Best doughnuts in Town

Deep Cove is the best place where you can eat a delicious doughnut & have a lot of fun! Many of our students recommend Deep Cove. Deep Cove is a neighborhood of North Vancouver located at the foot of Mount Seymour. You can find a beautiful landscape there fully covered by nature, water, lovely streets with restaurants, bars and coffee shops. You can also rent a mountain bike or a canoe or enjoy the beautiful hikes. Or you can just walk until the chief to appreciate the breathtaking views. After doing sports you can reward yourself with a famous honey Doughnut in the café “Honey Doughnuts”. Deep Cove is easily accessible from Downtown Vancouver via 211 bus. The bus takes  approximately 50 minutes to this great spot! Enjoy your time there! === Thinking about taking IELTS? Check our IELTS classes in Vancouver!

Learning in a Multi-cultural City like Vancouver

I am Melissa, and I am doing my internship at EC Vancouver.When I first came in Vancouver, I was surprised to see how diverse the people were. I did’t only meet Canadians but I also met a lot of people from dozens of other nationalities. Indeed, Vancouver is a diverse city. Studying in a city like Vancouver it’s a great experience. You will not only learn about Vancouver’s culture but will also gain a wider understanding of people with different ethnicities. I gained more friends from different countries and I realized that learning became more fun when we exchange our cultures.  Learning is more exciting when you get to know more people of different races. Exchanging stories becomes more meaningful, it is like you will picture the country where they come from. Isn’t it fun that if one day you will visit another country there is someone there that you can refer to as a friend? You will not feel very far from home because you will bump into someone with the same nationality as yours. I like learning in Vancouver and I gained a lot of knowledge about the city. It’s a great experience to learn English in Canada, specially at EC Vancouver, you will also definitely improve speaking English as your second language.

Paintball day!

Marco, one of our EC student from Switzerland, had a great time playing Paintball. He went with another 16 students from 9 different countries and they shared some picture with us:     === Thinking about learning English in Canada? We have a great mix of nationalities! Check our English Programs!

Sabrina’s story at EC Vancouver

My name is Sabrina and I’m from Germany. After working for 9 years in the same company in Germany -I work in a conference hotel at the front desk- I decided to learn English in Canada because I needed better English skills for my job., so I come to EC Vancouver. During the last 12 weeks I took a General English course and focused on English for work. I really loved this course because I could learn a lot about how business in Canada works. After my course I was looking for a new challenge because I have 5 weeks more in Vancouver before I have to go back to my country. I was interested in doing an internship and I was searching for a place to do so. Now I’m here in the school and I’m supporting the front desk team. This opportunity is a big chance for me to improve my English and also to work in an international office abroad. I’m looking forward to the next 5 weeks at EC Vancouver.

Thinking about driving a plane?

Alberto left us a couple of weeks ago after a few months studying at EC, here you can see how much he loved this city. “This photo is a summary of my amazing experience: I’m driving a airplane…!!! I like Canada a lot and at EC Vancouver everything is possible!! Because I came to learn English in Canada, in EC Vancouver, on 15 of August and I didn’t speak English at all, and now, sometimes, I do not remember some words in Italian ….. Wowwww!”

Do you know what Remembrance Day means for Canadians?

If you walk across Vancouver these days you will see many people wearing artificial poppies on their jackets. Red poppies symbolize the memory of those who died and are worn on November 11, Remembrance Day, also known as Poppy Day. Remembrance Day is a memorial celebrated annually since the First World War to remember all the members of the armed forces who died in the line of duty, and, in general, to all people who have served, and continue to serve for Canada during times of war and conflict. The use of the poppies as a symbol of remembrance has its roots in a John McCrae’s poem called “Flanders fields” and describes how the poppies grow in the ground over the graveyards where soldiers were buried. The red color symbolises the blood lost by victims in the conflict. However, some people choose to wear white poppies to campaign for non-military interventions in conflict situations. === Are you thinking to learn English in Canada? Check programs in Vancouver.

VIVA Tower, get to know our EC Residence in Vancouver!

VIVA tower, located at the corner of Howe St. and Drake St., is a brand new residence with breathtaking views of Downtown Vancouver. There are a total of 10 single and 8 twin rooms divided in 4 large apartments. EC’s students occupy the 11th and 12th floors, which have partial views of Downtown, the sea and the mountains. The residence is fully equipped with fitness centre, sauna, and meeting room, while the apartments have in suite laundry, TV and cable in each bedroom, full kitchen and free WI-FI. There is also a cleaning service provided once a week for all the common areas. The location could not be better, it is only 12 min walk distance from EC Vancouver and only one block away from the best nightlife street, Davie St. There you can find restaurants, supermarkets, and fantastic beaches with endless sea-walks. And Robson St, the most popular shopping spot in the city, is also just a few blocks away from VIVA.   === Do you want to take IELTS? Check our IELTS classes in Vancouver and get the highest score!

Do you know how to make Poutine?

Find the easiest Poutine recipe here! Poutine is the typical Canadian dish, since Canada is home of large populations of foreign people, its typical dishes are more a mix of dishes from another countries. Here you can learn how to prepare Poutine. This recipe is very easy and will not take you long. Try it, it is just a few steps! Cook: 20 min Ingredients: 1 Quart of vegetable oil 1 Can of beef gravy (around 10 ounce) 5 Medium potatoes 2 Cups of cheese curds Directions: 1. Heat oil in a deep fryer. 2. Warm gravy, you can either use a saucepan or microwave. 3. Place the fries into the hot oil until light brown, about 5-7 minutes. And remove them to wrap in a paper towel to drain. 4. Place the fries on a serving plate and sprinkle the cheese over them. Then ladle the gravy sauce over the fries and cheese. It is ready to serve! Enjoy! === Do you want to learn English in Canada? Check our classes in Vancouver!  

What happened in Vancouver in the 90’s?

What happened in Vancouver in the 90’s? The Rogers Arena was built in 1995 and its construction changed the landscape of Downtown Vancouver. It was the beginning of a new transformation. It was created by mostly private funders who gave more than $150 million to build this stadium.   It was home of the Grizzlies and Canucks, but the first one stopped playing some years ago. And it also had a different name! It was just known as GM (General Motors)   The West Coast Express started on 1995 directly linking some of the closest cities like Coquitlam, Maple Ridge and Port Moody with Downtown Vancouver.   More than $105 million was needed to build Downtown Vancouver Public Library, which opened its doors on West Georgia Street in 1995. In this decade the Stanley Park Zoo closed. You could find polar bears there!   March 19, 1990 was the first day of full operation of The SkyBridge, a bridge built to carry the Skytrain from Fraser to Surrey. It is the world’s longest cable stayed bridge designed for the sole use of rapid transit. It had a cost of more than $26 million and it was part of an extension of 3.1 km that cost around $200 million. === Would like to learn English in Canada? EC offers various English Courses in Vancouver.

“Working at EC was amazing” Machi says

Machi helped us as an intern for almost 3 months and enjoyed her time at EC Vancouver a lot. I have been here for 2 and half months. Work at EC Vancouver was an excellent learning experience. The things I experienced here were so amazing and I enjoyed the school a lot. EC has amazing teachers, staff and students, and everybody was so friendly and kind. If I have questions, they try to do their best and answer until I totally understood. EC is multinational! And it was a precious time for me to learn from different cultures and different values. I learned a lot of things here and they will be useful in my future. I cannot thank you enough. I appreciate all of them at EC Vancouver! ==== Are you thinking about working in Canada? Do you need to improve your English skills? Check out our Business English classes in Vancouver!