Student testimonial: Guilherme Maciel Chrispim

Guilherme Maciel Chrispim came from Brazil to learn English in Vancouver. He shares his experience while attending the General English courses (Elementary) at EC Vancouver.


During my short exchange period in Vancouver for just one month, I had the opportunity to live a magical experience. In addition to receptive and friendly people, this beautiful city is full of attractions and natural beauty. The security in the city is an amazing factor, comparable with the house of my parents in childhood.

The school EC English, despite my little knowledge in English, provide me all support to feel comfortable such as a great location and education infrastructure. I greatly appreciate my teacher Anne with her patience, affection and knowledge that she passed on to me.

I could make many friends, with whom I had the opportunity to walk around, have fun, learn and improve my English. Thank you all for being part of my life in this short period of my realized dream.


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