Haruka Inokuchi from Japan shares her EC experience!

Haruka Inokuchi from Japan shares her experience while attending the General English courses (Intermediate)  and Higher Score TOEIC course at EC English language center in Vancouver. I’m Haruka. When I worked at UNIQLO as a part-timer in Japan, many tourists came there. Then I saw my co-workers who spoke English very well waiting on customers and enjoying a conversation. I was interested in English but disliked studying. I decided to learn in an English environment for a term of 6 months. According to one of the agents, studying in Canada is cheaper than other countries. So I chose to live in Canada. To be honest, I wasn’t able to say anything like “Yes, No or Thank you.” as I started studying here. I was so nervous that I could not speak English. In EC, there are friendly and kind-hearted teachers who always help and support us when we need it, even though they are not our official teachers. Also the coordinators give us all the attention we need to solve our problems. The front desk are ready to answer every question we have. I’ve been improving my English for 5 months. Moreover, thanks to my friends that it has been such a marvelous experience to live in Vancouver. It’s amazing for me that I could get friends who are from different countries. I especially appreciated my best friend who is also Japanese. I’ve yet to speak Japanese with her even though we hung out together after school. I’m grateful to have this opportunity which has made me grow as a human being. Vancouver is more interesting than I expected. It’s everything which fascinated me: the nature around Vancouver with the mountain and the sea; downtown with the beautiful modern houses; I could go to Seattle easily. If you experience them with your … Read more

Mohamed Abdulmola Ashreef from Libya: “I couldn’t be any luckier!”

Mohamed Abdulmola Ashreef from Libya shares his experience while attending the General English courses (Advancved) at EC English language center in Vancouver. My name is Mohamed Ashreef. I’m a Libyan guy who has a genuine passion and interest in learning foreign languages in general and English in particular. I have studied English on my own for many years until I reached the point where I realized that no matter how hard I tried, I would never be able to speak like native speakers, unless I live in an English speaking country. As my one and only slogan has always been “Don’t learn English. MASTER it!” I decided to travel to Canada, precisely to one of the loveliest jewels of God’s earth; Vancouver, BC. And since September, I’ve been having the best time ever. In Vancouver, I had the good fortune to see vast lakes, majestic towering mountains, magnificent forests and many countless other beauties of nature and enjoy the mild weather, which was indeed a perfect double-act with these natural works of art. It was inconceivable to me that in just two months, both my verbal and written abilities would dramatically improve to extent that most people would think that I’m a native speaker.  Thanks to my agency for highly recommending EC Vancouver, where there are amazing teachers, well-qualified staff and outstanding facilities. I just love it here. It is the best school by far. Don’t make any mistake about that! In EC, I had the chance to know Sherry! To me, she is (not just) an experienced teacher whose ways of teaching enriched my knowledge. Also, she is a woman of almost infinite kindness, patience, flexibility and good humor; I sense that if I moved to another school, no such teacher would ever come along again. In addition to … Read more

Higher Score® TOEFL in Vancouver

Do you need a TOEFL score for university or for your future career? Join to our TOEFL Higher Score course at the EC English language center in Vancouver. This is our exam preparation class to help students learn English for academic purposes and reach the highest score for their exam. This course duration is between 4 – 12 weeks, but 6 or 12 weeks is highly recommended. This class consists of 20 lessons per week, and the minimum level requirement to enter this course is Intermediate. This TOEFL class provides small class with 18 student maximum. Moreover, if you want to learn English more intensively, you can take 24 or 30 lesson which includes (20 lessons for TOEFL + elective class).   In this TOEFL class we will provide you with: An experienced teacher with 10 years experience in teaching English and exam classes Several courses regarding speaking, listening, reading, writing in general, daily basis, education, or even business. Support from the teacher A small class, therefore students may interact with each other student and also the teacher closely if they have some concerns regarding their study take a mini TOEFL practice test in the class once a week Most of the student in this class said that they enjoy their TOEFL class because of the small class and also the experienced and nice teacher. Students who study in this class are very interactive, individually and in a group. The Teacher always encourages the student and asks every single student various questions, so that every student has a chance to speak and give their answer. Furthermore, every week teacher also gives students a handout for new vocabulary to learn. Apart from that, the teacher also provides students with general knowledge, history, science, religion, culture, and also updated news. Let’s join TOEFL … Read more

Fun things to do for EC Vancouver students in November #4: Candy Town

“Candy Town” the free winter festival in Vancouver organized by the Yale town Business Improvement Association. Come to Yaletown and find the neighbourhood converted into “Candy town”- the winter wonderland. There are so many activities that you can get into. This includes a Gift Market, a free Horse Carriage Rides (in front of 1200 Pacific Blvd), live Music, a Candy Town Games, Visits with Santa and the Ice Queen, an Ice Carving Demo, a Candy Making at Frankie’s, a Christmas Tree Lot, a Candy Town Cocktail Tour and many more activities. The union of local artisans, street performers and a host of other activities will be on the street to make candy town more fun! Decoration with lights and candy canes will be the spotlight, poles and costumed characters will parade down Hamilton and Mainland Street. Candy Town is only the free outdoor Christmas festival in Vancouver. This winter don’t miss this holiday dining and shopping event! This amazing festival will take a place on Saturday, November 22, from 12PM to 7PM on Mainland St in Yaletown. For more information visit the official CandyTown website. ========== Would you like to take a TOEFL practice test in Vancouver? Come to EC English language center in Vancouver!

Fun things to do for EC Vancouver students in November #3: VANCOUVER CHRISTMAS MARKET

Hello EC Vancouver students! Have you heard about the Vancouver Christmas Market? The Vancouver Christmas market is an authentic German Christmas Market that provides a perfect German atmosphere to mingle with family and friends. There you will find German traditional food and beverages, wood carvings and toys, knitted goods, Christmas decoration props, and other unique gifts. Moreover, there is also a Christmas show and a carousel for kids to play. EC Vancouver students, what are you waiting for? Let’s go to Vancouver Christmas market: Date : November 22 – December 24, 2014 Venue : Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza Time : November 22 – December 23 from 11 AM – 9 PM : December 24 from 11 AM – 6 PM You can visit the website for more detailed information: =========== Would you like to take a TOEFL practice test in Vancouver? Come to EC English language center in Vancouver and take a TOEFL preparation course!

Sho Ikeda from Japan shares his EC experience!

Sho Ikeda from Japan his experience while attending the General English courses (Low-Intermediate) at EC English language center in Vancouver! Hello everyone! My name is Sho Ikeda from Tokyo, Japan. I’d like to write about my days in EC Vancouver. I had a wonderful time here…. I attended EC Vancouver for three months. In Vancouver, there are a lot of English Language School. Why did I select this school? Because I heard there are a lot of students that come from different countries before I entered. Actually, Tokyo does not have many foreigners, so I wanted to meet foreigners and I wanted to know value of them. In fact, I got a lot of friends from different countries here. Everyone was very good people, I could get a glimpse of value of foreigners. Also I noticed important thing when I spent time with my friends here. I don’t like my personality before I came to Vancouver. I was very shy and serious. It is common personality in japan. I had thought I wanted to change my personality, but I’ve changed my mind because everyone respects each other’s differences. So I got to accept myself. “We are all different and all wonderful” This is a famous sentence in Japan. That’s precisely what I noticed. I was able to gain a lot of good experiences. Also, I was able to see awesome teachers and friends. Nothing can spare that I spent my time at EC. Actually, if there is one thing that impressive thing in my EC days, it is become a champion at a soccer tournament of Vancouver’s English Language school of 2014. Thank you for a great experience and also it is great to meet you all. I can’t thank you enough. I will never forget even one day in my EC days. … Read more

Fun things to do for EC Vancouver students in November #2: Circle Craft Christmas Market

Circle craft Christmas market is a gallery exhibition by Canadian artisans. During your visit, you will come face to face with Canadian artisans and their work, such as wood-turners, glassblowers, sculptors and potters, clothing and jewelry designers, toy-makers and many more. EC Vancouver students, let’s visit Circle Craft Christmas Market and buy some unique Canadian crafts! Date : November 11- November 16, 2014 Venue : Vancouver Convention Centre Time : Tuesday – Friday from 10 am – 9 pm : Saturday from 10 am – 7 pm : Sunday from 10 am – 5 pm Admission : Adult $14, Senior $12, Student $12, Children ages 12 and under is FREE You can visit the Circle craft Christmas market website  for more detailed information! ======= Planning to study English in Canada? Take EC’s Intensive English program in Vancouver!

Hyewon Cathy Kwon: shares her EC experience!

Hyewon Cathy Kwon from Korea shares her experience while attending the General English courses (High-Intermediate) at EC English language center in Vancouver.  My name is Cathy from Korea. I decided to come here to improve my English skill for sure but at that time, before came here, I had no idea what I’ll have been through in here, Vancouver. What a fabulous experiences! Now I’m going to tell you about the amazing story I’ve had, about my experience. The summer time weather in Vancouver is like piece of heaven. Indeed that’s the reason that I choose to come Vancouver for study among with other cities. The clean sunlight without humid, wide blue sky and fresh wind can make you feel much better. The first place that I went to spend time with my friends was English Bay. There is no doubt that you can spend a great time at English bay with sunny weather. Playing volleyball, swimming and tanning for fun all these activities I did in summer time, my summer time was full of cheerful memories. I want to refer another nice places like Lynn Canyon. It is more quiet and calm as compared to English bay. Also you can enjoy swimming there. The water is cold enough to forget about hot temperature sometimes you can see people diving into the ice water. One of the unique thing in Vancouver is festival in every weekend on Granville Street. I remember Taiwan food festival. There were lots of Taiwanese Food like authentic Taiwanese style noodles and ice cream that I enjoyed. I think it is awesome because it give people chance to have the experience about other countries’ culture without visiting there directly. These kind of events can build up Vancouver as a multicultural city. If you visit Vancouver, you will have this … Read more

Jungoh Justin Kim from Korea: A great alumni story!

Jungoh Justin Kim from Korea shares his EC experience while attending EC’s Intensive English program in Vancouver. Hi, everybody, I am Jung-oh Kim from South Korea. You guys know, Korean names are hard to pronounce, so I have an English name, Justin. I majored in bio medical engineering at Konkuk University. After graduation, I worked at Stryker which is a medical device company as a sales representative, and it is an American company. Even though I needed to speak English fluently, I couldn’t do that. So I decided to quit and study in Canada. Why Canada? Actually I considered about 4 cities, Vancouver, San Diego, Toronto, Sydney. I thought the weather was important, most of all. Vancouver has the best weather in the world. I am living at downtown apartment. When I came here, I was living in homestay. It was the Filipino house but their meal were not good for me. So I found an apartment and contracted. If you are supposed to stay over six months, I am really recommend to rent an apartment. It was hard to find a nice house and if you found a house, you have to talk with apartment manager about contract. But you can stay cheaper than homestay, you do not need to buy a monthly pass, you can go to EC on foot. I have two roommates who are from England. We are living at my apartment. So, I get opportunity to speak and learn British English. Now, I am going to talk about my study experience at EC. I studied at EC Vancouver for two months, it was a top notch experience. When I stated at EC, my level was low-intermediate. It was not bad, but not so good. So I studied hard and wasn’t absent. Of course, I c assignment. … Read more

Fun things to do for EC Vancouver students in November #1: CIRCUS FEST

Hi EC Vancouver students, do you like to watch circus performances?? If you do, come and visit the Vancouver Circus Fest. It is a 4-day festival of amazing performances, compelling stories, and captivating circus acts from the circus community, hands-on workshops, cabarets, and industry panel discussions. Furthermore, there is also circus exploration and inspiration over the weekend. Date : November 6 – November 9, 2014 Venue : Side Show Studio, PNE Garden Auditorium, Clutch Theater, and Wise Hall Time : Thursday & Friday are approximately around 6 PM – 12 PM : Saturday is approximately around 10 AM – 3 AM : Sunday is approximately around 11 AM – 10 PM Admission : Individual ticket: start from $10 : Day passes: start from $60 : Full festival: start from $199 You can visit the website below for more detailed information on the Circus Fest website. ======= Would like to improve your English? Join us and learn English for academic purposes at an English language center in Vancouver!