Renan Lacalendola Shares his EC experience!

Vancouver and EC became the best choice of my life, and the reason is simple… I had experiences here that I never imagined before. I hiked mountains and trails, I saw beautiful lakes, I experienced snow for first time in my life, and enjoyed the real Canadian life! Vancouver and EC offers all that you need and it will change your life forever! I made new friends from all around the world, I tried new foods, cultures and for sure I will visit them one day!   Vancouver is a beautiful and amazing place and I recommend everyone to come and live in it.   I’ll never forget this experience!   Thank you for everything, EC Vancouver!  

Sangah shares her marathon experience in Vancouver

Sangah from Korea and stayed with EC for around 8 months and has improved her English level from Beginner to Intermediate. She had many great experiences in Vancouver and would like to share her marathon experience! “Do you like running? What kind of sport do you like? My hobby is running and swimming, so I booked the marathon with friends. We practiced marathon three months. I heard that marathon is big fastival in Vancouver. I met my friends in downtown,and then we went to start line. It was crowded and a lot of people, so we waited an hour. We were nervous, because we were first marathon in Vancouver. We started running. When I ran, I saw a lot of sights. Finally, we finished the 10km marathon. I have a lot of good memory in Vancouver.” Many marathon events are offered in Vancouver all year round. It is a good way to challenge yourself or set a goal of participating in 5km or 10km run in Vancouver. One of our staff members, Lucas, is an active runner and trains himself for an upcoming marathon. If you are interested in participating in a marathon and need an advice, you must speak to him! ===== Are you interested in taking an IELTS course in Vancouver? Study at EC Vancouver and take an IELTS test in Vancouver!

Laura from

My stay at EC Vancouver – Laura Bussat

Laura from France would like to share her story about studying at EC Vancouver. She has been with EC for 6 weeks! “Lots of good things happened during my travel in Vancouver. After five weeks, I can say that EC is a wonderful school. There is a very good ambience. We can meet people from all over the world in EC, and lots of students want to make friends and are very friendly. Teachers are involved in lessons. After 6 weeks, students can take a progress assessment to see if they are ready to move up a level. EC organizes fun activities too. Each week we can discover the city and Canadian traditions. We can go hiking in Stanley Park, have fun in the Halloween costume contest or meet students in a pub! It’s a very good experience!” ====== Are you interested in taking an IELTS course in Vancouver? Study at EC Vancouver and take an IELTS test in Vancouver!

Hanson (Seokwon Boo) shares his EC experience!

Hanson from Korea shres his experience at EC Vancouver! He has been with us for almost 4 months. “Hi, I’m Hanson. I am from Jeju island in South Korea. When I arrived in Vancouver I was very nervous but this is not a problem because the EC Vancouver team always helped me. I like my class because my class mates are kind and friendly, and teachers make class more interesting and help students focus more on class. If I don’t understand something, the teacher is always great in explaining it to me. The teachers have recommended some great places to visit and things to do in the city students. I think Vancouver is a beautiful, and peaceful city because Vancouver’s nature is so good and fresh. There are a lot of parks in the city where you can hang out with your international friends. If you want to learn English, I recommend studying in Vancouver, and I recommend studying in EC Vancouver. You will make unforgettable memories with EC Vancouver!” ===== Are you interested in taking an IELTS course in Vancouver? Study at EC Vancouver and take an IELTS test in Vancouver!

Student Testimonial – Marco Aurelio Fernandes

Hi guys! My name is Marco Aurelio, I’m from Brazil and I have studied at EC Vancouver for 3 months. My time here and the experience studying abroad was the best I ever had! There were good teachers to help and support you and the activities to do during the week were awesome. My English is much better! I made a lot new friends, learned about new cultures and my host family made me feel at home the whole time. They were amazing! I loved all the places that I visited in Canada, such as Joffre Lake, Rocky Mountains, Stanley Park, English Bay, Lighthouse Park, Deep Cove and Banff. Vancouver is gorgeous!         I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be here in Vancouver and I hope to come back one day.   Looking for IELTS preparation in Canada?Come to Vancouver and study at EC Vancouver English Centre!  

Student Testimonial – Hana Inoue

Hello My name is Hana Inoue from Japan and I want to talk a little bit about my experience studying at EC Vancouver. Every member of EC staff is very friendly. They always help us! I have met many friends in EC. My English is improving because I try to talk to them in English. There are people from a lot of countries, from all over the world. They are super kind. I make friends as soon as I talk to them. They celebrated my birthday with me in a traditional way and I had a great time. I love learning and using everybody’s name because their names are from other countries and they can sometimes be difficult for me but practice makes perfect. We teach and correct each other which really helps us to improve.       I try to make conversations with many friends and we go for lunch after the school. We also enjoy going to many touristic places in Vancouver. I am enjoying a super great school life in EC. Hana Inoue – Japan Planning to come to Canada to study English? Come to Vancouver and study at EC Vancouver English Centre!

Student Testimonial: Aysenur Cumali

“Hi EC Vancouver! I’m Aysenur Cumali, I’m from Turkey and I will study at EC Vancouver for 7 months.     EC is like my family, sometimes even closer than. When I arrived in Canada İ was so worried for the next 7 months, but now I realized that I made the best choice of my life. It has been an unforgettable experience since I started here. I’m enjoying my classes a lot, the teachers are wonderful, the city is amazing and Vancouver’s environment is so cool! I came here with basic English and now I can speak to everybody and enjoy everything! My host Family is so friendly and helpful. I love them! At EC Vancouver, İ learned  more than just a language. I had the opportunity to make new friends from other countries and live new experiences. EC was the right choice for me. ” Aysenur Cumali     Are you thinking to study English in Canada? Meet us at EC English Language School in Vancouver!