Paula’s comment about EC Vancouver

Paulina would like to talk about her life in Vancouver while she is studying English in Vancouver with EC! Studying here in Vancouver is one of the best things I had ever experience, the city is beautiful and you always find something new to do, I’m enjoying every single day I spend in here, I … Read more

Lorenzo tells us his experience at EC Vancouver

Here you can find how is Lorenzo’s experience in EC Vancouver, he started his classes a few months ago. My experience learning English in Vancouver has been good, I like the city and the weather is not so cold yet. Now I’m living in Downtown and most of the good places are close to my house. W … Read more

A great alumni story by Fatma Boz

Fatma from Turkey shares her learning English experience in Vancouver with EC! She stayed with EC for 3 months and has improved her English from Elementary to Pre-Intermediate! “I studied in Vancouver. I arrived here 3 months ago. I love Vancouver more than America. I studied English in EC lan … Read more

Helen shares her experience about working at EC Vancouver!

My name is Helen and I am from China. I was a practicum student at EC English in Vancouver for four weeks right before I graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University. My job duty was to help the front desk with social media updates and other administrative tasks. It was a very pleasant experience a … Read more

Vancouver International Film Festival 2015

Attention film lovers! One of the biggest film festivals in North America, the Vancouver International Film Festival, will be held from September 24 for 2 weeks. Definitely there are a lot to check out! This annual event presents over 350 films which are from a large selection of East Asian films, C … Read more