Lucy Valls: New EC Vancouver Student Ambassador!

Lucy Valls, who is taking EC Vancouver’s General English course (High-intermediate), joined EC Vancouver’s Student Ambassadors!


– Tell us something about you:

Well, I’m French and I think everybody can hear it! My dream is to be a travel guide writer for Lonely Planet.

– Why you choose to be a Student ambassador:

I didn’t choose it. EC proposed me and I could not refuse! Because you never refuse good opportunities to live such a wonderful experience.

– What is your job as student ambassador?

To organize activities at school, find ideas to make school life more fun for students, and increase the positive ambiance among students.

– In your opinion, what is the best part of being a student ambassador at EC Vancouver? Why?

Being a student ambassador at EC Vancouver gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of people. You can help and be useful to everyone. Also, you can enjoy your time in Vancouver more!


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