Coming in June! Vancouver Craft Beer Week!

Celebrating 10 years, Vancouver Craft Beer Week is almost here! With over 100 vendors from various breweries and cideries pouring over 300 different kinds of drink, this is one event you definitely don’t want to miss! Food, Music, and various different vendors will also take part in this wonderful summer event. The Vancouver Craft Beer Week usually draws out thousands of people from around the province. Please note that this is a 19+ event if you wish to take part of beer tasting. Kindly consider your surroundings and environment as well as drink responsibly. The event is starting on Friday May 31st and will run until Sunday June 9th. June 8th and 9th the event will take place in PNE. Tickets costs $39 for single day entry and $65 for the weekend pass! We suggest that you purchase your ticket beforehand because its known to be sold out! Vancouver is proud to host many breweries and different local vendors that offer world-class beer and cider. Taking Courses of English in Vancouver allows you to explore different opportunities and experience. Vancouver’s culture is very unique and is known to accommodate different nationalities and races because of its diverse nature and multiculturalism.

Waterfront Skytrain Station

Waterfront station is one of the most important transit stations in Vancouver and British Columbia. Waterfront skytrain is home to the Expo Line, Canda Line, the Seabus, and the WestCoast Express. The station is the first destination and final stop to many trains and lines making it home to the biggest transit connection in town. Waterfront Skytrain is considered as Vancouver’s transit hub because many lines and trains either start or stop there. You can connect to different areas and walk to different part of the city just by being at Waterfront Skytrain. Built in 1910, Waterfront station marks the start of Gastown. Making places like the Steamclock, Canada Place, Stanley Park and Waterfront’s Seawall very accessible. The structure of the building itself is monumental and unique.     There are also countless bus routes that start, end or pass by Waterfront Skytrain station. Accessing West Vancouver, North Vancouver, South Vancouver, New Westminster, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, Port Moody, Mission, and many other areas is fairly easy. British Columbia’s transit system is awesome and everyone knows it. Busy routes have more frequent and extended services to accommodate the ever growing city of Vancouver and the lower mainland in general. Join EC Vancouver to learn more about North American culture, specifically Canadian culture and way of life! EC Languages centres provide state of the art ESL courses and classes for most age groups and various skill levels. We have classes ranging for beginners and basic elementary to advanced and complete proficiency. EC Languages Centres is located in USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Malta, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Contact us today to learn more about our ESL programs and courses. Also visit our website and social media accounts to learn more about our programs and student experiences.

Universities and Colleges in Vancouver

BC is home to many Universities and Colleges. However there are more Colleges than Universities in Vancouver because many of these institutions offer career based training instead of theory and degrees. Nonetheless, most Colleges offer many diplomas and certificates that also allows students to transfer credits to other colleges or universities across Canada. Examples of these colleges are : Columbia college British Columbia Institute of Technology Langara College LaSalle College Vancouver Ashton College CDI College Vancouver The Art Institute of Vancouver Vancouver Film School Emily Carr University of Art + Design Douglass college Coquitlam college Alexander college With that in mind, the two main and largest sought universities in town are: Simon Fraser University : Situated on top of Burnaby Mountain, SFU is home to over 35,000 students. SFU is unique because it also hosts FIC and three different campuses across the lower mainland. University of British Columbia : Above all known for its Medicine, Engineering, Sciences and many other programs and faculties. UBC is unique because it is usually a part of the top 50 best Universities in the world. It also has Multiple campuses around the mainland with one specifically in Kelowna, Okanagan. Furthermore, Universities and Colleges mentioned above require you to have Ielts 6.5 or higher to be admitted fully. Most Universities do not offer conditional acceptances, meaning that you must fulfill the English requirements as part of admission. However, studying English with us allows you to enroll in a post secondary program whether it’s a diploma, certificate, bachelors or masters even if you don’t fulfill the English requirements. Learn English in Vancouver with us and achieve your goals! In conclusion, check out our partner universities to study ESL with us and transcend to a university in Canada.

Outdoor Activities in British Columbia

The province of British Columbia and the city of Vancouver provide endless events and activities throughout the year to accommodate the weather whether its raining or shining! All around the province, British Columbia offers unlimited outdoor activities like Dogsledding, River Rafting, Surfing, Swimming, Horseback riding, Paddling, Camping, Biking, Boating, Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking, you name it! Beautiful British Columbia has it all! With that in mind, there are many parks, athletic facilities and community centres around Vancouver that houses many fields for various sports like Track and Field, Tennis, Soccer, Football, Basketball and Hockey. We are looking forward for the marvelous summer weather here in beautiful British Columbia. Nonetheless, Learning English abroad is an excellent experience to carry with you throughout the years. That is why here at EC Language Schools, we pride ourselves in providing state of the art ESL experience and teaching methods. Learning English abroad combined with fun outdoor activities and events allows you to experience Canada and Vancouver in a different light! For more information about BC outdoor activities and events, contact EC Vancouver to learn more about our activity schedule as well as partnership with Discover Canada Tours. We go the extra mile in providing the best student experience possible at home, in school and outside the classroom. We offer many free ESL classes like our Conversation club, Extra Help club, and Pronunciation Club. EC Language Centres also offer one-on-one tutoring for our students to help them focus on their language weaknesses whether its writing, speaking, reading or listening. EC Language Centres is a school of English for international students that’s dedicated to providing state of the art student experience. Here at EC Vancouver, we have different ESL courses for various English levels and programs like beginner, elementary, advanced, intermediate, or proficiency.

Whitecaps vs Toronto FC

Go, Whitecaps go! Vancouver’s very own soccer team, the Whitecaps are playing tomorrow (May 31st) at 7pm in BC Place against Toronto FC. Both teams usually compete in the Western Conference of the Major League Soccer tournament. There are many ways to experience Canadian culture and arts. Moreover, it is important to practice and apply your acquired skills. Likewise, learning English with us is in Vancouver a fun way to explore the city and experience Canadian culture at the same time. English courses in Vancouver just got more fun and enjoyable! Certainly participating and experiencing Canadian culture is one way to practice your English skills. Come and enjoy the many diverse activities and tours EC Vancouver offers everyday!  Register and join us on our many tours and activities throughout the week and months to enjoy everything Vancouver has to offer. Good luck Whitecaps!

EC Vancouver 2019 Soccer Team

We need you to join our Soccer team! Do you want to represent EC Language Centres as part of a large soccer tournament that takes place every year? If so, then we need your expertise and skills! This is also a great way to practice your English skills while having fun. EC Vancouver is recruiting players for the upcoming summer soccer tournament against other ESL schools in Vancouver. We’re all in this together! Contact us at front desk to sign up and learn more about the upcoming soccer tournament! Go EC go!! When: The tournament will be approximately from mid June to the end of August. Where: Training sessions before and during the soccer tournament! Why: Because it’s fun and competitive! Rep your school and make friends! This is also an excellent way to practice and use your English skills in real life! What: Playing soccer against other ESL schools as part of a yearly soccer tournament Whether its playing in the soccer team or cheering for us, we need you! Contact us at front desk to learn more about the team, tournament, and practice sessions. EC Vancouver is a language school with many locations around the world including USA, Canada, South Africa, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Malta. We have programs catered towards your needs and skills. Therefore we have levels ranging from basic elementary to complete proficiency and advanced. As well as test preperation programs like IELTS and Cambridge based exams like CAE, CPE, and FCE. Our students improve their English while also participate in fun activities. To learn more about our English as Second Language programs, courses and events, visit our website or social media profiles and be a part of a unique experience!

Vancouver Whitecaps vs FC Dallas

Go Whitecaps, Go! Vancouver’s very own soccer team, the Vancouver Whitecaps are playing tomorrow (May 25th – 4pm) against the south’s FC Dallas. This might be a tough game but we have high hopes for the Whitecaps! Learning English with us is a fun way to explore the city and experience Canadian culture at the same time. Participating and experiencing Canadian culture is one way to practice your English skills. Here at EC Vancouver and EC Language Centers, we provide quality English classes and the best memorable and innovative methods of learning. English courses in Vancouver just got more fun and enjoyable! Register and join us on our many tours and activities throughout the week and months to enjoy everything the city of Vancouver and province has to offer.  The next Whitecap’s game is on May 31st against Toronto FC. Make sure you check it out as well. Good luck Whitecaps! Visit our blog and social media to learn more about our different events and activity schedule. If you have any activities suggestions, let us know and we can accommodate it! EC Language Centres has many locations around the world in different cities and countries. EC is proudly located in Malta, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa and the UK. We have levels ranging from basic elementary, beginner, intermediate, to complete advanced and  proficiency. We also have test preparation programs like IELTS, Cambridge based exams and post-secondary pathway programs. Not to mention, EC Vancouver offers free classes and private one-on-one lessons to our students. Book your free trial lesson with us today and experience the orange carpet yourself! Nonetheless, EC Vancouver is located on the second and third floor at 570 Dunsmuir street, Downtown Vancouver. Visit our website or contact us today for more info at +1-604-683-1199. EC Languages Centre.

Happy Birthday Ben!

Hey Ben! Happy Birthday!   Ben’s 25th birthday was last week during graduation on Friday, May the 17th! From everyone here at EC Vancouver and EC Languages Centres, we wish you a happy birthday and hope that you enjoyed the long weekend! Your birthday arrived at a good time! Ben is a part of the Discover Canada Tours company which is in partnership with EC Vancouver. Discover Canada Tours is based in Vancouver and they offer unique travel and sightseeing experiences in Western Canada. They also have tours for the American West Coast / Rockies. Popular destinations include Seattle, Tofino BC, Whistler, Victoria, and the Yukon. You may find Discover Canada Tours or Ben on the third floor most days. They will be very happy to help you and take you around Vancouver! EC Languages Centre is a Languages Canada members in good standing. Our Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number is O19280217882. EC Vancouver offers ESL courses, programs, free events, contests, prizes, tours and so much more! To learn more about our school or program, please visit our website at or phone 604-683-1199 to speak with our staff members. Nonetheless, you may also contact us by reaching out to our social media profiles at @ec_vancouver on Instagram and @ecenglish.vancouver on Facebook. EC Language Centre is a school of English for international students with locations in Malta, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa and the UK. We have levels ranging from elementary and beginner to advanced and complete proficiency. EC Vancouver also has test preparation programs for IELTS, university pathway and Cambridge based exams. Not to mention our free classes and one-on-one private lessons, contact us today to book your free trial lesson and experience the orange carpet yourself!

Welcome New Students to EC Languages Centres!

EC Languages Centres welcomes you to beautiful British Columbia! This week, EC Languages Centre in Vancouver welcomed many students from around the world. We are very happy and excited to meet every single one of them! We met together on Sunday afternoon and conducted the walking tour around Downtown Vancouver. Students had the opportunity to meet each other and also get to know the city a little bit more. We told them about certain rules, cultural differences and also must-know places that they will need in Vancouver. After the walking tour, we all had lunch together at Whitespot restaurant, which is a local favorite. During lunch, we all got to know each other and learned more about the city, school and program. It was a lovely experience for everyone and wish them all good luck in their ESL courses! Vancouver and Canada in general is home to many different cultures and communities. There’s always something for everyone! Not to mention our free classes and EC based activities, there are endless restaurants, activities, parks and events all around town. So make sure you check them out and learn more about North American culture! Check out our blog posts to learn more about Vancouver events and activities. With that in mind, taking English courses in Vancouver with us (EC Language Centres) allows you to learn English in a professional environment that’s dedicated to providing state of the art experiences! EC Languages Centres placement levels range from beginner and elementary to advanced and complete proficiency. We also have test preparation programs like Cambridge and IELTS based courses. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and pricing! Also, visit our website at and follow us on instagram @ec_vancouver and facebook @ecenglish.vancouver

5 Reasons to study in Vancouver

There are many reasons to study in Vancouver and Canada. Below you will find 5 compiled reasons that we believe are important that makes our city unique and beautiful : Amazing weather : It doesn’t snow that often but it doesn’t mean that we don’t get any snow at all! We have mountains that are still covered in snow! friendly people who are willing to help you with anything! Strong diverse culture and many communities that reside in this land we call home. You can easily make friends from different cultures and people from around the world because Vancouver is a multicultural city! You can buy and find your favorite food almost everywhere due to the fact that many communities and cultures live in Vancouver! Many outdoor places, activities and events are opened throughout the year to accommodate the weather and visiting tourists. It’s green and beautiful! Also, did we mention that we have many islands around? Great transit system that will literally take you everywhere for an excellent price. Shuttles are available to take you to Seattle, Tofino, Rockies, Alberta, Northern BC and all around the province with increased shuttle services in aim to reduce traffic and congestion. There are more than 5 reasons to study in Vancouver. We have compiled a short list to tell you more about our lovely city. With all that in mind, the Mountainous backdrop in Vancouver gives its infamous background known around the world. Join EC Vancouver and take this wonderful opportunity to expand your English knowledge and experience a unique city with a magnificent culture that welcomes and hosts many different nations and races from around the world.