Nicolo Perin shares his EC experience!

Nicolo Perin from Italy shares about how he learned to speak English in Vancouver while attending the General English Course (Low-Intermediate).

Hi Guys,

I’m Nicolo, from Italy. I want to tell you about my experiences at EC Vancouver. When I arrived in Vancouver, two weeks ago, it was a little bit hard to communicate, because I knew no one, but after making friends with other people things have gone very well. I have no worries, until now, about the party and the trips. The best trip I’ve gone on was to the Rocky Mountains: beautiful panoramas, places, very interesting activities (for example Safari River, snow on the glacier fields) and Rocky Party. I recommend this tour to everyone.


The school is very cool, the atmosphere is very beautiful, friends are from around the world, and you can improve your English very well. I am very happy with the choice I made because Vancouver offers all types of services.

I hope to see you here in Vancouver!!!