Younghyun Jeong from Korea shares his EC Vancouver experience!

Younghyun Jeong from Korea shares his experience while while taking the IELTS – Higer Score Canada in Vancouver.

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My name is Yonghyun Jeong. I’m studying to be a marketing engineer in Korea, so I’m studying physics, but if I want to be the best, I need to speak English. For these reasons, I chose to live abroad for 1 year. After I checked the conditions, I decided to go to Vancouver, because I didn’t want to live in the hottest city of Canada.

When I arrived in Vancouver, I was amazed by the landscapes and nature, especially Stanley Park. I had never seen such a big park and when I went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, I thought it was a place where movies were filmed!

It’s also possible to go to Victoria, Tofino etc. I went there myself and I loved it. When I went to Victoria, I felt like it wasn’t Canada anymore. Many buildings and streets made me think about Europe. But honestly, I think Tofino is the best vacation place of BC. I surfed and went to watch whales. Many Canadians recommended this place for vacation.

I chose to go to EC Vancouver to study English. There were a lot of good teachers and free classes to improve my English. When I had a problem, they solved it. But above all that, I love EC Vancouver because I have met my best friends in class. We talked about everything and traveled together.

I enjoyed my time at EC Vancouver for 6 months. Now, I am enjoying my last 6 months before flying back home.
I would definitely recommend Vancouver and EC Vancouver.


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