Great experiences in EC Vancouver

Hi I’m HyeYeon from Korea. I’ve been here for almost 6 months.

Before I came here, one of my Korean friends, who was in Vancouver learning English also for 6 months, told me that Vancouver was the best city she has ever visited. That was why I looked forward to coming here. There were many things what I really wanted to do such as making foreign friends, improving my English skills, introducing Korean foods to foreigners, and taking a part in lots of festivals. I’ve made an effort to do so, for example, before I came here I was a little bit shy. Especially, when I made new friends. But after coming here I can say that I always initiate a conversation with my friends.Great experiences while learning English at EC Vancouver

 Also I’ve been in many Korean restaurants with foreign friends, and when they said that they liked Korean food and they wanted to go to Korea, I felt a sense of satisfaction. Anyway, I had a lot of great experiences in EC , especially with my friends and teachers. I think the saddest thing is that I have to say good bye to my foreign friends every week. Lots of my best friends already went back to their countries, but I will never forget them and I hope we can meet again in the future.
Great experiences while learning English at EC Vancouver

This is my Vancouver life story so far.  Thanks!