everything. I think it was well prepared and I got the information that I need. I would also keep looking for options at this moment but I really liked this university. ” Anja … Read more

Royal Roads University Tour

Hey EC Vancouver students! Today’s article is about the Victoria Trip to Royal Roads University. As you know, EC Vancouver organized a university tour to Royal Roads last Friday 11th. Sixteen students joined us and got the chance to discover both the beautiful city of Victoria and a charming university. Royal Roads University is a very charming and historical place. It has been turned into a university in 1940, after the Canadian government purchased it. Now it welcomes hundreds of students from all around the world. Among other things, it includes a stunning castle, beautiful gardens and even a museum! Funny fact? The movie X-Men II was filmed in that very castle. How cool is that?! During this day, many activities were organized: campus tour, cookout and a very exciting treasure hunt! Students had a lot of fun and even won a prize afterwards. You can’t loose with Royal RoadsJ! But it wasn’t only about visiting. Students who joined also had the opportunity to ask any question they had about the school and the majors offered by Royal Roads University. Among these, Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication, Master of Arts in Tourism Management or Master of Global Management etc. If you signed up to attend but couldn’t make it, you can still check the university’s website for further informationJ. http://www.royalroads.ca/ Again, thank you for joining us that day and making it a great one. ===== Find out more about  Canada English Language School in Vancouver.

Sirikorn Promvikorn from Thai: A great Alumni story!

Sirikorn Promvikorn from Thai shares her experience while taking the General English Course (Upper-Intermediate) in Vancouver. Hello everyone! I graduated from high school last March which was a good reason for me to take a long vacation. At that time, I wanted to go to a place that is a good for nature lovers, so my agency told me about Canada and a few other countries. Finally, I chose Vancouver in Canada which is a big city and has the biggest park in North America that is close to downtown. When I went there, I didn’t expect that I would have such a good time. I met a lot of people from many countries at school and other places. It is a real multicultural city, so I improved not only my English but I also studied other languages such as German, Spanish, Korean and others. I don’t know why but I couldn’t  find any Thai friends there although my teacher told me that there were a lot of Thai students. However, it’s good for me to practice my English with my foreign friends. I found my best friends there and we became a big group. I always tell myself that I’m very lucky. If you are a food and nature lover, Vancouver is your heaven! There are lots of beautiful parks and many places for hiking. It is easy to get there because of the convenient transportation system. You have many choices which are either the bus, skytrain, seabus or something else. For foodies, Vancouver has many kinds of restaurants such as Korean, Japanese, Greek, Italian, Ethiopian and others and I tried 11 types of food here with my friends. Those made me spend a lot of money because I really love food. For women, I recommend you go to Robson Street. … Read more

Yu Chen Liao (Bernice) from Taiwan: “My English improved a lot and I feel satisfied with my decision.”

Yu Chen Liao (Bernice) from Taiwan  shares her experience while taking the TOEIC – Higer Score Canada in Vancouver. My name is Yu Chen (Bernice) Liao and I come from Taiwan. I graduated from university last June. It was a big turning point in my life. My options were either find a job or achieve my dream to go to another country to learn English. I needed to improve my English skills because my major is Tourism. I really appreciate my parents supporting me with everything when I decided to go to Vancouver. They were encouraging me to do something I like. Then, I started to search further information about evaluations of ESL schools on the Internet and I found an agency in Taiwan. When I went to the agency, they recommended me to go to EC, because EC has many branches in the world, there are different courses you can choose, good facilities and an excellent system. After strong consideration, I made a decision and chose EC in Vancouver. Vancouver is one of the top cities to live in, because of the suitable weather, low crime rate, wonderful nature, etc. So far, I have been at EC for 9 months and everything is the same as the agency said. EC has provided us with varied C/D classes and free classes, that I can choose according to what I like or in order to improve my English skills. Also the school offers us many kinds of indoor and outdoor activities, for example, yoga, tennis, movie times, sightseeing in Vancouver, etc. On top of that, the teachers are passionate and patient and they have always given me advice and encouraged me when I have felt depressed. During those 9 months, my English improved a lot and I feel satisfied with my decision. … Read more

Kazuki Nakamura from Japan: A great Alumni story!

Kazuki Nakamura, from Japan, shares his experience while attending the General English Course (High-Intermediate) in Vancouver. Hi everyone! I’m Kazuki Nakamura from Japan. I learned English in Vancouver for six months. I had a great time there. So I’m telling you my experiences. I started from Elementary level. I couldn’t speak English at all at that time. My first week was hard, also fun and unforgettable. First day, I couldn’t imagine how I can be alive in Vancouver at all! I didn’t understand what people said, I got lost on the way to school. But I met many students at school and we went to harbor center and took a great picture. And I had a great time with new friends on the first Pub night at Molone’s. That was unexpected for me because my English was terrible! Everybody was so friendly there! This was my first week. I started learning English at school and pubs. I call it E class, A,B,C, and D at school and E at pubs. It was very good to improve my speaking! Go to E class!   Three months later, I had to say goodbye to many friends who I spent all my time with at school. There were so many times that friends went back to their country. This was the only thing that I didn’t like about Vancouver. And also I moved downtown from my homestay and started living with my Korean friend from EC. EC helped me at that time. This was an amazing experience too, not only for my English but for my life! In winter, I went snowboarding twice! By the way, I said goodbye to my cellphone there!!!! Be careful when you go snowboarding! Christmas and New Year’s Eve were one of most memorable things in Vancouver!! I went to … Read more