Wanda Pracher and Celine Alisha Rubin from Switzerland: Our life in Vancouver & EC

Wanda Pracher and Celine Alisha Rubin from Switzerland shares their experience while attending the General English Courses in Vancouver. Our names are Wanda and Céline and we are 17 years old. We are studying at an economic school in Switzerland. Our education includes an English stay abroad for 6 weeks. We need to improve our English for the First-Certificate. Of course we enjoyed the time here as much as we could. We choose Vancouver, because it’s a city with many opportunities to do different activities. You can enjoy the beach, swim in the sea, climb on mountains, go shopping in the city or just relax in beautiful Stanley Park. Every day we discovered new things. In Vancouver you will never be bored. Living in Vancouver has been such a nice experience. We have made friends who come from all over the world. The atmosphere is very nice and everyone is friendly and helpful. It’s interesting to find out more about other countries and how they live there. My agency suggested going to EC Vancouver because it was the best one. They were right because it has a good infrastructure to support us. The teachers are very friendly and are there for you if you have problems. If you need help for something, the coordinators are always ready to solve your problems. For questions the front desk is the right place to get an answer. As students we really recommend Canada. We hope we convince many people to choose Vancouver. Come here and have a great time like we did and enjoy new experiences. Wanda & Céline ===== EC offers various English Courses, including TOEFL preparation courses in Vancouver.

PNE: Pacific National Exhibition, Vancouver’s only amusement park!

Hey EC Vancouver students! What’s up? -Not much? Well, how about a fair? Yes, that’s right, a fair! Each year, the Pacific National Exhibition welcomes millions of guests who get together for the same reason: HAVE FUN! The PNE organizes many exhibits, activities and shows. It also offers rides, cultural activities and of course it hosts the yearly summer Fair. At the PNE, you can enjoy many kinds of activities: fake tattoos, a glass house and many rides! Are you a fan of the series Game of Thrones? Well … what if I told you that the PNE is hosting the Game of Thrones’ exhibition? Cool, right!? Convinced? Yes? So check http://www.pne.ca/ for further information and admission. Quick tip: For discounted admission tickets, buy them online or at 7 Eleven!  ===== EC offers various English Courses, including TOEIC in Vancouver.

Younghyun Jeong from Korea shares his EC Vancouver experience!

Younghyun Jeong from Korea shares his experience while while taking the IELTS – Higer Score Canada in Vancouver. My name is Yonghyun Jeong. I’m studying to be a marketing engineer in Korea, so I’m studying physics, but if I want to be the best, I need to speak English. For these reasons, I chose to live abroad for 1 year. After I checked the conditions, I decided to go to Vancouver, because I didn’t want to live in the hottest city of Canada. When I arrived in Vancouver, I was amazed by the landscapes and nature, especially Stanley Park. I had never seen such a big park and when I went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, I thought it was a place where movies were filmed! It’s also possible to go to Victoria, Tofino etc. I went there myself and I loved it. When I went to Victoria, I felt like it wasn’t Canada anymore. Many buildings and streets made me think about Europe. But honestly, I think Tofino is the best vacation place of BC. I surfed and went to watch whales. Many Canadians recommended this place for vacation. I chose to go to EC Vancouver to study English. There were a lot of good teachers and free classes to improve my English. When I had a problem, they solved it. But above all that, I love EC Vancouver because I have met my best friends in class. We talked about everything and traveled together. I enjoyed my time at EC Vancouver for 6 months. Now, I am enjoying my last 6 months before flying back home. I would definitely recommend Vancouver and EC Vancouver. ===== Find out more about EC Vancouver’s English Courses.  

Felipe Calle from Colombia: “My EC experience”

Felipe Calle from Colombia shares his experience while attending the General English Course (High-Intermediate) in Vancouver. My name is Felipe Calle. I’m Colombian and I have been studying English at EC Vancouver for five months. I have had a great time in different places and I’ve learnt more about the Canadian culture. I’m so glad because I have met people from different countries, but at the same time I’m sad because some of my friends left the city to go back to their home country. I came to get my Master’s degree so I’ll stay in Vancouver for a long time to come. On the other hand I have been volunteering as a student ambassador for three months. It has been a great experience for me since I’m usually helping new students and organizing activities for them with the other volunteers. ===== EC offers various English Courses, including TOEFL preparation courses in Vancouver.

Taewan Kim from Korea: A great Alumni story!

Taewan Kim from Korea shares his experience while taking the General English Course (Upper-Intermediate) in Vancouver. When I first entered EC Vancouver, they assigned me to “Intermediate”. I was a little bit disappointed because I have always been proud of my English abilities. But, when I met my classmates, I couldn’t introduce myself fluently and lack of confidence made me quiet. I was so embarrassed and surprised. Maybe these shocks made me humble and modest which are such important elements when it comes to learning languages. After a few days, I made my English name because most of my friends said that Korean names are difficult to pronounce and I think it helps me to make friends much faster. In my spare time, I watched American dramas and listened to English music. I tried to follow the actor’s words and search unknown vocabulary. These activities improved my pronunciation rapidly. Every time I roamed several places, I always observed Canadian’s speaking styles. For instance, when I went to English Bay, I stood in front of a store almost 15 minutes to catch the way how to order food and how to pay. And I prepared some stories for tomorrow, because every teacher always asks us “How was your weekend?” like this way. I stayed with my cousins in Surrey and it took almost an hour to commute. So, I could read newspapers in the Skytrain every day. Maybe it looks weird but these constant efforts gradually increased my English abilities. Anyway, In “high-intermediate” class, I met “Asaly” the best teacher ever. She always makes the class funny and energetic. Also, her teaching method was so awesome. She gave me lots of opportunities to speak and it doesn’t matter whether my opinion is right or wrong. Everyday, I pretended to be outgoing and it … Read more

Johanne Wencke Lorenz from Germany: “I really enjoyed every day at EC Vancouver”

Johanne Wencke Lorenz from Germany shares her experience while while taking the General English Course (Advanced) in Vancouver. Hello everybody, My name is Wencke-Johanne, I am 17 years old and I am from Germany. Today I have the honor to tell you about my time at EC Vancouver and in Vancouver itself. I chose an English school for my time abroad because I thought it was the most effective way to learn and improve a second language and I have to say that it is exactly like this. I really enjoyed every day at EC Vancouver, the mix between discussions about any topics which are changing every week and the possibility to improve your reading, listening and writing every day was just perfect for me. All the teachers are doing a great job and they motivate you to think in English, to use it and be creative in dealing with it. And if you have any questions you just have to ask at the front desk where for sure someone will help you right away. The atmosphere in the school is really good, very cheerful, and international; it’s almost indescribable. At EC Vancouver, I made friends from all over the world, I got to know their culture and now I have the possibility to discover new countries in the world together with them. Moreover, Vancouver is a perfect surrounding for your personal adventure in another country. Vancouver is such a fascinating city. Almost every weekend there is another festival and you have thousands of opportunities to be creative, dynamic or you can also join any kind of groups. For me, the most impressive aspect of Vancouver is the combination of nature and city life. Downtown Vancouver is directly placed next to the famous Stanley Park, where you can bicycle; you can also choose one … Read more

Bohyeon Lee from Korea shares her EC Vancouver experience!

Bohyeon Lee from Korea shares her experience while while taking the  IELTS – Higer Score Canada in Vancouver. Hello future EC students! I’m Bo-Hyeon from Korea. I just finished my three-month Cambridge course and now I am taking IELTS classes. I’ve been here since February 1st, and I have about 1 month more here. I feel sad to leave this wonderful place. I can tell you that I had a great time and I would love to live here in Vancouver because of the lovely memories I have had at EC Vancouver! Before I decided to come here, I was a university student and wondering about my future because I hadn’t had chances to think about myself. I decided to come here as my agency recommended it because at this time, I only had that desire to experience something new! Although my decision was too hasty to be good, their recommendation was certainly true! Actually, since I’m a very shy person I wanted to change so I can meet new people here. Life at EC wasn’t easy at first because not only I had to talk with my new classmates, but on top of that I had to speak English with them! Also the weather was far from my expectation. Nevertheless, as I spent more time with many students from different countries, something magical happened. I started to enjoy talking with new people! All the stories they have to tell, the charm each person has; all this became interesting to me! And I owe this to my three months experience of Cambridge course. In our class, we had a variety of students: Koreans, Swiss, Turkish, Brazilian, and Spanish. It’s true that we were not mixing up at first, but this didn’t last long. We did so many things together as a class. We … Read more

Namuk Nicole Kwon from Korea: New Adventure at EC Vancouver!

Namuk Nicole Kwon from Korea shares her experience while taking the General English Course (Upper-Intermediate) in Vancouver. My name is Nicole Kwon and I am from Korea. It has been almost 2 months since I started studying at EC Vancouver. While studying here, I met many friends from all over the world; Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland, Taiwan, Columbia, France, etc. What a dynamic mix! I am very impressed by people here as they are very friendly as well as studious. The class is quite challenging but very fun too! It includes different activities including listening, conversation, reading, and writing. I feel that I am much more comfortable speaking English now than the first day. Vancouver is a wonderful place. It has nice weather and is filled with attractive places, including lots of parks, beaches, islands, restaurants, and hiking places. Last week, I went hiking with my friends and inhaled so much fresh air. I am really sad that I have only one month left at EC. I wish I could stay longer. However, I will keep this beautiful memory for a long time. ===== EC offers various English Courses, including TOEFL preparation courses in Vancouver.

Saleh Mostafa Hussin Arhima Hamad from Libya shares his EC Vancouver experience!

Saleh Mostafa Hussin Arhima Hamad from Libya shares his experience while taking the General English Course (Intermediate) in Vancouver. My name is Saleh, I study English to do a Master’s degree in computer science so that it will lead me to have a successful job in Libya. As we know, the bottom line nowadays is English. So I told myself that I should go abroad. Since April, I am doing my best at EC Vancouver school. Having been to England before, I didn’t want to go there again, so I chose Canada because I heard that I will be getting a good education compared to other countries. Coming and staying in Vancouver is worth recommending. There are lots of thing to do, for instance, going out with friends to the cinema and trying different kinds of food, walking around English Bay, visiting the market place and enjoying Vancouver’s night life and friendly people, and it is nice atmosphere. The transportation is good and easy too. My friend recommended going to EC Vancouver because it has a warm method of teaching, friendly staff, who help without anyone asking to solve any problems. The people who work at the front desk are kind and helpful at all times. If I can just sum up the main points. Coming to Vancouver will give rise to the happiness of your traveling life! I hope you have enjoyed my inspiration. If anyone has a chance, come over and make your urge to learn English come true. ===== Learn English in Canada! EC offers various English Courses, including General English Course(s) in Vancouver.

Fun things to do for EC Vancouver students in August

Hello EC Vancouver students!! There are so many things to do in Vancouver this summer! Here are a few recommendations from EC Vancouver !! 1. Food Cart Fest For the food lovers, the biggest food event of the summer “Food Cart Fest” is back! It is all about trying out some new kinds of food. Admissions: $2 Dates: Every Sunday in the summer until August 30th Time: Noon to 5 p.m. Location: 215 West 1st Avenue (Between the Cambie Bridge and Olympic Village) You can Visit the website for more information: http://www.vancitybuzz.com/2014/06/food-cart-festival-vancouver-2014/   2. Chariot Festival of India The 41st annual Chariot Festival also known as “Jagannath Rath Yatra” is taking place in Downtown Vancouver on August 10th. This is an Indian festival which offers many fun activities like Music & Dance, Live Theatre, Mendi Hand henna, Yoga & Meditation, Veggie-Cooking demos and many more. This colorful, multicultural and multidimensional parade starts at 11:30 AM on the 10th of August from Beach ave. at Howe St. (under the Granville St Bridge). The parade will be proceeding along Beach Avenue to Stanley Park 2nd Beach at 1:00 PM. When: Sunday, August 10 Time: 11:30AM – 6:00PM Where: Second Beach, Stanley Park Admission: Free You can Visit the website for more information: http://vanchariotfest.com/ 3. Free Salsa Dancing in Robson Square Want to try something unique and fun? Every Sunday afternoon, you can join the free salsa lessons and enjoy performances for FREE! This event is open to everyone and regardless of your salsa skill level! When: Every Sunday in the summer until August 24th Time: 3:00PM – 5:00PM Where: Robson Square (across from the Vancouver Art Gallery) Admissions: Free ===== EC offers various English Courses, including TOEIC preparation courses in Vancouver.