Chia-Hui Lin shares her EC experience in Vancouver

Lin from Taiwan would like to take the opportunity to share her EC experience during her time in Vancouver.

Lin from Taiwan with her classmates

I haven’t forgotten that I couldn’t express what I think to anyone and couldn’t understand what someone talked about when I came here. I was so scared, not only about the foreign language, but also about the unknown environment. However, EC always supports you. My teacher has been teaching me a lot of English skills and always giving me confidence. And the staff are so kind and friendly that I can ask them anything in my poor English. In EC, I can practice English everywhere with my teacher and the staff. Also, if I have some questions about my lessons, I can discuss how to solve my problems with my Director or Academic Year Coordinator.

Lin from Taiwan with her classmates proudly holding a Canadian flag

EC is like a big family and I have been meeting many friends who come from other countries. “English only” is our rule. We speak English in class and chat with classmates in English. I think that is the reason why I can improve my English. Thanks, EC.

Lin from Taiwan with her classmates at EC Vancouver


Are you interested in studying English in Canada? EC offers the possibility to stay in a Vancouver homestay during your studies.