The reasons why I love Vancouver and EC School!

Luis Javier from Mexico would like to share his EC experience. Here are the reasons why he loves Vancouver and EC! I am enjoying my stay in Vancouver! Because I have met great people and I made good friends! With my friends, we visited many different places and we had so much fun in Vancouver. I learned English a lot being in EC Vancouver. I really liked the teachers and classes! ====== Would you like to come and take English courses in Vancouver? Come to EC English Language School in Vancouver!!  

Things to do in Vancouver by Leandro

Vancouver is a beautiful city, especially if the weather is sunny.Lots of things to do here! There are a lot of parks where you can do activities like running, cycling or just walking. When the weather is not so good you can also go to art galleries, cinemas or pubs. People at EC are very friendly, they are from all over the world. You can meet new friends, talk about new cultures, and, last but not least, you can learn English. I only have more two weeks here so I will try to enjoy as much as I can my time here!

“My Canada adventure” by Elif

MY CANADA ADVENTURE This is my first overseas experience. In Canada I had the opportunity to meet new friends and see many new places that I had never seen. I visited different places, for example Victoria, Whistler, Canada Place, Robson Square, Stanley Park, and  Science World . EC school helped me learn  English and also recognize people from different countries. I love my school and my teachers. I have been here 3 months so far and I will go back to my country in 3 another so i am sure I will have lots of new experiences here, I will meet new people and I’m sure I’ll improve my English a lot more!

See what Manuel has learned from Canadian culture

I have made lots of friends form different countries. I’ve learned to travel by skytrain and tried different kind of food. I’ve have read lots of books. I have a new family thanks to my homestay. And EC Teachers have showed me how to express myself in English. I’ve visited lots of new places. I am glad of having chosen EC to learn English.

Great experiences in EC Vancouver

Hi I’m HyeYeon from Korea. I’ve been here for almost 6 months. Before I came here, one of my Korean friends, who was in Vancouver learning English also for 6 months, told me that Vancouver was the best city she has ever visited. That was why I looked forward to coming here. There were many things what I really wanted to do such as making foreign friends, improving my English skills, introducing Korean foods to foreigners, and taking a part in lots of festivals. I’ve made an effort to do so, for example, before I came here I was a little bit shy. Especially, when I made new friends. But after coming here I can say that I always initiate a conversation with my friends.  Also I’ve been in many Korean restaurants with foreign friends, and when they said that they liked Korean food and they wanted to go to Korea, I felt a sense of satisfaction. Anyway, I had a lot of great experiences in EC , especially with my friends and teachers. I think the saddest thing is that I have to say good bye to my foreign friends every week. Lots of my best friends already went back to their countries, but I will never forget them and I hope we can meet again in the future. This is my Vancouver life story so far.  Thanks!

“Korea is quite similar to Vancouverite life” says Taehyun

After arriving in Vancouver, I traveled two times and I met many friends. I went to Tofino with my homestay family and, at that time, I couldn’t enjoy my first travel because all of things around were unfamiliar to me, but I already knew that Vancouver has really beautiful nature. My birthday is in September so I went to the EC Boat Party with my EC friends. It was really fun and after the party we were closer to each other. Now, I just enjoy Vancouverite life so much with my friends, we like to drink and do many things together. I’m really happy to learn English in EC. Thank you!   

Having a great time with my EC friends!

The last weekend I went with some friends to Seattle. We were there for around two days, we had enough time to enjoy the city, the food and all the places. On the first day morning we went for shopping to Seattle Premium Outlet which is a huge mall with a lot of discounts. We arrived there at 9 am and we finished all the shopping at 3pm, it was really amazing because I bought all my winter clothes. After that we had lunch together and the next stops were the first Starbucks, Piroshky (Russian bakery), Le Panier (French bakery) The Pike Place Market and the most disgusting place “The gum wall”. In the evening, we went to waterfront and ate our dinner at The Crab Pot. I really loved the food and if I can recommend this place, everybody should go there! At night, we went to The Space Needle, and after to Kerry Park, which is the most famous view in Seattle. Around 10 pm we came back to the hotel. On the second day, we went to Gas Works Park where you can see the fireworks. Also, we went to University of Washington, which is incredibly big and is the most beautiful university that I have never seen before. Finally, the last stop was in Deception Pass State Park. The view from there is pretty amazing and the water of the ocean is completely clear. I like to learn English so I can communicate properly and go for trips like this!  

Why Soonyong loves studying in Vancouver

I like Vancouver because there are many beaches here, my hometown doesn’t have any! People are very kind and leisurely. I think that Vancouver and Korea are very similar, when I was walking through Robson St I felt that I was in Korea. So I didn’t need much time to adapt to this lovely city. Also, there are many Koreans living in Vancouver, however, it is a multicultural city. I can learn about any another culture! I love studying in Vancouver and I like to learn English in EC. 

EC student talks about life in Vancouver

Here you can find how Felix is doing in EC Vancouver “The first days were exhausting. It was hard for me to get over my jet-lag and to get used to the EC routine.  After a couple of days it was much better and now I’m enjoying my time here in Vancouver. I joined a soccer team and enrolled in a gym. I tried some restaurants here and was surprised how cheap and tasty they are. My favorite one is Salam Bombay, an Indian restaurant with very delicious and traditional food. I walk every day to a new part of the city to discover new interesting places, stores and restaurants. I am happy about my decision to learn English here in Vancouver and I hope that it continues to be so beautiful.