BC Lions Game – EC students’ outdoor activities

Leonardo is a young and energetic Brazilian who loves BC Lions, one of the best soccer teams in Vancouver. He is also a student at EC Downtown Vancouver. While he is taking English classes in Vancouver, with us of course!, he spends a lot of time having fun. He told us that he likes Vancouver a lot not only because it is a multicultural and dynamic city and people here are very nice, but also because he got the chance to enjoy one of the matches of the BC Lions team at BC Place as you can see in this picture below.

Ada says EC teachers are the best!

Ada is from Mexico and she chose to stay in Vancouver because she wants to know more about Canada. She thinks Vancouver is awesome, mostly because of its beautiful landscapes and friendly people. She wanted to learn English in Canada, so she chose to stay with EC Vancouver for her English study because EC Vancouver makes her feel at home. We are very pleased to be told by her that EC teachers and staff members are very nice and supportive.

Having an unforgettable memory at EC Vancouver!

Joao is from Brazil and he is learning English in Vancouver. He chose EC Vancouver because his friend recommended our school to him, and it turns out to be a very good choice! He told us that teachers at EC are very intelligent, funny, and friendly. He also made lots of friends while learning English. These unforgettable memories of EC make him very certain that he will recommend our school to his friends in the future.

Learning about different cultures in EC Vancouver

Melissa came to learn English in Canada. Even though it was difficult for her at the beginning, after four months in EC Vancouver she “has learnt a lot about so many different cultures”. As she says, “the experience has been amazing, in my opinion EC is the best school in Vancouver. You can meet anyone from any part of the world.” The also mentioned how “amazing” the culture is, and she highlighted the fact that you can live with local families and learn the culture. “Everything that I can say is that this experience is amazing and If I can I will come back in a near future” she said.

“This is the school of my dreams”, Juan

Juan came from Colombia to take some English Classes in Vancouver, he has been learning English with us for three months and he thinks that his time here is “wonderful”, have a look below to find out the reason why.   “The main reason that makes me think that Vancouver is wonderful is EC because I have improved my English a lot. Honestly, this is the school of my dreams. It is just perfect, not only because of the way they teach English, but also because of the environment, the teachers, the staff and all the international students. If you have any doubts just let the staff at the Front Desk help you.”

Abdullah Bin Khudltakar shares his EC experience!

Abdullah Bin Khudltakar from Saudi Arabia would like to share his wonderful experience while learning English in Canada with EC. EC is one of many English schools in Vancouver but it’s unique! It has a lovely environment and the staff is very helpful, I feel close to everybody including the teachers. For me it is really important that Club ESL has a place in EC, they help students to explore the country.

EC Vancouver staff had a great time at Deep Cove

Jason,our Assistant Director of Studies, visited Deep Cove with his friends on a weekend and they had a great time there. Jason said “Deep Cove is a lovely little town in North Vancouver with a very nice and easy hike to a beautiful, natural lookout spot. The air is clean, the water is clear, and the forest is greener than you can imagine!” ====== Would you like to learn English in Canada? Come to EC Vancouver! We offer many English courses in Vancouver.

Hassan Ali Alghanmi: ” I will definitely recommend EC school to all my friends.”

Hassan Ali Alghanmi from Saudi Arabia his EC experience while taking English courses in Vancouver with EC. I have chosen EC language school because I heard very good reviews about this school. Studying at such a great language school gives you great opportunities to enhance your skills in language, meet a lot of new friends, and learn about new cultures. There are very good and qualified teachers at the school and I liked all classes. The teachers always help us to understand new materials and information during our lessons. I will never forget my first day at school, I was very excited to meet with new people and I interacted with all new students there. As I was a new student and was unfamiliar with many rules of the school, everybody was ready to help me and the staff was very friendly. I will definitely recommend EC school to all my friends. It’s a very good school and I gained a great experience during my stay at EC. Also, I met a lot of new friends from all over the world.

Explore Vancouver and study English as Kaline did

Kaline is from Brazil and she took one month of English classes in Vancouver. As you can see, one moth of English classes at EC was enough for her to explore Vancouver and its lost gems!  “I like Vancouver very much. There are lots of places to visit ,there are wonderful parks, gardens, view of the sea… I really love Stanley Park and English Bay. I like especially English Bay because you can have a wonderful view of the sea from there. I will never forget  this vacation at EC Vancouver!”

Lucas shares his thoughts about EC teachers

Lucas changed his beautiful country, Brazil, for Canada and its breathtaking nature, he wanted to learn English in Canada. Here you can find a brief description of his experience, including what he thinks about EC teachers: “I am having a great experience here in Vancouver. I like the teachers very much, they have amazing communicative skills that help students to properly follow the class. I have visited many beautiful places here.”