People in Vancouver are probably craving ice cream now - EC Vancouver English Centre

Five pics to help you through this warm weather

Past days, we had some warm weather in Vancouver. The burning spring sun has probably made your armpits as wet and salty as the water in English Bay. Right now, you’re probably sitting in your cool basement reminiscing about those good ol’ days before global warming. It seems like only yesterday when we had that lovely refreshing rain all day long. Well, luckily for you, here are five pictures to help you through this warm weather.   First picture   Second picture   Third picture Fourth picture   Fifth picture Warm weather at EC Luckily, our building is air-conditioned and our vending machines are always stuffed with cold drinks. So if you’re doing EC English Courses in Vancouver, you never have to worry about a melting brain, soggy armpits or smelly feet.

Dragon Boat racing is possible two stations from EC Vancouver English Centre

Dragon Boat Racing

  With summer on our doorstep, spending your days inside is no longer an option. If you’re looking for some summer action, but you don’t want to get overheated while hiking or biking, we might just have found the perfect activity for you: dragon boat racing! Originating over two millennia ago in ancient China, the tradition of dragon boat racing dates back almost to the time when there were actual dragons flying around. A dragon boat is a large canoe like rowboat, traditionally made from wood. These days, however, more modern materials are often used to keep the boats light and fast.   Dragon Boat teams A dragon boat racing team usually consists of eight to twenty paddles, but can contain upwards to fifty athletes. In the front of the boat, a drummer synchronizes his drumming with the paddling strokes to streamline the operation. At the back, the sweep prevents the boat from hitting shore or other dragon boats. When racing dragon boats, coordination, force, technique and teamwork go hand in hand. This makes it the perfect opportunity to learn English and make new friends while doing something active. And the best thing? Everyone can do it!   The program Starting May 14, there’s a program specifically fit for EC English students’ needs. During four guided one and a half hour learning sessions, you will practice every Monday (May 14 – June 4, 6:00 PM) on your dragon boat paddling skills. Training is only two stations away from the EC Vancouver English Centre. As a grande finale you will compete in the Tim Hortons 500M Championship on June 10 against other student teams. If you’re under 24 and you wish to sign up, come talk to the front desk at the second floor. Participating in the whole program (lessons and … Read more

Main Street

One of the greatest perks of learning English at EC Vancouver is that our school is right in the centre of downtown Vancouver. When at school, you’ll never have to worry about long walks to the nearest pub or restaurant. But did you know there’s more to this vibrant city than just Downtown? Try visiting Main Street. This hipster-esque street of joy will bring you and your friends enough happiness to spend an entire day at. Here are some hidden gems, for after your EC English Courses in Vancouver!   Brunch and Shop Start of the day with brunch at the Wallflower. The poached eggs are delicious and will energize you for the next couple of hours. That energy you need across the street to indulge in some vintage shopping at F as in Frank Vintage. Franks store specializes in 80’s and 90’s clothing and has a secret little room in the back were the prices are just too good to ignore. After shopping, you can treat yourself at Liberty Bakery – a couple of blocks uphill. Make sure to get a cardamom cinnamon bun, because those are to die for! When you’ve boosted morale with sugar and coffee, try Neptoon Records right next door for some funky tunes. It is the oldest independent record store in all of Vancouver and it has the largest selection of used and new vinyl in town. A nice treat  Hopefully five will be in the clock by now, so you can have cocktails at The Shameful Tiki Room. Without any windows, this Polynesian inspired place might be a little hard to find, but the search is rewarding. If it’s your first time here, share a mystery bowl full of juices, rums and secret spices. After the first sip it’s easy to imagine yourself with … Read more

Vancouver Summer Joy

Sure, everybody knows by now how Vancouver is the ideal city to ski, cycle and swim in just one day. The promise of a diversity of activities and people makes it the perfect city to learn English in, right? Beach parties during the warm Vancouver summer; skiing during the mild winters. Although, one arriving mid December might just look at this promise with crooked eyes. Imagine arriving on a short and rainy December day. The cold winds that are rolling in from the sea make you shiver and longing home. What is so great about this grey city? The bars are nice, the people super friendly, but… That sky. Where is the sun? What drives this sun-avoiding creature calling himself Vancouverite?   Now, with the first days of spring on our doorstep, all clarifies rapidly. With the grey sky changing to blue, we clearly see why we love what we do here. When walking around the English bay, the cutting wind has made way for a gently breeze that makes your hair dance a little. It carries the smell of the fresh blossoms whose colours decorate the city’s parks in a most beautiful way. This is a promise delivered.   Maybe this is the reason why the Vancouverites are so nice to everyone. During winter, they’re in it together. After all: trouble shared is trouble halved. You realize that winter wasn’t as bad as you might have thought. Keeping a can-do mindset together is actually great fun. And during Vancouver summer? Come on, the sun is out, we’ve got better things to do than worrying. You’ve gone that extra mile and now you’re picking the fruits.   There is beauty in every season in Vancouver. Isn’t it a joy to be part of it? EC Vancouver English Centre, will be here every season!

Deep Cove

Several suppressed gasps emerged with the first encounter with the wooden stairs that would lead us into the woods, but nobody wished to complain out loud. Morale was high here at Deep Cove and no stair could ruin that. Earlier, with the first sunbeams cutting through the spring clouds, conditions never seemed any better for a hike. So, not surprisingly, the communal lobby was already crammed with people way before departure. All students had but one thing on their minds: Quarry Rock, one of the most beautiful places around Vancouver.   Catching breath The hour-long bus ride was musically decorated with a cacophony of student’s chatter that wouldn’t stumble for the next couple of hours. After a long day of classes, people just had a lot to catch up on. Who could blame them? This sun ingested day out screamed for some nice English conversation time. Halfway uphill the chatter started to make way for the more natural sounds one could expect in the woods. Climbing Deep Cove’s quarry rock started to take its toll and precious breath oughtn’t be wasted on talking. Moreover, we needed to save some breath for it to be taken away by the view that was waiting for us uphill. An amazing view Once up on the rock, the exhausting climb was soon forgotten. The wide and scenic view managed to live up to its skyrocketing promise. Almost directly, the pandemonium of students’ shooting cameras caused a stroboscopic experience that could’ve been noticeable from space. This sure was a special view. The announcement that this was only our halfway point – and that we had to walk all way back – hit like a bombshell. The promise of ice-cream and doughnuts lured most of us back down, but for others even doughnuts couldn’t do the … Read more

Paintball on saturday

EC Paintball

The first weekend of May, EC English Vancouver will host a special event: paintball. Do you feel like your classmates have been nagging you all the time or do you just want to cross swords with them for no particular reason whatsoever? This is your chance!   Teamwork On Saturday 10 am, Jonas will take you form school to surrey, where you’re going to lock and load. But don’t worry: this is not going to be all violent. Paintball is known for its excessive teamwork and cooperation. You’ll have to work together with your friends to avoid getting hit and win the game.   Learning English If you’d like to learn English in a new and exciting way, come and get your tickets at the front desk on the second floor. They only cost 30 dollars each! Maybe, with your blood pumping adrenaline through your body, you might even learn some new words. You won’t be able to make it on Saturday? No worries! EC Vancouver English Center hosts numerous events every week to enable you to learn English in a unconventional manner. For all activities, please see EC Online.