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Museum of Anthropology at UBC

Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia Are you interested in getting to know more about indigenous cultures in Canada and North America? Then you should definitely visit the Museum of Anthropology which is located in the heart of UBC, University of British Columbia. We suggest that you go to the Museum of Anthropology on a Thursday because you only have to pay $10. However the discounted entry only applies from 5pm to 9pm. It usually is $18 for adults, but if you bring your student ID it’s $2 cheaper. If you want to get more information about prices, tours or opening hours, we suggest that you visit their website. They have three current exhibitions. The first exhibition is “SHADOWS, STRINGS AND OTHER THINGS -The Enchanting Theatre of Puppets”. They also have two mini exhibitions, a café and a museum shop. The second exhibition is “IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT – Reflecting on Northwest Coast Art”.  Similarly, the third exhibition is “SHAKE UP – Preserving What We Value”. It is fun to visit the Museum of Anthropology and UBC. EC Language Centres Nonetheless, studying English with us here at EC Vancouver is an interesting experience that offers you a great opportunity to check out the city and the lower mainland. We have levels ranging from basic elementary to complete proficiency and advanced. Not to mention tour test preparation courses like Cambridge and IELTS. Check out our blogs and visit our website or social media platforms to learn more about our ESL programs and courses. We have locations in Canada, USA, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland. We also have multiple locations in Canada, USA, Australia and the UK. Inquire in-house for a free trial lesson today!

Nanaimo British Columbia

Nanaimo Nanaimo is the beautiful city and ferry port on the west side of Vancouver. There are numerous cafés, restaurants, parks in and around the area. So you do not need to worry about food or attractions because they’re literally everywhere. There are also many events, activities and concerts held in Nanaimo like the Golden Bucket contest, Summer concert in park application, Temporary public art programs and much more. There are number of places to see like the BC ferries, Neck Point park, Nanaimo museum, Protection island, Morning Star Bison Ranch, Haslam creek Suspension bridge, Beban park and alot more! Below are some popular places and things to do in Nanaimo, British Columbia : Nanaimo museum: Nanaimo museum is the public historical museum that is in downtown and this is the heart of the city. Beban park: Beban park is the large complex in which there is swimming pool, a huge playground, ice rink. There are many facilities and to do activities. Haslam creek suspension bridge: there is a suspension bridge that is very beautiful and there is lake near the bridge. Neck point park: this is famous and beautiful park in the city, and this is the perfect place to hiking, walking and to do other activities. Protection island: protection island is the small island and there is a ferry ride ferry ride. With that being said, studying English abroad allows you to experience new places and cultures. EC Vancouver has various English levels and programs for all your needs and goals! Meeting new friends has never so easy! You get to meet new people and friends from all around the world while also exploring Canada and the beautiful west coast! Nonetheless, contact us or visit our webiste to learn more about our ESL programs and courses.

Lynn Canyon Park

Lynn canyon park Lynn canyon park is one of the best places to visit in Vancouver whether you’re a local here or on Vacation. The park is located in the Lynn valley area, up in North Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia. There are many activities to do in Lynn Canyon like swimming, hiking, walking and sightseeing. This location is the perfect spot for a picnic with your loved ones, family or friends! Inside Lynn Canyon is also the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge and Baden Powell Trail, Twin Falls, Eecology Centre and many quite places to feel relaxed and calm. In other words, in touch and harmony with nature.  Lynn canyon Suspension Bridge Nonetheless, the Lynn canyon suspension bridge is quite narrow because it is placed across the waterfalls and the deep pool below. Lynn canyon suspension bridge is 50 meters high above the canyon river. If you want to see the beauty of nature, then this place is awesome and has many waterfalls that makes it more beautiful. Besides, the view of is unique and attractive because it is in the heart of North Vancouver. This place is an attraction for tourists and locals. You will also see several species of animals that there. Also, there is a café around the corner of the park where you can sit and enjoy a warm cup of coffee or an ice cold coffee. Lynn canyon park is also near Capilano suspension bridge. This is a great spot to spend some time with family or yourself, meditating. The main thing is that there is no fee to see this place! It is completely free! With that being said, study English in Vancouver with EC Language Centres and experience a new city and culture!

Learning English By Watching Movies and Netflix

Learning English By Watching Movies One can agree that entertainment is a part of life. nowadays, everyone watches Netflix or some kind of streaming services that allows you to watch series or movies. Netflix, for instance, is the largest internet entertainment service where everyone can watch movies, TV shows and documentaries in many languages. There are many genres like thriller, horror, romance, musicals, Sci-Fi, classics, comedies and children based movies. Everyone can watch his or her favorite movie or TV show online anytime, anywhere. It can be downloaded on your phone, laptop, TV or computer. And in today’s generation kids, youngsters and adults can learn English by watching movies. It can generally help you build your listening and pronunciation. Netflix has approximately 130 million membership subscribers in over 190 countries. Netflix’s plan starts from $13.99 a month, which is the standard. Meanwhile the premium plan is $16.99 a month. There are also “Netflix Originals”, which is basically TV shows or movies produced by the brand. You can watch your Favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix as many times as you want, and also add them into your “watch later” list. Watching movies online or listening to music is probably one of the easiest methods and ways to learn the English language because there are subtitles in different languages to understand what they are saying. EC Vancouver With that being said, learning English by watching movies only is one way to practice English outside of class. You must always learn the basics of the language, rules, essay writing, academic English. Not to forget formal speaking to acquaint yourself with the proper methods of speaking and learning a language. Nonetheless, contact EC Vancouver or EC Language Centres to learn more about our ESL classes, programs and extra curriculum activities/homework to help … Read more

Victoria : British Columbia’s Capital

British Columbia’s Capital Do you have any plans to see British Columbia at its finest? Are you interested in historical places and cities with a rich culture and diversity? Then this beautiful little city might just be the best place for your next vacation or short trip! Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. It is also known as the “Garden City” in the Lower Mainland. Mainly because of its attractiveness and nature. It is a popular tourist destination because it also has various activities in town and a high quality of life. There are numerous places to see in Victoria like Beacon Hill Park, the Olympic Mountains, Helmcken House, The Royal British Columbia Museum, Craigdarroch Castle, Thunderbird Park and Abkhazi garden. Boating and Whale Watching are also some of the popular activities that takes place in Victoria. You can enjoy the city’s night life that is usually filled with bright lights and breezy weather. There are many hotels and motels around the area to stay in. Similarly, there are endless restaurants, pubs, bars and cafe. The weather in Victoria is great all year long. However, the Summer is probably the best time of the year to visit the island due to the cool winds and awesome activities offered. The downtown area is very colorful and beautiful with baskets of flowers hanging everywhere. Not to forget Chinatown. No, not downtown Vancouver’s Chinatown, but actually Victoria’s Chinatown. It thrives in the evening and offers a rich culture to enjoy and indulge in. With that being said, Vancouver is thee place to be. There are many islands, villages, communities, and little cities to visit. Nonetheless, study English in Vancouver with EC Vancouver to explore British Columbia and Canada. There are endless places and activities to take part in.

World Student Day

World Student Day 2019

World Student Day 2019 Study English in Vancouver has lots of advantages. The biggest one is to get in contact with different cultures and people from all over the world. The biggest event for international students is coming this week! World Student Day is the most significant event of the year targeting international students in the whole city of Vancouver. It is an excellent opportunity to meet other international students and practice your English. Booths with games, DJ and other attractions full of prizes will be prepared in Robson Square to entertain the students starting at 12 PM on Friday, July 26. So stay tuned on the hashtag #WSD2019 to find out more about the event. Volunteers If you are looking for a volunteering opportunity, we are recruiting students that are willing to help us organizing and taking care of the event. Please fill the form here to join the volunteering team! Talent Show Do you sing? Play an instrument? Know how to dance? This is your chance to shine! We are excited to see what your talents are during the Talent Show! The audience will vote for the best, and you can win a big prize, a 4-day trip to Rocky Mountain! If you would like to join the talent show, please come to the front desk, and we will help you. We have limited tickets and all of them include free pizza and pop. Do you want to go? Please talk to our staff members at Front Desk as soon as possible to get your tickets. Nonetheless, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and like our page on Facebook to find the latest events and news about the school. As always, share your experience with us using the hashtags #ecexperience and #ecvancouver and we will repost the best … Read more

July 21st New Students

Welcome new EC students to British Columbia! Hi everyone and welcome to Vancouver! It was lovely meeting all of you on Sunday July 21st! The Sunday tour was an amazing experience for everyone because we all got to meet each other and hanged out afterwards. We are excited that you are studying with us here at EC Vancouver in this wonderful time of the year. Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and meet new friends while also studying English. Vancouver is a multicultural city with diverse communities and backgrounds that makes it easy to live and settle in the lower mainland. With that being said, Vancouver’s summer is all about the outdoors and adventures! There are endless mountains, parks, beaches, trails and activities to do. We suggest that you read our other blogs and visit our social media profiles to learn more about what’s happening in EC and Vancouver. Learning English with others and exploring different cultures and backgrounds is an incredible experience that stays with you forever. Study English with us and kick-start your career. English is an international language that is used literally everywhere. However, learning English requires dedication and effort as well as time. That is why we think that making friends on the first day is important! You get to share and make friends, its a win-win situation! EC Vancouver Nonetheless, to learn more about our ESL courses and programs, contact us using our social media profiles or visit our website. You may also come visit us during our opening hours from 8 am to 5 pm. Try a free trial class with us and experience the orange carpet yourself! We have levels ranging from basic elementary to complete proficiency and advanced. Not to mention our test preparation programs likes IELTS and Cambridge … Read more

English Bay Beach

English Bay beach in Downtown Vancouver Everyone loves summer and wants to enjoy the beautiful weather! With that in mind, English Bay beach is probably the best place to enjoy the summer, sunset and the weather! You can also swim in the public pool nearby or take a dip in the actual beach. Vancouver is full of palaces like beaches, parks, mountains and many other areas where you can enjoy the outdoors. English bay is the one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in downtown Vancouver which is located just off Davie street the west of the downtown peninsula and false creek. This is also the most populated area in Downtown, thus you can enjoy food or many other activities and things to do and see around. Stanley park is around the corner, and many coffee shops, restaurants and ice cream shops are there as well as view points to enjoy. Not to mention the different numbers of hotels located there. English Bay Beach is also usually crowded in the evening because of the beautiful sunset. The celebration of light is a fireworks festival that is held in late July and early august. The Polar Bear swim event is also a popular one, unless you can’t handle the cold! Stanley park’s seawall is also a must if you like walking, jogging or running. There’s also a bicycle lane for you to enjoy. Sit there and enjoy the view of the beautiful sunset with the company of friends or family. Nonetheless, EC Vancouver is based in the heart of downtown Vancouver with locations all around the world, including the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Malta, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Contact us to learn more about our ESL programs, events, and courses.

July 12th Raffle Winner Debora Cole Bernardi

Hey Debora! A big, big congratulations to you!! Debora won a free ticket to the Vancouver Aquarium last week! Debora also graduated from our General English program. Every week during our graduation ceremony, we have a raffle were students can take part in and win many prizes or tickets to various places around the Lower Mainland and Vancouver! With that being said, EC Vancouver is a School of English for international students with campuses in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. We also have locations around the world, specifically in the UK, Malta, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. Here at EC Vancouver, we have weekly raffles and prizes every Friday! So make sure to visit us! You may also take part in this amazing ceremony and lottery! Upgrade your English with EC Vancouver and enjoy the city at the same time! Studying abroad is truly once in a lifetime experience! Here at EC we go the extra mile to make sure that you receive the best education and entertainment possible! Our courses will help you improve your weak skills and language barrier. Furthermore, please follow us on our social media accounts and subscribe to us to receive the most updated information about our ESL courses and programs, as well as public holidays and events. Nonetheless, share your experience with us using the hashtags #ECExperience and #ECVancouver We will miss you Debora and hope that you enjoyed your stay in Vancouver and wish you a wonderful career! Study English in Vancouver and experience North American culture and lifestyle! Explore the different opportunities Canadian culture has to offer! EC Vancouver is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Contact us to learn more about our programs and courses.

Why is Canada one of the happiest countries in the world?

Canada is one of the happiest countries in the world. According to many statistics, happiness determines success. But what determines happiness? Happiness is the feeling that you get when are you generally satisfied in your life on a daily basis. With that in mind, Canada is known as one of the the happiest country in the world. It always get ranked in the top 10 happiest countries. Do you know why?! Well, there are many reasons behind this. One is due to the fact that Canadians are satisfied in their lives due to good health, income, safety and racial acceptance no matter the background. They also have strong social ties with families, friends and co-workers that keeps them happy. According to a study done in 2019 by J. Helliwell, R. Layard, and J. Sachs, the trio reviewed data from 1,216 neighbourhoods across the country. Specifically 776 urban and 440 rural neighborhoods.   The study found the following data below :    There is the average on a 0- 10 scale for Canadian satisfaction with the life: All neighbourhoods: 8.04 Rural neighbourhoods: 8.15 Urban neighbourhoods: 7.97 Four of Canada’s 5 happiest regions are rural: Neebing, ON: 8.94 Shippagan, NB: 8.69 Channel- Port aux Basques, NL: 8:63 Hope, BC: 8.62 Anthony, NL and Souris PEI: 8.58   So, these are the reasons that makes Canada the happiest country in the world. Canada is multicultural and also diverse in its communities and backgrounds. Nonetheless, there are many reasons to immigrate to Canada and study here. English is the main language spoken in North America and Canada. French is also the second official langauge in Canada. Study English with EC English Vancouver and EC Language Centres to explore the different opportunities the city of Vancouver has to offer. Our programs vary in levels and … Read more