Amanda’s EC Vancouver Memories

  Amanda is a Brazilian student who graduated from EC this year. Here is her story: Trips and Activities in Vancouver Vancouver is such a beautiful city, with so many places to go to. I studied there for only three weeks, and unfortunately, I couldn’t visit all the places I wanted to. However, the places that I did visit were so beautiful that made my trip worthwhile. The most amazing trip was to the Rocky Mountains. The scenery looked like a daydream. I was thrilled by the color of the lakes, the mountains and the blue sky. I went by my own but met a lot of Brazilians (as always), as well as Swiss and Japanese guys. It was really nice! Visiting in the Rockies was like having a big dream. Each view made me think about everything I’ve been through to be able to experience this feeling. Each lake made me feel more and more grateful. Happier. Complete. Each place I’ve been to in Canada showed me that this is why I came to this world. I came to dream. To fly. To live. Even when I just think about it now, my heart beats fast. Thank you Canada! Advice for Brazilian students Stay for more than three weeks. There are so many places to go to! ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!  

Flavio’s EC Vancouver Memories

Flavio is a Brazilian student who graduated from EC Vancouver this year. Here is his story: Friends Made in Canada It was amazing! When I arrived in Vancouver I was with a little afraid about people and the other students, and when I went to meet them on the first Sunday… OMG it was unbelievable! I felt as if I were in Brazil, with my friends, but talking in English! This was an unforgettable experience. I hope to keep touch with everybody and when I go to … I don’t know … Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, turkey, Italy, Mexico, Ecuador, China, Taiwan, Switzerland, Germany, wherever…I think that I will have a home to stay in and friends to meet. They are my best friends from around the world! I’ll never forget them, and my arms will always be open to welcome all of them here in Brazil! Advice for Brazilian students Make friends, improve the English every time and Enjoy the Country the city the people !    

Costume Contest at EC Vancouver

  Today is the last day of our Halloween Week here at EC Vancouver. We had a great time enjoying spooky decorations, some fun activities, and lots of candy! Today, we had the most anticipated of this week’s events, EC’s annual costume contest. Several students and teachers dressed up for today’s costume contest, with creative costumes ranging from scary ones to funny ones. We had a pineapple, characters from The 101 Dalmatians, an old man, and even a crayon. After a panel of judges picket the top 3 costumes, we let students choose the winner by round of applause. One of our Brazilian students, Magali, was crowned the winner, with her “Old dead” costume. Today, we also chose the winner of the pumpkin carving contest. Over 100 students had voted, and we ended up with a tie for first place. Once again, we let the students pick their favorite by round of applause. The winning team was “Swiss Team” with their incredibly creative pumpkin. Congratulations to today’s winners, thank you to all who participated. We hope everyone has a safe and exciting Halloween Weekend! ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!

Pumpkin Carving at EC Vancouver

This week is Halloween week at EC Vancouver. On Wednesday, we celebrated with one of Halloweens’ most popular traditions, pumpkin carving! Carved pumpkins, more commonly known as Jack-o-lanterns, are one of the most common Halloween decorations. They are made by emptying large pumpkins, carving scary faces into them, and leaving them on display for people to enjoy. Sometimes, to make them extra creepy, people will put a candle into a jack-o-lantern so that it glows from the inside. Another great thing about carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns is that once you are done, you can do whatever you want with the insides of the pumpkin. Many people use the contents to make pumpkin pie, or other delicious pumpkin recipes. Here at EC, we had an exciting pumpkin-carving contest in which 30 teams participated. There were some very artistic and creative designs. Most importantly, everybody had a lot of fun, and got to enjoy an activity that they had never done before. At the end of the week, after students vote their favorite pumpkin, the winning team will receive a massive bowl of candy. Good luck everyone! ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!

Areum and Melinda at EC Vancouver

  Aerum and Melinda are EC Vancouver students who graduated this year. Arum is Korean and Melinda is Italian. They wanted to share their experience making friends at EC Vancouver. Here are their stories:     Melinda I made a lot of friends from many countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Japan and South Korea. I enjoyed being with them and I hope to remain in contact with them. My experience in EC Vancouver was so beautiful and it was especially thanks to them. My advice for future students from my country it’s to come here because the city is very beautiful, the school is very organized and everyone is very kind and available.   Areum My Korean agency recommended I go to EC because it doesn’t have many Korean student. I didn’t expect my class had so many Korean students, but there were many other countries student too. I’m still keeping in touch with them, which is cool. I really like them. Even the Korean friends that I made my classes are very important to me. It was a very special experience.   ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!

Laura’s EC Vancouver Memories

Laura is a French student who graduated from EC this year. Here is her story: Studying at EC I really enjoyed all of my stay here. I had never had teachers as funny and informative as the ones I had at EC Vancouver. The classes are divided by level, so I was with some people who have the same level of English as I do. It was very important for me to improve my English! Everyone is there to make you happy. It’s impossible to not feel good! Advice for French students My main advice for new students is to not be afraid to book a trip to EC Vancouver! Everyone at every level can find his happiness, and improve their English very quickly. Thank you for everything EC! ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!

Natalia’s EC Vancouver Memories

  Natalia is a Brazilian student who graduated from EC Vancouver this year. Here is her story: Friends Made in Canada For me, the EC Tour on Sunday was essential for making friends, because I made friends during that first day in Canada, and I kept in contact with them during my whole month there. They are from different countries, such as Turkey, Switzerland, South Korea, Italy, France, Germany, Spain and also Brazil. I traveled with them a few times, we did a lot of things together in downtown, and we went to pubs and did a lot of sightseeing. It was special for me to do these things with them because I learned new habits, languages and cultures. And also, my host family was so special to me and made my stay in Vancouver much nicer. I really felt at home. Advice for Brazilian students First of all, don’t be afraid to speak English. Even if you are not confident and you are shy, new friends from different countries will help you when you make mistakes. Speak English all day with everybody, especially Brazilian people. Enjoy Vancouver as much as you can! All the parks and mountains. Have many trips on the weekends, hang out with international friends. If you are in a homestay, interact with your family. It is good to get to know a new culture and practice your English. Follow Natalia on Instagram!   ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!

Zora’s EC Vancouver Memories

Zora is a Taiwanese student who graduated from EC Vancouver this year. Here is her story:   Studying at EC I studied at EC Vancouver for three months and it was good to improve my English. I met four teachers in my different classes. They were patient and they told me how to find ways to practice English. We had fun in class. I had the chance to make friends from different countries. It was very interesting because I was able to get to get to know different cultures and new people, who became my friends. I met the staff in EC and they are also nice, they to listened to our questions and helped the students. It was really need have the chance to talk with international students. I loved it 🙂 Advice for Taiwanese students If you want to practice your English that I think you should chose EC. Because here there are fewer people who can speak Mandarin with you and, that will push you to not be shy. You must try to speak English. The staff, teachers and classmates, will have the patience to understand you. Don’t worry if you are too shy to ask questions, just try your best and the teachers will help you improve your English and make some friends. It will let you have a good experience in Canada. ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!

Andreas’ Homestay in Vancouver

Andreas is an Austrian student who graduated from EC this year. Here is his story: Homestay in Vancouver I enjoyed my time in Vancouver a lot. I liked the city, the the weather was perfect, the school and my classes were awesome, and my host family was especially great! We did a lot outdoor activities together, like playing volleyball. Furthermore, they took us to a lot of places that we wanted to see. They took us to an ice hockey game, and a big outlet mall, where we spent almost the entire day! I enjoyed the food that our host mom and dad cooked for us and sometimes, especially on weekends, we ate together. Sometimes, my host father made a barbecue for us and we ate together with the other host students. In my family, there was one girl from Columbia one girl form Switzerland, another girl from Austria and me. I really enjoyed spending time with my host family. They are great! I think in with this trip to Vancouver, I made friends for life. I hope that I will stay in touch with all the members of my host family, and all of the friends that I made in Vancouver. I met people from all over the world! Our host family also promised to visit me in Austria. I really look forward to it. Advice for Austrian students I would recommend that you study in Vancouver. The city is perfect for it. Vancouver is not so big and it is really varied. This means that you can go to downtown to see the city with big skyscrapers and malls, and when you go only 5 minutes by bus, you are in a completely green area. Vancouver is perfect for outdoor activities, especially in the summer. So everybody who … Read more

Yunfang’s EC Memories

Yunfang is a Taiwanese student who graduated from EC this year. Here is here story: Friends Made in Canada I made a lot of friends, who come from  all over the world, ror example, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy…etc. Some of those friends I met in class, and some of them I met at the EC student lounge. Every person has a different personality. One of my friends, who comes from Brazil, is really different from people who are from Asia. She is open-minded about relationships with more than one person, and learning that was a culture shock for me. I met my other two friends during my last month of my I stay in Vancouver. They come from Korea and Japan. The Korean girl is still studies in EC now, and the Japanese girl is going around the world with her boyfriend. All of us work in our country, and we have similar paths in life. We had a wonderful time together when we stayed in Vancouver. Now, I hope that they have a good time in their studies and travels. ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!