Rafaella’s Life in Vancouver


Rafaella is a Brazilian student here at EC this year, who volunteered to share with us about her experience. Here is her story:
Life in Vancouver
My life in Vancouver has been exciting. When I have class in the afternoon, I usually use the morning to talk to my parents and friends in Brazil. But when I have class in the morning, I usually try to discover a new place in Vancouver after class. I’ve been to “lookout”, which is a beautiful place for seeing the city, and to Metrotown, which is a good place for buying gifts.

I didn’t find many restaurants. Normally, I go to McDonalds’ or Subway, but we have those in Brazil. As for restaurants that are different, I went to Five Guns and Tim Hortons, I didn’t like Five Guns a lot, but Tim Hortons I liked. I have made plans to get to know many other places.

Advice for other students
If you want to enjoy Vancouver in January, you should be prepared for the cold. Going to the mountains or skiing are really cool things to do.


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