Valentina’s EC Story

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Valentina is a Colombian Student who graduated from EC this year. This is her story:

Trips and activities she enjoyed in Canada

When I went to whistler, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was!! It’s like a village from a fairytale… We don’t have anything like that in my country. I enjoyed the view, the mountains, the people, the weather – I enjoyed everything!!  I went there because I wanted to bungee jump. Fortunately, I got to do it and it was the best experience ever !!  I was with my friends and all of us jumped. I will never forget this experience. I want to go back to Vancouver. It’s a beautiful city with beautiful people and a great culture.

Advice for Colombian Students
My advice for the students is to enjoy every day. It doesn’t matter if is raining, you can still do many things. Also, don’t waste your time –  time flies!!


Learn English in Canada with EC Vancouver!