Jesus Sanchez share his EC experience!

Jesus Adolfo Sanchez Uribe from Mexico shares his experience while taking TOEFL exam preparation course in Vancouver. I chose EC for the TOEFL preparation program and for the location. Sometimes it’s difficult living in another country far away from home, most of the teachers know what that’s like and they understand the students, that’s why I appreciate the teachers a lot. My most unforgettable memory of EC will probably be the multicultural environment not only at school but also in the city of Vancouver. The city is amazing there is always something to do, beautiful landscapes to see and for me, a music lover, something to listen to on every corner. Of course I would recommend EC to a friend because it’s an excellent school and I really feel that my English has improved. Last year, I was living in Texas for 6 months , U.S.A and now I feel that I have learned more in this English Centre. === Do you want to study English? For Jesus, learning English in Canada was the right idea, if you think the same, have a look to our English Courses in Vancouver!

EC Vancouver

This is what Leticia thinks about EC

Having finished her two months program in EC Vancouver, Leticia, from Brazil, explains how was her experience in the school. “I really had a great time in Vancouver! Choosing a multicultural city made my experience even more special. In this wonderful city I met people from all over the world, really good friends, and I had a lot of fun! I went to visit the beautiful village of Whistler and hiked the Grind of Grouse Mountain. I also went to the Rocky Mountains which was an amazing trip. I have so many memorable adventures! I really recommend EC Vancouver because the staff is helpful and kind.” === Do you want to study English in Vancouver? Find more information about our English courses in Vancouver!

Find out how was Mabel’s experience in EC Vancouver!

Mabel was in Mexico three months ago when she decided to take a flight to Vancouver to learn English in Canada.Here is what he thinks about our English courses in Vancouver and her experience in Canada. I chose to study with EC English because of the system that they use, it seems to be the best one in order to get a high score in IELTS. There’s no other option where I can find any Higher Score system for IELTS preparation. There are many things that I liked about the teachers in EC but I would say that they are very friendly, because they are available to help every student at any time. Besides, EC teachers are very creative because they’re always looking for new ways to teach, giving us additional material to improve our English skills.   My best memories of EC are the great times when I met friends from all over the world, these people are going to be my friends forever because we shared incredible moments discovering Vancouver together. We went to Grouse Mountain, Lynn Canyon Park, Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, Pacific Regional Park, and Burnaby Lake. In these places you can find peace and you will get in touch with nature. They’re great options for someone who loves hiking. On the other hand, if you are not interested in hiking but you really enjoy spending time in nature then I’m pretty sure that you will have an awesome time in Deep Cove, Stanley Park, Granville Island or the city of Victoria. You will find that there’s not enough time to discover all the beautiful places that Vancouver has for you because it’s a big city. To make the experience more enjoyable you will find polite people on the streets and you will not have to … Read more

A great alumni story by Hitomi Kondo!

Hitomi Kondo from Japan shares her experience while learning English in Canada with EC! I chose EC Vancouver because I heard students come from many different countries. Yes! There are many students with many nationalities. I liked EC teachers because they were very kind and funny. Meeting friends is my most unforgettable memory of EC! I had never had friends from other countries until I came to Vancouver. I really like to talk with them in English. I would recommend EC to my friends because EC is a good school for people who want to learn English.

Reasons to learn English at EC Vancouver

Jose Luis flew all the way from Mexico to study English in EC Vancouver. Here you can find the reasons why he came to EC and what he thinks after two months studying here. Do you need to find more reasons to learn English in EC Vancouver? “I chose EC because some friends gave me a good recommendation about the school. EC has a good reputation. After two months learning English in EC Vancouver, I can say that their teachers are great, their character motivates me a lot, and the fact that they are always willing to explain anything that you need, not only homework. I will always remember the mix of nationalities that we had in class, so many different cultures. I will definitely recommend EC because every time I need to get anything from the school I got it, including my English improvement. Learn English in Canada is a great experience! The people are friendly and helpful, Vancouver has recreational areas such as parks and extraordinary walks all around the city. The view of mountains covered with snow is something worth to be seeing again!”

The Vancouver Food Cart Fest 2015 in Vancouver

The 4th Annual Food Cart Fest will take place on June 28th and go on all summer long!! Starting this coming Sunday, this 400 people capacity event with over 20 food carts and licensed live-music patio will run for Sundays until September 6th at the Olympic Village. Around 5000 food-lovers visited the event to enjoy the sun and street foods last year. Besides good foods and music, there will be a giant ping pong area, an open-air market, and an expanded kids recreation zone. The event starts from 12pm to 5pm and admission is $2. Please visit the Food Cart Fest website for more information. ====== Would you like to come and take English courses in Vancouver? Join EC Vancouver to study English in Vancouver!

Luiz, from Brazil, shares his experience in EC

Luiz is one of our Brazilian Students, he studied in EC four weeks, and here is what he thinks about his program. “I wanted to study English in Canada, so I chose EC because one friend of mine studied here before and he gave me a good recommendation about the school.  Teachers are very attentive and engaging, actually the classes are very interesting. I will totally recommend the school because EC has many sources to help all the students. Study English in Vancouver has been an awesome experience, it is such a beautiful city! If you come you cannot miss what, in my opinion, is the best place: English Bay and the Public Mountains.”   === Do you want to study English? For Luiz learning English in Canada was the right idea, if you think the same, have a look to our English Courses in Vancouver!

Karen Augusto Ferreira chose to study English at EC Vancouver

Karen Augusto Ferreira from Brazil shares her reasons why she came to Vancouver to study English. I chose to study English at EC because I think that EC is an experienced school in Vancouver. What I most liked about my teachers was that they were very good, so I liked everything. The most unforgettable memory of EC was the pub night where I talked a lot with Hailey and Edward. It was a good experience. I would recommend EC to my friends because I liked EC. I think the teaching is good and funny. ====== Would you like to take English courses in Canada?

Gabriele Riedel from Germany took English classes in Vancouver

Gabi from Germany would like to share her experience of studying English abroad. Attending General English classes at EC Vancouver for 12 weeks, she managed to move up from Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate. I chose EC because Vancouver was my plan. I didn’t find many schools in the centre of the city and went with EC as I read a lot of good testimonials from graduated students. All teachers in the school try to arrange all lessons in a very interesting way and they are diversified. I enjoy the rule of ‘English only’ to avoid students speaking in their mother tongue. It is a big help to improve your English and to find international friends. All the people I’ve met ranging from the Front Desk to the admin and academic staff to the teachers were very friendly and helpful. There’s a fantastic atmosphere at EC in how people treat each other. If there was a problem, EC found a solution! Oh yes, I would recommend EC to a friend because everyone is happy here. Every teacher would like to have happy students because they learn more. Also, the experience with people from other countries and cultures will help to broaden one’s horizon. ====== Are you interested in taking English courses in Vancouver?

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 in Canada

We all may have heard that Vancouver is hosting the FIFA Women’s World Cup. This event has been one of Canada’s largest! If you have been to Coal Harbour you can see a stage set up for our native city to host matches. Have you been at Cambie and Georgia for the free fan zone celebration? Many sponsors are at the fan zone like Adidas, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, KIA Motors, Trend Micro. Some activates include live music, Soccer demos, meeting the athletes, contests and many more. For more information look for the hashtag #VanFanZone on social media sites. An update on how Canada is doing, “Canada, ranked 8th in FIFA’s world rankings, had a bittersweet opening round. With one win and two ties, the Canadian women got the job done and won their group, but they would have preferred to accomplish it with some more flare.” (Vancitybuzz, 2015) The upcoming soccer match will be on Sunday, Canada VS Switzerland airing on CTV at 4:30pm. The game takes place at BC Place Stadium with over 50,000 excited fans predicted to attend. ======= One way to learn English in Canada is to take English courses in Vancouver with EC.