Canucks Vs. Dallas Stars

The Canucks are playing tomorrow in Rogers Arena at 7pm against the south’s Dallas Stars. The previous Canucks game against the LA Kings was a success, leading 3-2 which puts us in the 6th spot of the Pacific Division. Come and enjoy Canadian culture at its finest, giving you the best opportunity to practice and use your learnt English Skills from EC Vancouver. Watching a true Canadian sport is an enjoyable memory that allows you to exercise your English and learn more about North American culture. We make every Sunday special by welcoming students with a tour of Vancouver. to familiarize them with the major hallmarks. After the tour, we all then have lunch together and get to know each other more. Experience the orange carpet yourself and register for the many ongoing activities! We offer tours and diverse classes all year long, rain or shine. Don’t forget about tomorrow’s game! Go, Canucks Go!! The next Canucks game in Rogers Arena is on April 2nd against the hefty San Jose Sharks.  

Whitecaps Vs. Seattle Sounders

Go, Whitecaps go! Vancouver’s very own soccer team are playing tomorrow (March 30th – 7pm) against Washington’s tough guys, the Seattle Sounders at BC Place. Participating and experiencing Canadian culture is one way to practice your English skills. In that way, you are then applying what you have learnt in class. Here at EC Vancouver and EC Language Centers, we provide quality English classes and the best memorable and innovative methods of learning, like for example writing Google reviews for classwork! English classes in Vancouver just got more fun and enjoyable!  Register and join us on our many tours and activities throughout the week and months to enjoy everything Vancouver has to offer. Good luck Whitecaps! The next Whitecap game is on April 5th (7 pm) against LA Galaxy. The one after that is on April 17th (7 pm) against the leading team of the tournament,California’s Los Angeles FC.

Canucks Vs. LA Kings

Go, go Canucks! Vancouver’s very own Canucks are playing tonight (March 28th – 7pm) against the Los Angeles Kings at the Rogers Arena. Watching hockey is experiencing Canadian culture first hand and by experiencing the culture and environment, you are also learning, practicing, and applying what you have learnt taking English classes in Vancouver. You hear, interact, and communicate with others that pushes you to speak English only. Enjoying a cold drink while watching a great Canadian sport is an enjoyable memory that carries on with you. Come enjoy the many diverse activities and tours EC Vancouver offers every week all year long, rain, snow or shine. Psst. Do you know what’s a “Twig” in Hockey ? If you are thinking about the stick, then you’re correct! It’s a common slang term used by Hockey players around Canada and North America. That’s your Canadian word of the week! Don’t miss out on tonight’s hockey game! Go, Go Canucks!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day

Studying at EC Vancouver means getting to know different cultures and celebrating their special events. One of them is St. Patrick’s Day that takes place on March 17. It is the memorial day of the patron saint of Ireland. According to a legend, Saint Patrick brought Christianity to a pagan Island and drove out all the snakes.  This holiday has outgrown national borders and has become a kind of international day of Ireland. In different cities around the world people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and Vancouver is no exception. Colorful events and celebrations of people dressed in green (the national color of Ireland) are visible wherever the Irish live.  Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day  Celtic Fest is a family friendly event where you can enjoy Irish music and dances on March 16th from 7 pm to 11 pm at the Scottish Cultural Centre at 8886 Hudson Street, Vancouver.  The Blarney Stone is an Irish pub, which is located in Gastown, Vancouver, was established in 1972. Every year they organize St Patrick’s Day Festival that takes place on March 17th. You will have an opportunity to enjoy live music, DJ Zeus, Hula Hooper, face painting, prizes and games from 10 am to 2 am. Tickets starts from $25.  St. Patrick’s Day Pub Night is a three-hour cruise tour on the Fraser River. Do not miss the chance to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a unique atmosphere, with a DJ and food and drinks on board. This adult (19+) event takes place on two days: March 15th and 16th from 7 pm to 10 pm.  Shamrocks & Shenanigans gives you a chance to have some fun and enjoy Irish comedy on March 17th starting at 7:30 pm at Celtic TheatreSports.  The Wolf and Hound is a famous Irish pub which invites you to join them to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with three live bands on March 17th starting at 11:30 am.  Dublin Crossing Irish Pub welcomes you to join the celebration of St. … Read more

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day!

Learn English at EC Vancouver and do not miss a chance to celebrate International Women’s Day, which is celebrated annually on March 8 in many countries. Men every year on March 8 congratulate all women – wives, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, friends, and colleagues – trying to fill their day with pleasant emotions, high spirits and bright impressions. The origin of the date of the holiday relates to its centuries-old history. History of the International Women’s Day Ladies’ day has been praised for over a century. The first celebration of the occasion was held on February 28, 1909, in New York and was called National Women’s Day. This event was organized by the American socialist party in honor of the rally that took place on the same day in 1908 on the streets of New York where 15 thousand women  demanded the improvement of working conditions and the right to vote on the same conditions as men.   In 1910, at the Copenhagen international women’s conference, representatives of the socialist forces proposed to establish an international women’s day dedicated to women’s solidarity in the struggle for their rights. This initiative was unanimously supported by more than a hundred women from 17 States. International women’s day was first held on March 19, 1911, in Europe where more than a million people participated in demonstrations. In 1913, the date of the holiday was postponed to March 8, which has remained to this day.  In 1975, the United Nations focused on global women’s issues, calling on States to hold an International women’s year. And in 1977, the UN gave the name international day for women’s rights and international peace on March 8, as a result of which the holiday received international status.  Happy International Women’s Day!