Shaw Mobi Bicycles

Cycling around Vancouver and Stanley park is probably one of the most popular activities in the city. There are many ways to rent a bicycle whether it’s going instore or finding Go Shaw bicycles in the street. With over 140 stations around Vancouver and British Columbia, Shaw’s Mobi Bicycle share is a fast and convenient way to rent a bicycle around town. You can pick up the bicycles at one location and drop it off in another location. Provided by Vancouver bike share, Mobi bicycles are very convenient because they’re all around the city. Each station is equipped with a bicycle and a helmet. A 24 hour pass costs $12+ overage fees and a 30 day pass costs $25+ overage fees. First 30 minutes are free and each additional 30 minutes cost $6 or more. Signing up is easy with their app, which then allows you to make a payment and register so that you could quickly hop in and ride. There are also yearly passes for those who are interested and use the bicycles often. With that in mind, Vancouver hosts many different events and activities that you can join. EC Language Centres is an English school in Vancouver that provides ESL classes ranging from beginner to advanced and proficiency as well as test preparation courses like IELTS and Cambridge. Visit us at on the second floor at 570 Dunsmuir Street or call us at 604-683-1199 for more information.

Public transportation in Vancouver

The transit system in Vancouver is very easy to get the hang of. Using the Compass card, we can easily recharge it online using a credit card or by using the vending machines at every Skytrain station. The Compass card itself costs $6 and can be recharged with added value or by purchasing monthly passes depending on how many zones you require. We recommend the monthly pass so that you can get an ease of mind and ride unlimited times. To reach the following areas from downtown Vancouver, you can either take the sea bus, bus, or Sky train. The Sky train has 3 different routes, the Millennium line, the Expo line and the Canada line. Below are some examples of how to reach different areas in the lower mainland using the public transit system. North Vancouver from Downtown : You can either take the sea bus or the bus. Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey and Vancouver from Downtown : You can either take the Expo line or the bus from Downtown as well as the Millennium line. YVR airport, Richmond or south Vancouver : You can easily take the Canada line or the bus from Downtown Vancouver. Exploring Vancouver is easy with the city’s public transit. Learn more about different cultures and events across town with the ease of travelling. Studying English courses in Vancouver with EC Language Schools gives you the opportunity to grow and expand your English knowledge. Contact us today to book your free trial lesson and achieve your goals in English. Enjoy the many activities, tours and free classes we offer to our students all year long everyday.

Isabella's watercolour painting

Vancity Uncovered Art and Music Gala

One of the perks of studying in an English school in Vancouver is to come across different cultures, because 40% of the total population is made up by imigrants. If you like art, then Vancouver is the spot for you! We’ve got you covered. Vancity Uncovered Art & Music Gala is taking place on Saturday May 11th starting at 5 PM at the Chinese Cultural Center. The event will be full of art, music, and food for everyone. One of our talented students, Isabella Restrepo, will be showcasing her works there. She is a great watercolor painter. You can check out her masterpieces on Instagram @isavilla2002. In case you want to attend, please go to the website and get your tickets online. The tickets cost around $20 each. Stay tuned on our blog for more events to come. Also, don’t forget to share your experience here in Vancouver with us using the hashtag #ecexperience on Instagram and tag us @ec_vancouver.

Harbour centre

See Vancouver From Above

If you are taking English courses in Vancouver, EC Language Centers recommend you to see this scientific, sports and industrial city from above. Why? Because its location, architecture and nature are unique. Vancouver is located between two huge snow-capped mountain peaks: Seymour and Grouse. The Pacific coast and the port are also there.  Harbour Center is the tallest building in Vancouver with an observation tower, which certainly attracts all the guests of the city. To get to the top of the tower, you can take a glass elevator, the originality of which is that it is located on the outside of Harbour Center. It takes about 40 seconds to get to the deck. And here, the unforgettable view of the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver Island, the bay and the city itself will take your breath away. You will see it in the palm of your hand: high-rise and small buildings,  amazing nature, beautiful parks and bridges.  The opening of the tower took place in 1977. It did personally Neil Armstrong, the first man on Earth to walk on the moon. The popularity of the cosmonaut in those years was prohibitive. So, it is not surprising that he was invited to open the city building. The height of the tower is 177 m, and the observation deck with a three-hundred-sixty-degree circular view is located at an altitude of 130 m. If you are lucky, and the weather is good and clear, you could also see Baker mountain, which is in the United States, as well as diverse Canadian and American Islands. 

Sushi in Vancouver

Usually prepared with rice, Sushi in Vancouver is a popular choice for many students and locals. Sushi in Vancouver is a cheap and a delicious option for everyone to enjoy whether they like fish or not. Sushi in Vancouver can be found literally everywhere in the city because it is a local favorite. B.C Roll is a popular roll in Vancouver that combines barbecued Salmon and cucumber. Another local favorite is California roll, Haru roll, Dragon roll, Poke Bowls and Sushi Burritos. Yes you heard it right! Sushi Burritos! With that in mind, it is safe to say that the city of Vancouver accommodates different cultures and offers different varieties across town because it hosts and welcomes all races and cultures. Fun fact : Did you know that the seaweed used in rolls, nigiri and maki is called Nori? Eating out is an excellent way to get to know the city and culture. Studying English abroad is also an excellent way to kickstart your career and expand your English skills and knowledge. EC Vancouver is an English school in Vancouver that offers ESL classes for many levels and ages. Contact us today to learn more about our programs, events and free classes.

Indigenous Arts and Culture in Vancouver

Indigenous Arts and Culture is everywhere in Vancouver and Canada. British Columbia is home to many diverse first nation groups and communities that live in the land and surrounding areas. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission promotes first nations culture and education all around Canada.  In addition, Vancouver and the province of British Columbia acknowledges the traditional territories we live on. So it is safe to say that Vancouver is a very welcoming city and province in general. Nonetheless, Vancouver is known for it’s diverse communities and hosts many artistic collaborations with indigenous artists and creators. Above all, this makes British Columbia’s Indigenous art unique. There are endless totem poles around the city, from Stanley Park and universities to Olympic village and whistler. So many sure you check them out and learn more about Canadian culture and arts! Taking English courses in Vancouver with EC Language Centres gives you the opportunity to explore the many different cultures and communities in Canada. We have levels ranging from beginner and basic elementary to complete proficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and expand your English knowledge!  

Why Study ESL in Vancouver

Studying ESL in Vancouver with EC Language Centres allows you to experience Canadian culture first hand and facilitate wonderful experiences. As an ESL student, you are highly encouraged to enjoy the events and activities Vancouver provides to participate in Canadian culture and arts. With that being said, there are many reasons to take English courses in Vancouver. Studying English in general is a good idea to kickstart and boost your career. Choose from the many programs and classes we offer like “English for Work” or “Grammar for Real Communications”. We also provide one on one private lessons to help you tackle the weak aspects of your English skill! EC Vancouver and EC Language Centres offers many free ESL classes, events and activities every day of the week, rain or shine. Contact EC Vancouver today or visit our website and social media accounts for more information regarding our programs and events.

Burnaby Mountain Park

There are many mountains and places to hike in Vancouver but nothing beats Burnaby Mountain Park. Burnaby Mountain Park is located between Port Moody and Burnaby. It is home to many trails and parks therefore it’s popular for mountain hiking and biking. Once atop, the view is spectacular because it ranges from North Vancouver and Burnaby to Downtown Vancouver and Richmond. The area is family friendly and includes sculptures and parks like the Kamui Mintara, Kushiro park and the Rose Garden. Contact EC Vancouver today to book your free ESL trial lesson and learn more about our programs. EC Language Centres is an ESL school in Vancouver with locations around the world that offers various English classes and courses for levels starting from basic elementary and beginner to complete proficiency.

Vancouver Titans : Overwatch Team

Did you know that Vancouver has its own Overwatch League team? Yup! You heard it right! There are twenty overall teams in the video game that represent different cities around the globe. With that in mind, the Vancouver Titans is a professional E-sports team that represents the city of Vancouver. The team has a winning rate of over 70% and a 15 game winning streak, it is safe to say that the team is definitely strong. The Vancouver Titans next game is on May 3rd against the Toronto Defiants at 7:15 pm. There are endless events and activities to do in Vancouver. If you enjoy video games, concerts, or even local craft beer festivals, there’s something for everyone. EC Language Centres offers English courses in Vancouver and around the globe. Visit our website or contact us for more information regarding our programs and different activities that we provide all year long.

Ivonne San Vicente Supporting Operations

Ivonne San Vicente, the regional sales manager for Mexico, Chile & Central America visited EC Vancouver to organize the open house and take part of supporting the operations. Ivonne’s birthday is on May 1st so we also took the opportunity to celebrate it together. She joined us on the last Sunday tour and also met with many agents around town. With that in mind, we wish you a lovely birthday and hope to see you very soon! Thank you for your hard work and all the positive leadership and energy! Enjoy Mexico and have a safe flight! Stay safe and positive! Studying English courses in Vancouver is an excellent way to explore Canadian and North American culture. Learning more about the culture and space you live in will make you more attuned to your surroundings and help expand your vocabulary. Sign up today for a free trial lesson with us and witness the orange carpet experience yourself! Share your experience with us and tag EC Vancouver on Facebook and Instagram at @ECVancouver