The Vancouver Christmas Market

The Vancouver Christmas Market

  For only $5 you can enjoy the German-inspired Christmas Market at Canada Place and see what it has to offer. Add one dollar, and you get a season pass that allows you to enter any day and time. There are stalls with German food like Schnitzel and Bratwurst, as well as Spanish Paella and treats like Churros and fruit covered with chocolate. Have you ever eaten Spaetzle? If not, it’s about time to try! It’s a food lover’s paradise! Not to forget the mulled wine and other hot drinks that you can get there. Just like in Germany you can stroll along the different booths and let yourself get inspired by jewelry, clothing, self-made honey, beer jugs from several German cities, soap, Christmas ornaments and much more. You may find some Christmas presents or even something special for yourself. While we were enjoying mulled wine, we listened to live music, which was lovely and very Christmassy. We already went there at 3:30 pm and didn’t have to wait longer than 5 minutes to enter. But when we left at around 6 pm the queue seemed endless. It’s unsurprisingly a popular place to go to this time of the year, and I enjoyed everything the market has to offer.   Interested in TOEFL? Get more information about taking a TOEFL test in Vancouver!

Vancouver Lookout

The Vancouver Lookout

Vancouver is a huge city, and especially in your first weeks, it’s likely you’ll get a bit lost. The Vancouver Lookout is located in Downtown and gives you not only a great overview but also an amazing view all around Vancouver. I am a bit scared of heights, but two friends convinced me to come with them because the weather was great. We met at Granville Station and had a quick lunch at Tim Horton’s before we walked to the Lookout and bought our tickets. Let them know that you are a student because the ticket will be cheaper. For any information about prices etc., just visit their website. We were excited to get up, you step into the elevator, and it takes you up quite fast. The walls of the elevator are made of glass, so we had a nice view on Vancouver already on our way up, though I thought it was a bit scary as well. It is super high!! Upstairs you can get a 360-degree view around Vancouver. It is truly impressive, and we were trying to find places we knew from up there. I liked that there are stickers on the glass itself, so you know what you are looking at, but there is also information on a little board, and you can learn more about different people or things that are famous for the area. We read information about areas we didn’t know yet and made new plans on where we can go in the Vancouver area. I would like to see New Westminster for example. My favorite view was on North Vancouver as you can see the Mountains and the water. We took our time and walked around twice before we looked at the gift shop. They also have a restaurant there, and it … Read more

Grouse Mountain: Lea

Hiking up Grouse Mountain

As I am living in Vancouver for a few months, I try to see as much of this beautiful city as possible. One of the most beautiful views over Vancouver you get by visiting the peak of Grouse Mountain, which is why a friend and I decided to hike up there and enjoy the well-deserved view at the end. Another fact that made me go there is that two Grizzly Bears are living in a wilderness sanctuary up on Grouse Mountain. I love spotting wild animals but prefer to watch them in safety. So, if you think the same, get your hiking boots and let’s go! I went there in early October, taking a free Shuttle bus from Canada Place which was super easy. While looking at the map that shows the different trails you can take, we met two other Germans on the same mission and we ended up spending the day together. You can usually decide if you want to take the Gondola up or hike, but in winter the trails are closed due to weather conditions. Because the four of us were there in late summer, we decided to hike up the Grouse Grind Trail, which is 2.9 km (1.8 miles) long. It took us about 1h 40 min. I know it’s a long time for 2.9 km, but you must consider that the trail is steep, and you have to climb 2,830 stairs. We took some breaks in between and chatted with other people or staff members, which was when we met one of the supervisors Phillip who motivated us to keep going by promising to show us a secret lookout on top of the mountain. People were all focused on reaching the peak, and most of us were totally out of breath, but everyone was … Read more