Jinsu Jeong from Korea shares his EC experience!

Jinsu Jeong from Korea shares his experience while attending the General English courses (High-Intermediate) at EC Vancouver.

My name is Jin. I’m 27 years old. I had worked for IT Company before I came here. I wanted to be good at English from around age twenty but, I couldn’t speak any English words when I met English speakers. That’s why I decided to go abroad to study English and I quit my job. I thought this was a crucial choice in my life but I was sure that I wouldn’t regret it. Now, I’m having the happiest time of my life.

The biggest reason why I chose Vancouver was because my sister suggested coming here. She had been here before and she had fond memories of life in Vancouver. She told me that she met a lot of people who are generous and kind and she had good opportunities for improving her English. Another reason is that I love mountain hiking and activities such as going to the beach.

Living in Vancouver is quite awesome. I met a lot of friends who are from different countries and I could talk about their culture and ideas. I went out with them to many awesome places such as Stanley Park which is one of the best parks in the world. I also took many trips here. The most impressive place was the Rocky Mountains. I saw incredible views of nature and built good memories. I think my days in Vancouver are a series of extraordinary experiences.

I have been studying in EC Vancouver for about 4 months. I think I made a good choice about school. I met many teachers who are not only kind and cheerful but also have good teaching skills. I could choose many kinds of class for my weaknesses in the afternoon. I also could take a special class such as conversation and pronunciation club for free.

In conclusion, if someone is supposed to come to Vancouver to study English but is still looking for school, I’m sure that EC Vancouver will be one of the best choices. You can get many things much more than you expected.

– Jinsu Jeong


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