Goodbye to our EC Intern Andre

Andre has been our intern for a few months now and has been wonderful. Unfortunately his time with us is coming to an end, and we have no choice but to say goodbye. Andre has been one the most outstanding interns we’ve ever had. He was great with his normal work of managing student information, but he also did far more than that. Andre wrote blog post almost every week about interesting topics related to living in Vancouver. He also managed the soccer team, helping the team practice since April and helping win our first two games in the summer tournament. He even helped us by giving students a tour of Vancouver. Whatever needed to be done, we could always trust Andre to step up and do an outstanding job. As he leaves us, he will stay in Vancouver continue taking college classes. We will miss you Andre – Please come and visit us!

Eunsun’s Homestay Experience

Hi! I’m Eunsun Cho from South Korea. I came to Vancouver on January and I just graduated from EC. Many students who study English in Canada do homestays. I also had chosen to do a homestay and I stayed with my host family for 6 months. My family’s members are dad, mom and two sons and they are a Vietnamese. My host dad really loves parties and music and he is an active person. My host mom cooks very well!!! Sometimes she searches Google for Korean recipes and it’s always awesome! So delicious!!! Actually, thanks to that, I didn’t miss Korean food haha. We did lots of things together and made so many memories. We went had a picnic and kayaked on the lake. I couldn’t ride a bike before, but I can do it really well now because of my host dad. The most memorable moment is was birthday party. My birthday was on February 13th and my host dad’s birthday is on February 11th. So he invited his friends and family and had a surprise birthday party for me. Though we had just met that time, they sang for me and sincerely congratulated me on my birthday. I really enjoyed that time and I never felt lonely. They were always treating me as part of their family. I also love my host family as if they were my own family members. I’m so sad because I have to go back to Korea soon. However, I’ll never forget my host family. You may feel uncomfortable to stay with a host family, but if you open your own mind and respect each other, you will have a nice time with them. I hope everyone has a memorable time in Vancouver. Advice for Future Students I only want to emphasize that … Read more

Saskia’s Canada Experience

Saskia joined us at EC Vancouver all the way from Switzerland and had a blast during her time here in Canada! Here is one of her most memorable experiences: The Rocky Mountains trip was amazing! We went to Jasper, Banff and other places and had a great tour guide with us who gave us very interesting information about the rivers, parks and waterfalls we visited. The night we spent at a night club in Banff was really fun. We got to know many new people there. Some were from our tour, but we also met some Canadians. On this trip I saw bears for the first time, which was unforgettable for me. I highly recommend this tour because it’s a great opportunity to see the amazing landscape of the Rockies, to make friends and to spend a weekend full of fun, adventure and new impressions. ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!

Lesly’s EC Vancouver Experience

Lesly joined us from France and just graduated last Friday. Here is her impression of EC Vancouver: Studying at EC Vancouver was a very good idea. I was a little bit nervous when I arrived in Canada. However, as soon as I reached my apartment I was told about social activities on the Sunday before the first school day. It’s really a good thing that the school offers to students. It makes you feel more confident. Then the first day was really nice. The staff was incredibly helpful and organized. I could join people I had met the day before and it made me feel comfortable. After the presentations, I got my schedule and I met classmates the following day. Did I say classmates? I should say Friends actually!!! The ambiance in class was very friendly which, was good for learning. The teachers were really nice, patient and helpful. All of us shared our cultures and our personal stories in a lovely atmosphere. Books and courses were well-organized and adapted to your level so I could improve my skills faster. In short, studying at EC Vancouver was a really awesome experience!!! Advice for future students: If you want to enjoy your experience in Vancouver just be yourself !!! If you are prepared enough, you won’t have any difficulties in improving your English. Be open-minded and try to enjoy the beautiful city of Vancouver by taking part in as many activities as you can. They are worthwhile!! ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!

Elisabeths’ Experience in Canada

Elisabeth joined us from Switzerland and got to do a lot of great activities here in Canada. Here is her story: Vancouver is the perfect place to make new friends! People here are so open and you just feel welcome! In school, I met people from all over the world and of course also from my own country. We did lots of activities together, and became very close! And of course you practice your English when you spend time with them, especially at parties, when you meet new people! I really enjoyed dancing with the Brazilians and drinking with people from Asia! Doing activities, like hiking, sightseeing, or going out with new people, was the most exciting part of my time in Vancouver! I shared experienced with them that I’ll never forget! And now I have contacts in all over the world and I hope I will meet them again! Advice for future students: Just enjoy Vancouver, its beautiful landscape and the nice people! Go out and do lots of activities! You will have the time of your life there! Keep in touch with the people you meet! And of course, don’t miss parties! 😉 ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!

Daniela’s Vancouver Experience

Daniela has been a great student here at EC. As she leaves us, she would like to share a couple of her favorite memories from her time here in Vancouver: I visited a lot of different places in Vancouver, as well as other places nearby. I visited whistler, Joffre Lakes, Lynn Canyon park, Stanley park, English Bay, and North Vancouver. In Vancouver I got to know people from different places of the world, like Colombia, Japan, and Korea. I got to practice my English by talking with them about different subjects. My advice for future students is to go to different places with different people the you met at school. Also, make sure you study not just at school, but outside of school as well. In addition to being an awesome student, Daniela is also an awesome Youtuber! Please check out one of her videos here! It’s in Portuguese, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the video once you recognize the familiar setting 🙂 ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!

Another Soccer Win for EC

Last Thursday, EC picked up another big win at the CLUB ESL CUP Soccer Tournament. The boys fought a tough battle to defeat VIC. Our EC soccer team represents a wide range of nationalities, with players from Brazil, Korea, Mexico, France, Saudi Arabia, and several more countries. We have over 30 players singed up on the team, so it’s unfortunate that only 14 can go to a game at one time. In any case, it’s wonderful to see so many students interested in getting involved, playing their hearts out and representing both their school and their country. Next week, they will play against ILAC at 6pm. Make sure you come out, enjoy the show, and support your fellow EC classmates! All games will take place and Andy Livingstone Park, which is near the Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain station. ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!

Judith’s Homestay

Judith is a student who just recently shared her experience in Vancouver. It turns out, she has even more exciting experiences to share with us. This is what Judith had to tell us about her homestay with EC:   My host family are the kindest people I´ve ever met. They have three children: Jasmine (13), Spencer (18) and Brendon (20). I felt really welcomed when I first arrived. They showed me the whole house, as well as the way to school, which bus to take, where I to leave get off, and the train station. After that, they showed me downtown and we got had a nice chocolate fondue. The fears I had about living with a host family were completely unnecessary and it felt like home very quickly. We didn´t really have the time to do a lot of things together. During the first few weeks I was really busy because there were so many things to do and so many places to visit with the friends I made at school. Right now they are really busy because the youngest one has finished elementary school and has a lot of sports events right now. She´s playing basketball, baseball and softball. Spencer is graduating from high school. I went to one of Yasmine´s baseball games and watched it together with the family. It was an experience I´d never had before because baseball isn´t a very famous sport in Germany. We went to Steveston together, they showed me Downtown and Chinatown. I will also spend Canada Day with them. They always told me where I should go and which places are worth visiting. Even though we haven’t spent that much time together, it´s good to know that there´s someone at home who cares about you, and asks you how your day was and … Read more

Swimming Pools

Summer has officially started! Now open to the public, the outdoor swimming pools are a sign that summer is here.  Although the sun has yet to come, it is nice to know where to cool off when the hot days come. So have your swimsuits ready and head to one of the swimming pools Metro Vancouver has to offer. There are plenty of swimming pools around Vancouver, and you can pick between indoor, outdoor or natural pools. To spend time with friends, work out, or keep cool, whatever you’re looking to, there is always a pool that suits your needs. Here are 3 of the numerous swimming pools around Vancouver: Kitsilano Pool Located in the western side of Kitsilano Beach, this is a pool different from the others as it is the only saltwater swimming pool in Vancouver. Add the cafe, the beach and the gorgeous view of the ocean and you have a place to spend the whole day. Hillcrest Aquatic Centre Close to Queen Elizabeth Park, the Hillcrest Aquatic Centre has an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, a fitness centre, a huge hot tub and more. The largest public aquatic centre in Vancouver is a legacy of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. 30 Foot Pool in Lynn Canyon Park This beautiful natural pool is located in Lynn Valley Park in North Vancouver, and its ice cold water is a great way to cool off during a hot day. Some people choose just to sit on the rocks in the shade, but if you’re brave enough, get into the 30 foot pool and you won’t regret it. In the same park you will find the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge and several trails varying in length and difficulty. Just remember to be safe and stay in the 30 … Read more

Speaking Canadian

Hello and welcome to Canada! Where you’ll see Canucks wearing toques and getting double-doubles for loonies. So you want to learn English, but how about learning “Canadian”, eh? Make sure you can distinguish yourself from other English speakers and show that you’ve been to Vancouver by speaking not only English but also Canadian. Even fluent English speakers and our neighbours from the south, when they first arrive in Canada, will hear words they’ve never heard before. Add these popular words to your vocabulary and speak like a true Canuck: Eh – probably the most used Canadian word, “eh” is used by Canadians to end a sentence. It has the same meaning as “right?”, “don’t you agree?” and other ways of asking for agreement. It can also be used to ask the speaker to repeat what he/she said, similar to “excuse me?”. Toque – a knit cap used in winter, a cool winter hat. Loonie/Toonie – words for the one-dollar and two-dollar Canadian coins respectively. Canuck – slang term for “Canadian”. Double-double – said when ordering a coffee. The next time you want coffee with two packets of cream and two packets of sugar just order a double-double. Serviette – a paper napkin, it is just the French word for napkin Poutine – a delicious heart-attack bomb consisting of French fries covered in cheese curds and gravy. Hydro – used to refer to electricity, like in hydro bills and hydro wires. They don’t really have anything to do with water besides the fact that many Canadian companies generate power from hydroelectricity. Pop – Canadian word for carbonate drinks like Pepsi and Coke, also known as soda. Zed – just how Canadians pronounce the letter “Z”. ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!