Vancouver Public Library

Vancouver Public library

Vancouver Public Library is a library system with more than 20 branches located throughout the city, and the main building is located in the Library Square. It includes a 9-storey library, a high-rise building with offices, as well as a social service center, shops, restaurants and underground parking.

Library visitors can get a library card and use the library services free of charge, including not only access to the full collection of books, but also to the Internet, computer programs, etc.

With that in mind, books can be returned to any department, each of which has special return cells near the entrance, which makes the use of the Vancouver library system even more convenient and mobile for readers.

The library has all the necessary conditions for studying: tables and chairs located near the sockets for laptops, peace and quiet, computers and free wi-fi. Everything is close by and at hand. The atmosphere is conducive to intellectual work.

The Vancouver Public Library’s Central building houses more than 1.3 million publications, and the total number of publications in the entire library system is approximately 3 million. Access to the library and its services are free of charge.

If you are taking English courses in Vancouver, the public library is great place to do your homework or read some books.