Annika’s EC Memories

Annika is a Swiss student who graduated from EC Vancouver this year. Here is her story: Friends Made in Canada I spent 3 months in Vancouver and met a lot of new friends from nearly all around the world – Korea, Japan, Brazil, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, etc. I’m sure we will stay close friends even after returning home. Most of the people I met were also from Switzerland, but there were a lot of students from Brazil, Korea or Japan, too. It was exciting and interesting to see different cultures and people. I loved trying new food with my new friends and talking about their lifestyles and their countries. Advice for Swiss students Be open for new friends and new adventures. Don’t be shy and enjoy your time! Follow Annika on Instagram! ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!

Anne-Florence’s EC Memories

Anne-Florence is a Swiss student who graduated from EC this year. Here is her story: Trips and Activities Enjoyed in Canada In Canada, especially in Vancouver, you can enjoy a wide range of cultural and outdoor activities. The Rocky Mountains trip was the most impressive and memorable experience in my last three months in Vancouver. The trip takes a long time and gives you an impression about the vastness of Canada. In the same amount of time, I could have flown back to Switzerland or driven twice around it. I enjoyed several stops at famous lakes: Emerald Lake, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, etc. Each lake is unique. For instance, the blue-green colour of Emerald Lake is rare and worthwhile to see, but Moraine Lake is my favourite because of the high snow-covered mountains in the background, the wood branches and the colourful kayaks. A picture can certainly capture a long-lasting memory of the experience. Throughout the trip you gain new impressions of the countryside and the Canadian lifestyle. You also meet new faces and entertain with friends – you learn about their dreams, hobbies, future plans. In addition to the Rocky trip, I went several times to the Grouse Mountain with friends. There, you can challenge yourself with the Grouse Mountain trail, which contains a great deal of stairs and a nature path. You are sure to feel sore muscles the next day! But when you see the view over the city and the sea, it compensates for the suffering. Shortly before my leaving back home, I took the gondola to the top in order to enjoy the winter and the Christmas atmosphere with a light walk. Advice for Swiss students Don’t just spend time in the city, but travel around: Victoria, Whistler, Rocky Mountains… Enjoy the variety of international … Read more

Till’s EC Vancouver Experience

  Till is a Swiss student here at EC Vancouver, and he would like to share about his experience. Here is Till’s story: Hey, I have the pleasure of the telling you about my experience here in Vancouver. I live in Zürich, the biggest city in Switzerland, and I used to work as a social worker. Every day I meet different people from different cultures, which is new and very interesting for me. The people are very friendly and open, which isn’t normal in my city. A lot of people in my city don’t want to meet other people or speak with them. Here, the people say hello and can remember your name. I try to speak a lot every day and to find out about other countries, which is a very good experience for my job and my life. By the way, I am happy that I chose Canada. I know the weather is cold and rainy. However, the people are warm and sunny, and that is what counts. Even though we are all from different countries with diverse lifestyles, we understand each other and enjoy time together. It is important to appreciate other people and be happy with yourself. Thank you for letting me share my experience with you. ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!  

Kazumi’s Christmas in Vancouver

Kazumi is a Japanese student who wanted to share about her impression of Christmas in Vancouver. Here is her story: Last Saturday, I went to the Christmas market at Canada place. In Japan, I seldom see such a market, so I really wanted to go there. In the market, I could see several types of shops. There were a lot of shops that sold Christmas goods, which surprised me. I bought ornaments made of traditional German fabric. I probably couldn’t get one in Japan. While I was strolling, I realized how important Christmas is in Vancouver. Needless to say, Christmas is related to religion. Many Christians live in Canada, and therefore, this event is natural here. But for the majority of Japanese people, Christmas is very different. Japanese Christians celebrate the same way as Canadians do. The others, who are not Chrisitians, also know what Christmas means, even though we don’t go to church. For us, Christmas is just an excuse for having fun. Many companies make desperate efforts to compete for sales. Also, the most important day in the year, New Year’s Day, is coming soon after Christmas. I think that the last two weeks of December in Japan are very busy and messy. I often see many people who bustle and hustle. However, the participants of the market here seemed to be relaxed and enjoying themselves. There were full of smiles. No vendor hurried to sell their product. It hardly felt busy. Last year, my priority was selling as many cakes as possible. I didn’t like Christmas then, but I may be able to like Christmas and enjoy in Vancouver. Advice for other Students Some markets have expensive admission fees so make sure of which market is best before going. It’ a good chance to compare to the … Read more

Pedro’s Hobby in Vancouver

  Pedro is a Brazilian student here at EC Vancouver, wants to share about his favorite hobby. Here is his story: My Hobby In my opinion, everybody needs to enjoy their hobbies. It´s very important because it makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable, and it can help you to improve your skills. Nowadays, my hobby consists of creating new things on Photoshop. I´ve been working with Photoshop since 2008, almost 10 years ago, and I use this program to work too. I like to improve by watching videos on YouTube and Facebook to understand how other Photoshop professionals work. I brought my computer to Vancouver, so I can use this program here and practice in my free time. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anybody who has the same hobby, but I have one more week at EC Vancouver, and so I hope I will find someone. I really like my hobby, and I intend to create more things until I go back to Brazil. Certainly, Vancouver has helped me a lot to develop my skills on Photoshop. Advice for other students Hi guys, My advice is: Never give up your dreams and keep studying a lot. I´m sure you will achieve success. Good luck guys! Best regards, Pedro Paiva ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!

Masato’s English Studies

  Masato is a Japanese student here at EC Vancouver. He happily offered to share about his experience practicing English outside of the classroom Here is his story:   Studying English outside of Class I often go to drink at a pub or a bar. There are a lot of ways to learn English there. I sometimes go there with my friends. It’s important to communicate with my friends. But it’s not only to communicate with my friends, but also to be able to learn a lot of English. I always improve my speaking and listening skills through conversation with my friends and with servers. For example, I learned about how to order, as well as explanations of the dishes and drinks. We also talk about our favourite menu items, our thoughts and our school lives. It’s a chance for us to talk with each other outside of school. But I don’t always go to drink with my friends. I also go to drinking alone. When I do, I always sit at the bar so that I can talk with servers and strangers who sit next to me. One day, I went to a pub alone. At first, I said to the servers, “I’m studying English, but I cannot speak English well.” Then, they talked to me slowly and clearly. Furthermore, they introduced me to a regular customer who sat next to me. He talked with me as soon as he knew that I’m studying English. We talked a lot about our countries, our favourite sports, and our life in Vancouver. Moreover, an advantage of drinking is that alcohol changes me from shy to a little chatty. That way, I can talk with everyone easily and I can enjoy it. Advice for other students I think that it’s important to … Read more

Kanata’s EC Vancouver Friends

  Kanata is a Japanese student here at EC Vancouver. He has decided to write about the awesome friends he made here in EC Vancouver Here is his story:   Friends made at EC Vancouver  I was able to make a lot of friends. That’s why it’s too difficult for me to talk about my friends. So I’ll just talk about Arda and Tristan!! Arda is from Turkey and he is really kind to everyone. Tristan is from France and he is a really funny guy. We always go to the pub and drink!! They are important to me because they can make me happy and they can make me smile. Whenever I was depressed about something, they always gave me advice and made it fine.   Advice for Students who want to make friends You can speak by yourself, but if you don’t talk to anyone, you won’t make any friends. That’s why you should talk to people and not be shy!! You have mouth, so you can speak about your hobbies and find common things. Follow Kanata on Instagram! ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!

Wonmo’s EC Vancouver Memories

  Wonmo is a Korean student who wanted to share with us one of his memorable experiences here at EC Vancouver. Here is his story: Activities Enjoyed in Canada The best memory I have was one that I made with my friends from EC Vancouver. It is the Soccer League from Club ESL. There were two Divisions and 16 Language schools that participated in this soccer league. Before we started to play in this league, our captain Samir, who is from France, and I, had been looking for players who can play until August and play very well, and finally we organized the team. Actually, it was not so easy to organize one team. However, every match was amazing, besides the tournament which was after the division series. We finished the division series ranked first, and there was only one game that we lost during the division series. It looked as though we were even going to win the tournament and it was real. We won the tournament and became the champions in Vancouver. The last game, the final match, was the hardest. The opponent was ILSC, which was best team last year, but we did our best and finally, we reached a penalty shootout as the score was tied 0-0. Unfortunately our first kicker missed first penalty kick and they scored on their first kick. I felt calmer than when they hadn’t kicked it because I was the goalkeeper and I love penalty shootouts. I never get nervous when I do a penalty shootout, even in such a big game, because I believe that this is the best chance for me to be a hero, when I save lots of shots. And I did it. I saved 3 shots continuously in spite of the fact that some of our … Read more

Tainatiara’s EC Vancouver Experience

  Tainatiara is a Brazilian student who graduated from EC Vancouver this year. Here is her story: Friends Made in Vancouver I never imagined that one day I would meet so many people from so many different countries. In these four months that I stayed in Vancouver, I had the amazing opportunity to make friends from all over the world. That is going to stay in my heart forever. I met people from Korea, Japan, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Colombia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany, Canada, and even from different parts of Brazil. We had so many special moments together, improving our English at school, visiting many different places outside of it and sharing memories that are going to stay with us forever. I made friends for life. I met people that, if it weren’t for Vancouver and EC, I would have never met. All of these people taught me more about their counties, about their culture, about their beliefs, and this is something that I will never forget. All of the friends I’ve made in Vancouver changed my life a little bit and have made me a better person. I can say without a doubt about that going to Vancouver and getting to know all of them was one of the most wonderful experiences that I ever had in my life. I’m really thankful for everything that I experienced, and for everyone I met in these four months. It was one of the best times of my life! Advice for Brazilian students This trip changed my life, and I’m sure it will change yours too. Vancouver is an amazing city, with wonderful people and amazing things to do, and it’s not that cold as the rest of Canada, but it is preferable to go in the summer ( in the … Read more

Mayu’s EC Memories

Mayu is a Japanese student who graduated from EC Vancouver this year. Here is her story: Studying at EC I went from Elementary to Upper-intermediate for 7months. I met super awesome teachers. Sometimes, we could go home and eat dinner with teachers. EC teachers can be close to us. Actually my pronunciation was very Japanese during my first month. But my teachers taught me about pronunciation. So nowadays, people tell me my pronunciation is better, and I feeling that my English is getting better. EC made me motivated about learning English. EC is the best language school in Canada, and, the system is really awesome. It was not easy to move up class. But I began to concentrate on my English more, because I wanted to improve. Thank you so much. EC Vancouver changed my life and gave me new experiences. Advice for Japanese students Pronunciation is often a problem for Japanese people like myself, so please practice your pronunciation. Follow Mayu on Instagram! ====== Do you want to learn English in Canada? EC offers English courses in Vancouver!