Chia-Hui Lin shares her EC experience in Vancouver

Lin from Taiwan would like to take the opportunity to share her EC experience during her time in Vancouver. I haven’t forgotten that I couldn’t express what I think to anyone and couldn’t understand what someone talked about when I came here. I was so scared, not only about the foreign language, but also about the unknown environment. However, EC always supports you. My teacher has been teaching me a lot of English skills and always giving me confidence. And the staff are so kind and friendly that I can ask them anything in my poor English. In EC, I can practice English everywhere with my teacher and the staff. Also, if I have some questions about my lessons, I can discuss how to solve my problems with my Director or Academic Year Coordinator. EC is like a big family and I have been meeting many friends who come from other countries. “English only” is our rule. We speak English in class and chat with classmates in English. I think that is the reason why I can improve my English. Thanks, EC. ====== Are you interested in studying English in Canada? EC offers the possibility to stay in a Vancouver homestay during your studies.

Studying for the TOEFL exam in Vancouver

TOEFL is one of the world’s most widely respected English-language tests, recognized by thousands of colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries, including the UK, US, Canada and Australia. Did you know that EC Vancouver offers TOEFL exam preparation classes? We focus on three key areas to help you achieve a great score: helpful exam strategies, effective exam thinking, and studying only the English you need to pass the test. All EC teachers, including teachers for Higher Score® such as TOEFL, have received special training in teaching the most effective and helpful exam preparation techniques. All of the teachers for Higher Score® have many years of experience in teaching and expert knowledge of the exams. ====== Are you interested in studying English in Canada? EC offers the possibility to stay in a Vancouver homestay during your studies.

Jose had a lovely time in Vancouver and shares his experiences

Jose Henrique Brito from Brazil would like to share his experiences he made during his time at EC English school in Vancouver. Hi! My name is Jose Henrique Brito from Vitoria, Brazil. I would like to write about my days in Canada and in EC Vancouver. It was the best trip of my life. I spent two months in Canada. During this time in Vancouver, my English skills improved so much. However, a more important thing was the great number of friends that I made here, not just from Brazil, but from Japan, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, and many other countries. We had such a great time here. We went together to a lot of different pubs, such as Malones, The Pint, Library Square and many other places. I traveled with my friends to many places in Canada. Especially, I think, my trip to Whistler was the best one because we went Bungee Jumping. That was amazing and I had never tried before. I will miss Canada so much and I wish I could stay here longer. If it were possible, my English skills would probably improve even more because the classes at EC Vancouver are amazing. Thank you for the great experience and also it was fantastic to meet you all. I am sure I will come back and I will never forget this trip. ====== EC offers various English Courses, including IELTS in Canada.

Gabriel Calorio shares his EC experience!

Gabriel Calorio from Brazil shares his experience while learning English at EC English school in Vancouver.   Hi everybody! My name is Gabriel Calorio, I’m from Cuiabá, Brazil. I’m writing about my days in Vancouver and in EC. These days were awesome, I really liked my time here! I had the opportunity to stay here for three months, which were months of learning and fun. I met people from all around the world: Japanese, Korean, many European, and a lot of Brazilians. Yes, I met a lot of Brazilians here, maybe Brazilians are trying to dominate the world!! In my class I met many people and I had the opportunity to learn different cultures, like Arab culture or Colombian culture. This mix increases your learning. Now I will talk a little bit about Vancouver (Raincouver). If you come to Vancouver get ready to use your umbrella. Just kidding, or not … this city is amazing. There are beautiful places that you can visit such as Capilano Bridge, English Bay, Lynn Canyon or Deep Cove. For less stress, there are plenty of restaurants and pubs. Enjoy Vancouver! Now let’s talk a little about EC, with its exceptional rooms and great teachers. I’m really impressed with this school and recommend it to anyone who really wants to have learn. I came here with horrible English, I could speak only because I play some online games. But here I discovered that I knew nothing (hahahahaha). Now I can say with certainty that know the basics of this language! I’m really grateful to have had this opportunity! ====== EC Vancouver offers students to stay in a host family during their time in Vancouver, have a look at our Vancouver homestay page.  

Luiz Eduardo Valença Pinto Martin shares his EC experiences in Vancouver

Luiz Eduardo, one of our Brazilian students, would like to share his experiences while studying English at EC English school in Vancouver. Hello everyone! My name is Luiz Eduardo, I am from Brazil and I would like to talk about my amazing experience in Vancouver. I studied at EC Vancouver for three months. When I came to Vancouver, I hoped to study English and find people from different places of the world, and it happened. I met people from Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, Mexico and so on. I could live with people of different cultures, it was amazing! I made new friends and I hope to see them in my country in the next years. In EC Vancouver I participated in classes with excellent teachers, all of them friendly, helpful and willing to teach me the best way they could. In Vancouver you can do many activities in your free time. Stanley Park, Deep Cove and Capilano Bridge are three of the most important attractions. If you love sports, you must go to the Rogers Arena to see a Canucks Game. Don’t forget to go to Whistler and Rocky Mountains, two awesome places to ski and meet new friends. Finally, I would like to thank my teachers, my classmates, my friends and also Canada for the amazing experience. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I will never forget this country, the people and the school. Luiz Eduardo Martin ====== Did you know that EC offers many courses such as IELTS in Canada?

Meesung Han from Korea shares her experience while learning English in Vancouver!

Meesung Han from Korea shares her experience while learning English in Vancouver at EC English School in Vancouver. Hi my name is Meesung Han from Korea. I have an English name, Aileen. I would like to write about my life at EC Vancouver. I have been attending EC for six months. Before coming to Vancouver, I hadn’t had a chance to make foreign friends and to know other countries culture. I have heard that there are a lot of people who are from various countries of the world in Vancouver, so I decided to come to Vancouver and EC as well. I started EC in September, 2014. Staying at EC, I have got two precious things. First of all, I met a lot of awesome friends, especially in my first class. We were such a big group. We have been to many places and made lots of good memories. It’s really unforgettable… Even though most of my friends had already left, I still keep in touch with them and we promised to meet each other in the near future. Secondly, I have improved my English a lot after attending EC. EC has extra help clubs and conversation clubs. I think those clubs helped me a lot. So I want to recommend EC students to take those extra classes. In addition, EC also has many kinds of events after school. I won’t forget all of things that I have experienced and thanks for everything..! ==== EC offers various English Courses, including IELTS in Canada.  

Vancouver turns green: St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Vancouver!

This year’s 11th edition of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the largest and most popular free event among all events during the Celtic Fest Vancouver 2015. It draws people from all over the world with different cultures, backgrounds and ages. The parade, predominantly green, will start on Sunday, March 15th at 11:00am on Howe and Davie, proceeding north along Howe to Georgia, and ending at Georgia & Granville Streets. Crowds exceeding 200000 are expected to line the route to cheer on more than 2000 parade participants, possibly including award winning pipe and drum bands, Celtic musicians, Scottish and Irish dancers, acrobats, stilt walkers, vintage cars, the Vancouver police motorcycle drill team and pipe band, fire and police dogs, mounted horse drill teams, multi-cultural organizations and performers, local businesses, distinguished guests and many more. Be sure to also catch the free Celtic entertainment throughout the March 14-15 weekend at the Celtic Village & Street Market on Granville Street and Robson Square in Downtown Vancouver. ====== Are you interested in studying English in an English school in Vancouver?

Terminal City Tabletop Convention 2015 – Board games!

Are you looking for fun things to do this weekend? Then the 2nd Annual Terminal City Tabletop Convention might interest you! Over two days visitors can play various board or card games in two rooms over 5000 square feet. The event will take place in the Bonsor Recreation Complex which is located at 6550 Bonsor Ave inBurnaby just right next to the Metrotown Skytrain Station. To give you an ideaof what the event will look like, board games such as Firefly, Dreadball, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Sheriff of Nottingham or Star Trek: Attack Wing will await you! Check out the various events and register if you would like to participate. Besides the aforementioned board game activities, there will also be role playing events, a silent auction to buy and sell games, a large board game library and for the small ones, a kids corner (children enter the convention for free). Additionally, during the whole event, free coffee and tea will be served and food is available for fairly cheap prices. Ticket are available for only one day ($25 for Saturday only, $20 for Sunday only) or for the two days, which will cost you $40. Buy your ticket either online or at the door, but make sure to get them asap – don’t miss out the chance to enjoy two days of pure fun! ====== EC Vancouver offers students to stay in a host family during their time in Vancouver, have a look at our Vancouver homestay page.

Monique Aya Kamiwada Tanaka from Brazil: “I spent two awesome months in this beautiful city”

Monique Aya from Brazil shares her experience while attending Higher Score® IELTS in Vancouver .   Hi there! My name is Monique, I’m from Brazil and I’m going to share with you my experience in Vancouver. I spent two awesome months in this beautiful city, surrounded by nature, friends and exciting things. There’s nothing better than starting a new journey, meeting new people, learning something new, sharing things, cultures and knowing a little bit more about yourself. And I can assure you that you’ll have all of this, more than just improving your English. I took two weeks of General English and six weeks of IELTS class. During those 8 weeks I was able to improve my English, practice my speaking and learn something new every day.  I’m so thankful for all of my teachers at EC (Melanie, Conrad and Rosy). They had so much passion for teaching and sharing things that I could improve a lot with simple things, especially with my mistakes. I made friends from many countries and met people from almost every continent. Luckily, not only did I meet foreigner, but also people from different parts of my own country. I’ve learned a lot with all of them and I had an awesome time. My favorite part of living in Vancouver is the nature and this multicultural environment. Since I lived in a neighborhood area far from Downtown I was able to see different aspects of this city. You have a lot of things to do and places to see, from day to night. When I left my country I was sure that I would learn English. However at the end of my trip I have realized that I have learned a bunch of things that only this life experience could teach me. Words can’t explain all … Read more

Vancouver International Dance Festival 2015

Hello, EC students! As spring approaches, there are lots of festivals that will take place here in Vancouver. The 2015 Vancouver International Dance Festival, which runs from on March 8th to 28th, is one extraordinary festival here. This month-long festival began in 1998 as a Butoh Festival, produced by Kokoro Dance Theatre Society, and then it became the Vancouver International Dance Festival in the following year. It aims to increase public appreciation for culturally diverse contemporary dance. Contemporary dance was developed in the 20th century and it has been growing as one of dance’s performance genres. It is performed by trained dancers and you will see their characteristic technique borrowing from modern dance and ballet. Contemporary dance utilizes kinetically exciting body movement, unpredictable changes in rhythm and direction in its choreography. For this festival, high-quality international performers, including Japanese, Hungarian and local Canadian dance teams, are coming to the city. Also workshops, art and photography exhibitions and free drawing sessions are held during the festival. The festival offers some student discounts for the admission tickets and some dance performances offer free entrance. Online tickets are on sale now. Visit the official website to get more information. ==== Are you looking for an English School in Vancouver? Come to EC Vancouver! We offer various English Courses, including IELTS in Canada.