Hyein Kim (Hailey) from Korea shares her Student Ambassador experience

Hyein Kim (Hailey), one of our student ambassadors from Korea, was hosting the Golden Bell quiz game show last week and share her experience. “Golden Bell” is a famous Korean quiz show. At first, when the ambassadors discussed the next activities, Edward said to us; “Let’s play Golden Bell”. In my case, I knew about the game but the other ambassadors had no idea. So Edward was trying to explain the game, but it wasn’t easy. I first thought it’s impossible, because the game is only famous in Korea. However, all the ambassadors were trying to understand the game. Two weeks later, everything became real when we remade the rules and prepared the questions. The most interesting thing was when we made the questions about our own country. When I checked our ambassadors Facebook page, there were many kind of questions about their countries posted. Also, I could learn something new by reading the questions. Finally when the day of the game came, a miracle happened. Only four students signed up for the Golden Bell game, so every student ambassador tried to bring two friends. When we finally went to the room, there were so many students. Some students even had to look from outside the classroom. During the game, people argued with each other and it was very hot inside. After all, it was a quite good competition between the four teams. Even though, three teams lost and only one won, everyone enjoyed the game and learned something new about other countries and that is what mattered. What a wonderful situation! So I also learned not to be afraid of challenging something. We can do whatever we want. This was the best time during my time as an ambassador so far. -Hailey ====== Do you want to study English in Canada? EC offers … Read more

Capture Photography Festival in Vancouver

“Capture Photography Festival is an annual celebration of photography and lens-based art.” This year’s edition of Vancouver’s first citywide photography festival returns from April 2nd to 29th. Launched for the first time in 2013, the non-profit festival is dedicated to celebrating local and international photography and lens-based art. The festival’s aims are to foster emerging talent, boost community participation, and bring photography closer to the public as a means of communication, as an art from, and as a mode of cultural documentation. Every April, different exhibitions from Vancouver’s leading public and commercial galleries, public installations, and a series of community-based photo workshops, tours, artist talks, films, and panel discussions will be featured. Take a look at their homepage to find information about the various events. ====== Are you interested in studying IELTS in Canada while staying in a homestay?

Sayaka Nagatani from Japan: “Orange colour makes me so energetic!”

Sayaka from Japan shares her reasons why she chose EC to study English. At EC, there are many opportunities to speak in English all the time, not only in classes but also in the free time because the rate of Japanese students in EC is lower than other ESL schools. As well as core General English classes, EC has elective classes. Students can choose classes so that they can achieve their goal. And free lessons in EC is another good point. EC teachers are really friendly and kind. They always ask some questions about our country which is connected to every theme, so I have opportunities I think about my country and other subjects. I will never forget the first day I took a lesson. I was shocked, because I couldn’t understand what my teacher and classmates were talking about and it felt more difficult to study English in “English” than it did in Japan. I wondered if I could keep learning English at that time. Yes, of course, I really want to recommend EC because students from a lot of countries go there, so we have many chances to meet them and know about other countries. Orange colour makes me so energetic!   ====== EC offers many courses such as IELTS in Canada. Have the unique experience of staying in a Vancouver homestay.

Emino Urata from Japan would recommend EC – let’s find out why

Emino from Japan shares her experience of studying English at EC Vancouver and why she would recommend EC. I chose EC because they have many courses such as writing, listening, speaking, etc. Also, we can choose any afternoon class each week. I think EC’s teachers are friendly and good at teaching. They teach English enthusiastically, which is good for us. My best unforgettable memory of EC is my first week. I was so nervous at that time, but I made many friends and they are still my good friends. I would recommend EC. We can meet many foreign people in EC and we can get such a good experience. ====== Would you like to study English in Canada? EC has an English school in Vancouver!

EAT! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival

A WEEK OF EAT! The 2015 EAT! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival is a world class week-long food festival taking place throughout downtown Vancouver from April 26th to May 3rd, showcasing this city’s extraordinary culinary culture. Already the largest food festival in Canada, EAT! Vancouver, now in its 13th year includes hands-on workshops, collaborative chef dinners featuring top chefs from across Canada, Canadian Flavours Gala, a hospitality symposium, a pastry panel and of course EAT! Vancouver at BC Place, from May 1st to May 3rd . EAT! Vancouver attracts Canada’s culinary stars, food producers and restaurants, from Vancouver, North America and beyond. Consumers, from across North America, will come to the EAT! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival to participate in Vancouver’s vibrant food culture and experience great food from around the world. Online tickets are on sale now! Visit the official website to get more information about events and schedule. ====== If you’d like to study English in Canada, please have a look at our English school in Vancouver.

Yuki shares his experience while studying in an English school

Yuki Okamura, a former EC student, tells about his experience of studying at our English school, EC Vancouver. My Japanese high school chose this school for me. I think it has been good for me to come to EC. Elizabeth and Carla are really kind teachers. Every all the time, they taught me English as much as they could. When I first came to EC Vancouver, I didn’t speak English very well. However, now, I can speak English better than three months ago. I enjoyed speaking English to talk to my friends. I made a lot of friends who I met for the first time. We went to eat lunch and dinner. We went sightseeing and shopping in Vancouver. Especially my homestay brothers, Joep and Enio, became really good friends of mine. We went to many places and had an enjoyable time every day.   ====== Do you want to study English in Canada? EC offers various classes such as IELTS in Canada.

China Ohara from Japan tells about her experience in Vancouver

China Ohara from Japan tells about her experience in Vancouver and at EC, while she studied TOEIC. In EC, there are several exam preparation classes and less Japanese students when I compare with other schools. Moreover, it’s possible to transfer to other cities or countries if I want. EC Teachers always try to give opportunities to everyone to speak up. Then they find our weaknesses, and make us concentrate on studying it. I did many activities in Canada. I skied in Whistler, watched hockey games, played curling and saw the Northern Lights with my friends who I met in Canada. Even though our nationality is different, we had unforgettable times together. In my case, I transferred from Toronto to Vancouver. It gave me the opportunity to have different experiences in each city and to meet precious friends. You will be able to create opportunities, improve your English skills, and have an unforgettable time. ====== Are you interested in studying in an English school in Vancouver while staying in an authentic Vancouver homestay?

Antoine Treilles tells about his time in an English school in Vancouver

Antoine Treilles from France shares his experience while attending Higher Score TOEIC classes at EC English school in Vancouver. Hey everybody! My name is Antoine. I’m from France, and more exactly from a suburb of Paris. I’ve been in Vancouver for 5 and half months now. I chose the TOEIC class because I have to pass this exam for my future job. I have to say that at the beginning, I didn’t know what we would do in the TOEIC class. My first impression was good, even if I was the only European in the class. All the students were so nice and funny. We learnt a lot every day – new words and their definitions, and, for me, understanding the meaning of each word and all the other words in the same word family is the most important thing. And now it’s time to introduce the great teacher of this class…Mr. Jeremy. He always tried to explain English very well by using good words for the students who don’t understand something. We talked about many topics with him and each other, so we could also practice speaking during the class. Every Friday, we had practice tests to prepare for the real TOEIC test. Well, now is the time for me to go back home, but I hope one day to have the opportunity to come back here. Bye! Antoine Treilles (France) ====== Would like to learn English like Antoine in Vancouver? EC offers various English Courses, including IELTS in Canada.

Ajlan Alshihri from Saudi Arabia shares his reasons for studying English at EC

One of our Saudi Arabian students, Ajlan Alshihri, shares his experience from studying English at EC Vancouver. There are many reasons why I chose to study at EC. First, EC Vancouver is Downtown and very close to everything. Second, EC has a very good reputation in education and they provide excellent materials to study. Third and last, the have various interesting lessons to improve my English skills. After studying here for one month, I find that teachers at EC always try their best to give us information and that’s what I most like about them. My most unforgettable memory of EC will be the experience of studying with multicultural students under one roof. Finally, I would recommend EC to my friends as of the school’s location, the excellent facilities, being near public transportation and also because of its excellent teachers. ====== Do you want to Study English in Canada just like Ajlan did? EC has an English school in Vancouver!

8th Annual Nifty for Fifty Sale in Vancouver

Sunday, April 19th 2015, the 8th edition of the annual Nifty for Fifty Sale will take place from 11 am to 8 pm at Heritage Hall on Main Street. Over 30 local designers and artists are going to show their products. The event’s name gives a clue; all products will be sold for under $50. Initially, the sale started out as a “glorified fashion garage sale”, but has become almost an ‘April Boxing Day’. “This sale is unlike any other in town, and it only happens once a year,” says the event producer Melissa Ferreira. It is recommended to be there early if you want to get your hands on the good stuff. The admission at the door is $1. And make sure to bring cash instead of credit or debit cards, as most vendors will only accept cash. ====== Is it a dream of yours to study English in Canada? EC has an English school in Vancouver!