Jinsu Jeong from Korea shares his EC experience!

Jinsu Jeong from Korea shares his experience while attending the General English courses (High-Intermediate) at EC Vancouver. My name is Jin. I’m 27 years old. I had worked for IT Company before I came here. I wanted to be good at English from around age twenty but, I couldn’t speak any English words when I met English speakers. That’s why I decided to go abroad to study English and I quit my job. I thought this was a crucial choice in my life but I was sure that I wouldn’t regret it. Now, I’m having the happiest time of my life. The biggest reason why I chose Vancouver was because my sister suggested coming here. She had been here before and she had fond memories of life in Vancouver. She told me that she met a lot of people who are generous and kind and she had good opportunities for improving her English. Another reason is that I love mountain hiking and activities such as going to the beach. Living in Vancouver is quite awesome. I met a lot of friends who are from different countries and I could talk about their culture and ideas. I went out with them to many awesome places such as Stanley Park which is one of the best parks in the world. I also took many trips here. The most impressive place was the Rocky Mountains. I saw incredible views of nature and built good memories. I think my days in Vancouver are a series of extraordinary experiences. I have been studying in EC Vancouver for about 4 months. I think I made a good choice about school. I met many teachers who are not only kind and cheerful but also have good teaching skills. I could choose many kinds of class for my … Read more

Happy New Year!

Are you ready for New Year’s? After Christmas day ends, the city will be quiet but 2014 ending soon. So we should be ready for the New Year, 2015. New Year’s Eve is celebrated in various ways in different countries. Many people in Canada have parties at home and club or bar. However, particularly in province of Quebec, some people spend the night ice fishing with friends. An important symbol of this day is fireworks. They set off on midnight between December 31 and January 1 to mark the beginning of New Year. January 1 is a statutory holiday in all Canadian provinces and territories. Schools and business organizations will be closed. In Vancouver, January 2 is ordinary day but this day is also holiday in province of Quebec. We hope you will get great experiences with your friend from all over the world in Vancouver. Have a nice holiday! EC Vancouver’s start date in 2015 will be on 2nd January. Visit link for more information. ====== Are you looking for an English School in Vancouver? Come to EC Vancouver and take the English Courses in Vancouver!

Fun things to do for EC Vancouver students for New Year: Polar Bear Swim

One of the greatest events called “The Polar Bear Swim” is coming soon. Possibly you are imagining a polar bear is swimming in ocean. But this event is for us and is a very traditional occasion. Every New Year’s Day, 1st of January, people in Vancouver gather at English Bay and swim in the water. It has been active since 1920 and around 1,000 to 2,000 registered take part annually. It takes place in other locations in Canada including Edmonton AB, Calgary AB, and Ottawa so on. Also in another countries, like Japan and Nether land, United Kingdom and United States of America. You must to register before the swim if you want to join this amazing event! You can register in front of the English Bay Bathhouse between 12:30pm and 2:30pm on January 1st. The swim will take place at 2:30pm! If you are thinking about joining, please visit the link and check “Swim tips” This event seems very fascinating but at the same time it might be dangerous because you are going into freezing water, so take care of yourself!! ========== Would you like to study General English Courses in Vancouver? Come and study EC English Center in Vancouver!

Boxing Day

Boxing Day (December 26) is one of the most popular shopping days in Canada. It is a federal holiday and is listed in the Canadian Labour Code as a holiday. Therefore, many people in Canada have a day off on the day. Traditionally, Boxing Day is for servants and tradesmen receiving gifts known as a ‘Christmas Box’ from their employers or bosses. Today, it is known as shopping holiday. Not only downtown Vancouver but everywhere in Vancouver (Gastown, Metrotown, etc), many stores have their annual sales on Boxing Day (or even ‘Boxing Day Week’) and open their stores earlier than usual. That is why many people go out shopping and even line up to get some GOOD deals. Since it is a holiday, EC Vancouver School will be closed as well. EC students, what are you waiting for?! Go out and shop! ===== Would you like to learn to speak English in Vancouver? Come to EC English center in Vancouver and take English Courses in Vancouver!

Shiho Kitabatake from Japan shares her EC experience!

Shiho Kitabatake from Japan shares her experience while attending the EC’s General English courses(Pre-Intermediate) in Vancouver. I am Shiho. I studied Vietnamese at university in Japan and I will become a worker next April. I decided to study in Vancouver because I had thought that if I could speak Vietnamese and English, I would be able to get a lot of various chances in the company. At first I had thought of going to another country but I changed my plan to Vancouver because I heard Vancouver was safe and wanted to learn about Canadian culture, not only English also beautiful nature places. I have thought that my judgment was good because Vancouver is a place which is comfortable to live because of the people, who is kind, But honestly the temperature is colder than Tokyo so I got cold several times. After school I went to many places, the park, and the art museum and so on. On holiday I went to the Rocky Mountain and Seattle with my friends. It is the memory which I will not forget in my life. There are a lots of classmates who are from Korea, Brazil and Saudi Arabia in EC Vancouver. I have never talked with a Brazilian and a Saudi Arabian before I came here. It is very interesting. If I did not study abroad, I could not get the experience that I have in my class in English with other friends from other countries. I often received a culture shock! To sum up, as one student to another, if I can suggest something to you, try new things! I hope you enjoy my writing. Thank you 🙂 ====== Are you looking for an English School in Vancouver? Come to EC Vancouver and take the English Courses in Vancouver!

Mao Takayama from Japan shares her EC experience!

Mao Takayama from Japan shares her experience while attending the EC’s General English courses(Low-Intermediate) in Vancouver. My name is Mao from Japan. The reason I decided to come here was that it my dream I have had since I was a child, and also I wanted to study abroad. So my dream finally came true. I couldn’t speak English at all when I arrived here, so everything was new and interesting for me. It was very fulfilling for me every day. When I lived in Japan, I’d never seen foreigners, but now I’m studying with them and learning different cultures, personalities and a lot of things. I can’t have those experiences in Japan. I’m really glad that I came here. I went to travel a lot with my friends: Rocky Mountain, Whistler, Victoria, Seattle and more. EC Vancouver is amazing!!!!!! People are friendly and reliable. I think this environment for learning English is the best in the world. I’ve been spending a good time with my friends. My friends are like my family!!! I became a student ambassador recently. It will be a valuable experience for me. I will try my best. I met a lot of people here. I’ll never forget them. My life in Vancouver will become a lifelong memory for me:) ===== Would you like to learn to speak English in Vancouver like Mao? Come to EC English center in Vancouver and take English Courses in Vancouver!

Fun things to do for EC Vancouver students in December #6: Peak of Christmas

EC Vancouver students! The popular annual tradition has returned! You can experience the magic of the winter season on Grouse Mountain. Peak of Christmas has begun November 28 and is scheduled to end on December 24. There are many activities to attend and enjoy. You will get to meet Santa and visit his workshop, meet Santa’s reindeer in the wildlife refuge and learn about them, enjoy ice skating, and watch some Christmas movies on the big screen! Also, there are a few holiday dining events are waiting for you! Be aware! Many Peak of Christmas activities are only available until 4PM on Christmas Eve, December 24. For more information, please visit the 2014 Peak of Christmas website. ====== Are you looking for an English School in Vancouver? Come to EC Vancouver and take the English Courses in Vancouver!

Merry Christmas to EC Vancouver students!

Hi EC Students! One of the most exciting days is coming soon!! Christmas Day is 25th on December which is national public holiday in Canada. Most people spend this day with their families or close relatives or friends and exchange gifts with each other. The Christmas day may start with a cooked breakfast like ham and egg’s pancakes. Dinner is very large meal with roasted turkey, potatoes, a selection of vegetable and cranberry sauce and gravy to add flavour. And Christmas pudding are traditionally eaten. Next day, most of families eat re-heat the leftovers from the day before. Children expect a mythical figure called Santa Claus to bring gifts to them. So they hang their stocking at the fireplace or near the tree before they go to bed. Santa Claus, he travels around the world with a lots of gifts, toys and candy, games for children. When He arrives children’s house, he enters homes via chimney and leaves gifts in those stockings. In Canada, many businesses and schools are closed. Also public transportation services may be reduced. When Christmas day falls on Saturday or Sunday, which is non-working day. So workers are supposed to get a holiday with pay. EC Vancouver has “Build a ginger house activity” on 17th on December. How about joining us? Visit link for more information about Christmas in Canada! ========== Would you like to study General English Courses in Vancouver? Come and study EC English Center in Vancouver!

Yusuke Takada from Japan: A great alumni story!

Yusuke Takada from Japan shares his experience while attending the General English courses(Upper Intermediate) in Vancouver. I stayed in Vancouver for two months and this experience was fantastic, especially from the following points of view: School, Friends, and City. EC Vancouver provides high quality education. I felt that studying English in an unfamiliar country is very challenging, but teachers and staff in this school are so nice because they tried to answer my questions until I understood. It helped me a lot to improve my English and live in the city. Students come from all over the world (Europe, Middle East, Asia, Central and South America). I have read books about their culture, but knowledge from the books was totally different from real experiences. It was such an interesting experience for me. I had a lot of opportunities to go out and drink with them and it became a precious experience. In Vancouver, there are a lot of beautiful places to visit, such as Stanley Park, Granville Island, ice hockey games, and so on. A lot of people immigrated to Vancouver, so we can also enjoy various kinds of food. We could also experience cultural events like a Halloween Party and Thanksgiving Day. Vancouver is so attractive city that I enjoyed not only the school but also the city and culture. Now I have come back to Japan. When I remember the days in Vancouver, it was one of the most important moments of my life. I learned English, I learned culture, and I made good friends! I want to apply what I have learned to the future. Thanks, Yusuke Takada ====== Would you like to learn to speak English in Vancouver like Yusuke? Come and study English at EC English Center in Vancouver!

Antonin Praet from France: A great alumni story!

Antonin Praet from France  shares his experience while attending the EC’s General English courses (High-Intermediate) in Vancouver. Sometimes, I think about my journey in Vancouver and adventures in the school. I immediately fell in love with this amazing city and now I cannot stop saying to myself “I will find a way to return one day!”. The words that I write here are not enough to provide you a complete description of the dozen days that I spent in Vancouver. Spending two short weeks at EC Vancouver provided me a life time experience. First of all, the institute allowed me to get to know people from around the world and helped increase my cultural awareness. Amazing places will never be amazing enough without amazing companies! I feel extremely lucky to meet this great students who were in the same situation like me. I still keep in touch with all of them. Then, I was blessed to study with great and dedicated teachers! I was delighted to discuss about diverse topics with a group of students, and above all to start writing again! It has been a long time that I have not expressed my mind in writing and in English. It is a delicious pleasure to write in a foreign language. I always want to translate my thoughts into English. The institute is extremely well organized and everything is ready to make students feel happy and encourage them to improve their English. Now, I feel more comfortable using English, for the simple reason that it is a pleasure to use it. Finally, the opportunity to study in Vancouver, such an exciting and modern city, was magical. Each district and street has something to offer. I had no I-phone, the only solutions to find my way were my map that I bought at … Read more