Fun things to do for EC Vancouver students in January #5: Push International Performing Arts Festival

Are you Interested In Arts? If you love arts or something creative, you must not miss this event.


Push international performing arts festival is one of Vancouver’s signature events, offering great opportunities to present the very best in contemporary performances.

This festival was launched in 2003 and it has grown annually. Last year, 2014 January marked the 10th anniversary of the Push Festival, which had over 150 performances and events in 15 performance venues over 20 days.

In 2015, it will start from January 20th until February 8th, having such performances as, “The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik” by TIMWATTS from Australia and a live performance “Bullet Catch” by Rob Drummond and so on. Each performance venue is different, so visit here to check.


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