Shaw Mobi Bicycles

Cycling around Vancouver and Stanley park is probably one of the most popular activities in the city. There are many ways to rent a bicycle whether it’s going instore or finding Go Shaw bicycles in the street. With over 140 stations around Vancouver and British Columbia, Shaw’s Mobi Bicycle sh … Read more

Public transportation in Vancouver

The transit system in Vancouver is very easy to get the hang of. Using the Compass card, we can easily recharge it online using a credit card or by using the vending machines at every Skytrain station. The Compass card itself costs $6 and can be recharged with added value or by purchasing monthly pa … Read more

Indigenous Arts and Culture in Vancouver

Indigenous Arts and Culture is everywhere in Vancouver and Canada. British Columbia is home to many diverse first nation groups and communities that live in the land and surrounding areas. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission promotes first nations culture and education all around Canada.  In add … Read more