Ghostly Vancouver Tours

October is almost on the corner bringing the scariest month of the year! It is time to get into the Halloween spirit  so be ready to hear about ghosts and haunted houses. Ghostly Vancouver is offering haunted history walking tours through Vancouver’s most infamous neighborhoods! The tours are offered in 2 different location in Vancouver:   Ghostly Gastown Tours:   1 hour and a Half walking through the Vancouver oldest neighborhood. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Vancouver beginning`s and check about the many haunted spots on the area, Check it out about famous waterfront station ghost and much more!   The meeting point is at the Angel Statue in front of Waterfront station just before 7:30pm every Wednesday and Saturday night.   Downtown Tour:   If you heard about the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown certainly you know about their Ghostly rumors, right? The Downtown tour goes through historical places such as the Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver Art Gallery, Penthouse Night club and much more! The Tours meeting point is in front of Christ Church Cathedral at the corner of Burrard and Georgia 7:30 pm every Tuesday and Fridays nights.     For more information visit this website.   Looking to study English abroad? Find out more about studying English in Canada with EC!    

NHL – Hockey Season 2017-2018

Calling all the hockey fans, the NHL 2017-2018 season is almost ready to start! The season is the 101st of operation of the National Hockey League and this year count with the addition of a new expansion team, the Vegas Golden Knights, 31 teams compete in an 82-game regular season and starts on October 4, 2017, and will end on April 7, 2018. The hockey season is divided by two conferences: Western and Eastern Conference     Find below 14 fun facts about hockey. When hockey was played in its early days, a frozen patty of cow poop was used as a puck. Today, hockey pucks are frozen before a game to prevent them from bouncing during play. Two American brothers started the tradition of “octopus throwing” during the 1952 playoff games. At that time, it took eight wins to claim the Stanley Cup. So Pete and Jerry Cusimano, who sold fish for a living, brought an octopus (with its eight tentacles) to the Detroit arena and tossed it onto the ice. The Detroit Red Wings won the Cup, and the octopus has been a good luck charm in Detroit ever since. The Pittsburgh Penguins once had a live penguin as their mascot that was named Slapshot Pete. After winning the Stanley Cup in 1924, Montreal Canadiens players drove to their victory party with the trophy in the trunk of the car. When the car got a flat, they removed the Cup to get the spare tire. Once they changed the tire, they forgot all about the Cup and left it behind in a snowbank. Later that night, they realized what they’d done and returned to get the trophy. Luckily, it was still where they left it! Every member of a Stanley Cup winning team gets a personal day with the Cup. Many champs have … Read more

Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is Canada’s largest aquarium and one of the most visited sites in Stanley Park. It is home to more than 70,000 creatures including dolphins, sea otters, anacondas, three-toed sloths, eels and more. The Vancouver Aquarium is widely respected for its research and marine stewardship, and visitors can learn more about the region’s marine life through the numerous exhibits. Adults and kids alike will love the entertaining and educational “encounters” program, which allows visitors to go behind the scenes and get up close and personal with the animals and the people who train them. This includes feeding, helping train and learning about the habitats and lifestyles of dolphins, sea lions, sea otters, sea turtles and other sea creatures. The permanent marine animal displays are as diverse as the ocean itself. In the Amazon gallery, creatures slither, swim and splash around. Another features 22 species of frogs, toads and salamanders in the Frogs Forever? exhibit, which talks about the extinction facing many of the amphibian species. There are also exhibits focusing on butterflies, Artic creatures, tropical waters, dolphins, otters, seals, the British Columbia coast and more. The aquarium focuses heavily on species native to the Pacific Northwest. Yup, if it swims or lives in an ocean, lake, river or stream, there’s a good chance the Vancouver Aquarium has an informative display around it. Throughout the year, the marine life housed in the Aquarium comes to life in the form of entertaining and educational shows that include the popular dolphin demonstrations, feedings, reef shark performances, and talks that focus on habitats, conservation and more. The various shows are generally scheduled every 45 minutes, and the aquarium also features special events regularly.   Planning to come to Canada to study English? Come to Vancouver and study at EC Vancouver English Centre!

The Autumn is coming in Canada!

The Autumn is coming! One of the most beautiful seasons are almost on the corner you need to get ready for this. It is the perfect time to rest after summer, enjoy the rain, the cold breeze and specially to witness the trees and shrubbery turning brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red. Check out the website Tourism Vancouver and choose some great places to enjoy the nature. 1 – Stanley Park  Stanley Park is an incredibly beautiful place to view the fall colors. Go around the seawall or check the trails, The park is one of the biggest and most beautiful parks all around the world! 2 – Queen Elizabeth Park Located in central Vancouver atop the city’s highest point, this 130-acre park has gorgeous gardens featuring both deciduous and evergreen trees. When the colors start changing, the juxtaposition of the evergreens, gardens and red/orange hues of the trees that are morphing into winter hibernation is simply breathtaking. 3 – Van Dusen Botanical Gardens  Take the Laburnum Walk through Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, which features an eclectic mix of plant life that turns to crisp yellow throughout the fall. Also take a look at the ponds in the center of the park for a nice colour pairing of lily pads on the water and the surrounding plant life. 4 – University of British Columbia (10 kilometres, 6.2 miles)  The leafy campus of the University of British Columbia is a great choice for leaf-peeping. Located at the far western end of the City of Vancouver, the grand old trees lining the Main Mall turn spectacular colours, but the on-site UBC Botanical Garden is also full of reds, orange and yellows during autumn. 5 -Grouse Mountain  Although it’s filled with evergreen trees galore, Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver is still a sight to behold each autumn. The grasses … Read more

Field Trip to North Vancouver Market

Sangah from Korea shares her field trip experience to North Vancouver Market! She stayed with EC for around 8 months and has improved her English level from Beginner to Intermediate! “Have you visited in the North Vancouver market? I visited with class mates, because my teacher could not speak. Maybe she caught a cold, so we visited in the market. First, we visited the North Vancouver market. My teacher gave us a paper so we could write about it. We went to Waterfront station to take a sea bus. We bought a ticket for sea bus. Finally, we arrived in the North Vancouver. And then we checked about the paper. We took a lot of pictures with class mates. This picture is of the plaza at the time. We had a nice time with our classmates. I can’t forget that time. It was a nice memory to me :)” ==== Planning to come to Canada to study English? Come to Vancouver and study at EC Vancouver English Centre!

A great alumni story by Soyi Jung

Soyi from Korea shares her experience in Vancouver and EC! She stayed with EC for around 7 months and has improved her English level from Elementary to Intermediate (TOEFL)! “I arrived Vancouver in the winter. When I first got here it snowed everyday. Vancouver is famous for its ski resort, so I went Whistler with my friend. It was beautiful place and had a lot of snow. We enjoyed skiing there. If you visit Vancouver in the winter I recommend going to Whistler. I think it will be a good time for you.    Vancouver has many famous places. For example, Stanley Park, English Bay beach, Canada Place, Gas town and so on. English Bay beach is one of my favorite places. It is famous for sunset. When the sunset is over, the color of the sea is so beautiful. Some people take a walk on the beach with their pets. I studied at EC Vancouver with my friends from other countries. It was very special experience for me. When I first arrived here I was afraid of English and couldn’t say anything, but now I can communicate. Of course, I still need a lot of practice. I participated in free classes these days. Especially I liked free conversation class and pronunciation class. It was very helpful to me. My goal is to communicate freely in English when traveling around the world. I will study harder for the rest of day and have fun with my friends. If someone asks me what is the best thing about Vancouver I’ll answer the beautiful landscape, clean air and kind people. I’m waiting for Vancouver’s summer. I heard that it’s very beautiful and lively, so if clear sunshine comes I’ll be happier than now.” ======= Planning to come to Canada to improve your … Read more

EC Vancouver English Centre looking for student ambassadors

Are you enjoying your student life here at EC Vancouver English Centre? Do you want to improve your English? Make friends and enjoy many activities for free?? We want you for our Student Ambassador program! Is your chance to make friends, be part of a school project, join social activities and speak English while developing advanced personal, professional and leadership skills. The ambassador will work together with our EC staff organizing events, leading activities, helping students and much more! Also, when you finish your time here at EC we can offer you a reference letter! Go home with more than an English certificate, go home with a life experience! Join us and let’s rock it!

Kitsilano Beach Cleanup – 16 September 2017

Love your beach and keep it safe! Did you know that the majority of waste found on Vancouver beaches is left behind by local beach goers? Cigarette butts, needles, styrofoam take out containers and Starbucks cups are constantly being left behind creating safety hazards and destroying our environment. Your beach needs your help! Our goal is to clean every major Vancouver beach in 2017. You can join the Surfrider Vancouver team by signing up for this cleanup. Bonus points if you invite a friend to come! Beach cleanups are a fun and easy way to get involved and keep your beaches and oceans clean. Help keep our beach cleanups totally zero waste — don’t forget to bring your work gloves and a reusable mug to our events! Help us protect where you play! We are stoked to announce Fjallraven Canada is providing 20% discount for the cleanup participants with a proof of participation in the clean-up (Eventbrite registration confirmation). This discount will only be valid at the Kitsilano location and valid Saturday and Sunday (16th & 17th) only. The discount will be applicable store-wide on regular priced merchandise, with the exception of the Kanken backpack. Please save our Trees by avoiding printing the Eventbrite confirmation, and showing it on your mobile device instead. Safety First: For safety reasons please bring gloves and closed toed shoes. Always use a stick or trash picker to sift through the sand to avoid sharp objects. If you come across any sharp or hazardous object, mark it and tell us, our team can handle the safe removal. Social Event: TBA *Make A Donation Our Vancouver chapter is 100% volunteer run by people just like you. Programs like these monthly beach cleanups help keep our oceans clean and increase awareness on how our everyday decisions effect the world around us. … Read more