Felipe’s EC Experience

Felipe is a Brazilian student who graduated from EC this year. Here is his story:
Friends Made in Canada
I made a lot of friends: Brazilians, Colombians, Swiss, French, and Korean people… I really liked the time I spent with them. I’d like to meet them again, especially my classmates. We talked a lot about our countries, our families and our experiences. In class, we worked in groups on a lot of activities. They were very friendly and nice. We went to parks, museums, restaurants and culture festivals. They helped me become a better person. Actually, I felt great because of all of these experience and I am grateful to have studied at EC. I hope to be back soon!
Advice for Brazilian students
Use the knowledge you got in class to make your country a better place. Use the positive points to improve techniques for teaching and learning. Personaly, I want to be a teacher and so I observed the people, the culture, the local food, and the relationships between people. I had a lot of experiences through this exchange. I hope that this is the first of many!
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