Vivian Sierra – Our Newest EC Student Ambassador

  Introducing our newest student Ambassador: Vivian Sierra! Vivian joins us from Colombia and, with her outgoing personality and design skills, she will make a great addition to the team. Here is what Vivian has to say about herself: My name is Vivian Sierra. I’m from Colombia and I’m 21 years old. In my country I was studying Journalism, and in order to graduate, I just have to do an internship and an International English Exam. Actually, the most important reason why I came here was because if a want to get a good job after graduating, I need to speak this language well enough. And it’s not just that. It’s also the fact that speaking English nowadays is very convenient for anyone. Like most women, I really love watching drama and romantic movies, going to shopping, cycling. Also, one of the things that I enjoy the most is acting. I’m so happy to be part of EC, because everyone makes me feel at home. Being a Student Ambassador is a great way for students to get involved while they learn English at EC Vancouver. Contact us for more information!

May Brings in Warm Vancouver Weather

  As you may have noticed by now, we’ve gotten quite bit of warm Vancouver weather over the past few days. Yesterday it reached past 20°C and today it might reach as high as 26°C some areas of the lower mainland. On Sunday, Vancouverites, who had all been patiently waiting for the perfect day, raced to the beaches with their swimsuits and volleyballs. We really hope that you also can take advantage of this lovely weather to go outside and get involved with some activities. Vancouver is known for being full of active people and places to get moving. You can go hiking, kayaking, jogging, cycling, or you can even just take a walk through downtown. Now that the weather’s getting better, it’s the perfect time to study English in Vancouver.