Sangah shares her marathon experience in Vancouver

Sangah from Korea and stayed with EC for around 8 months and has improved her English level from Beginner to Intermediate. She had many great experiences in Vancouver and would like to share her marathon experience!

“Do you like running? What kind of sport do you like?
My hobby is running and swimming, so I booked the marathon with friends. We practiced marathon three months.
I heard that marathon is big fastival in Vancouver. I met my friends in downtown,and then we went to start line.
It was crowded and a lot of people, so we waited an hour. We were nervous, because we were first marathon in Vancouver.
We started running. When I ran, I saw a lot of sights. Finally, we finished the 10km marathon. I have a lot of good memory in Vancouver.”

Many marathon events are offered in Vancouver all year round. It is a good way to challenge yourself or set a goal of participating in 5km or 10km run in Vancouver. One of our staff members, Lucas, is an active runner and trains himself for an upcoming marathon. If you are interested in participating in a marathon and need an advice, you must speak to him!


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