Summer Party at EC Vancouver

Summer Party at EC Vancouver EC Students and staff members are all invited to our annual Summer Party at EC Vancouver! Cool down with some free ice cream and toppings in celebration of Summer! Discover Canada Tours will also raffle off a free complimentary trip to Whistler!! Who would ever want to miss that! Whistler is a popular hot spot for many tourists around the world due to its natural beauty, summer and winter activities like hiking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and many other undertakings. What? Free Ice cream with many kinds of toppings! Look out for the green team! Where? 3rd Floor at EC Vancouver! (570 Dunsmuir Street)! When? Thursday, July 18th. From 12pm to 2pm! Why? Because it’s summer and everyone loves ice cream! Also, you may get a chance to win a free trip to Whistler!! EC Languages Centre With that being said, EC Vancouver is an ESL school with locations all around the world, specifically USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Malta. Contact EC Vancouver and EC Language Centres today to learn more about our ESL programs, courses, tours and various activities throughout the year! We have levels ranging from basic elementary and beginner to complete proficiency and advanced. Not to mention our test preparation programs like IELTS and Cambridge FCE, CAE, and CPE. With the many English language schools in Vancouver, we stand out for being true to our selves and students! We take pride in teaching English and carry on a strong ethos dedicated to providing the best possible experience to everyone. Join us today and witness the orange carpet yourself! Not to forget, thank you Discover Canada Tours and Club ESL for all your help and hard work! Discover Canada Tours provides various trips and activities across Canada. So … Read more

Welcome July 14th New Students!

Hello July 14th New Students! Hello everyone and welcome to Beautiful British Columbia! Here at EC Vancouver, we welcomed many students from different backgrounds and nationalities to study in our amazing school. The weather was great, the students were lovely, and the tour was refreshing. It’s always great to walk in downtown Vancouver because the city always has different popups and events planned throughout the weeks and months. Sunday Activity at EC We did ice-breakers before the walking tour to get everyone in groups and to make friends. Speaking is an important aspect of practicing English. After the walking tour, we all went together to eat lunch at White Spot. White Spot is a Canadian restaurant and a BC local favorite. Eating lunch together is a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about different cultures and to speak to different people. So, we thank you for joining the Sunday activity and hope that you learned a lot about our city, rules, culture and etiquette! Vancouver is a great place to study and live because the culture is accommodating to the various ethnicities, sexual orientations and backgrounds. There are many reasons why Vancouver and Canada are on the top of the best places to live in the world. In contrast, these are the simplest reasons that makes this city exciting and wonderful. Above all, Study English in Vancouver and explore the different opportunities and experiences the city has to offer! Studying abroad is an excellent experience that stays with you forever. Nonetheless, to learn more about our Sunday tours and activities, read our other blogs and visit our social media profiles. EC Languages Centres is located in 8 countries, with multiple locations in Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia. Contact us or visit our website to learn … Read more

July Cycling at Stanley Park

Hello July! Sun is out! So are the bicycles! Join us today and tomorrow to a lovely cycling tour around Stanley Park and downtown Vancouver in this lovely month of July! We will meet up today and tomorrow EC Vancouver’s reception area at 3pm and leave to grab the bicycles from VanCity Bikes. Vancity Bikes is located inside Waterfront Skytrain station, which is very convenient because Stanley Park is just around the corner. Returning the bicycles will also be hassle-free as its closeby. Cycling around Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver is one of the most popular attractions and activities done in the city. The bike lanes are safe and diverge from the pedestrian ones. Complementary helmets will also be provided by VanCity Bikes so please be careful and wear them all the time! Its the law! With that being said, we will teach you basic hand signals and routes to use for the future. Cycling in Vancouver In Vancouver and North American west coast, cycling is becoming more increasingly popular because it is safe and healthy. There are many bike lanes around the city and area. Vancouver is definitely one the world’s top bike-friendly cities due to the bicycle laws and overall riders. Not as many numbers of bicycles as in Amsterdam, Holland, but we’re getting there! Nonetheless, join us on a wonderful bicycle ride and tour around Stanley Park and downtown Vancouver. This is also a great way to improve your English and meet other people from different countries. Renting the bicycles VanCity Bikes costs $15 for two hours! Which is very reasonable. Above all, Contact EC English Vancouver and EC Languages Centres to learn more about our ESL programs and various tours and activities we provide to our students. Also don’t forget to check out our instagram and … Read more

June 21st Raffle Winner Airi Motoyoshi

June 21st Graduation Ceremony & Raffle Winner winner chicken dinner! A big congratulations to Airi Motoyoshi from Japan! She is one of the two lucky winners! Airi won free tickets to the Vancouver Aquarium on June 21st as part of our weekly raffles that we host every Friday during graduation! Airi also graduated from our General English program. We will miss her and wish her a wonderful career! Every Friday during our graduation ceremony, we also host a raffle where we give out many free tickets and prizes! For instance, prizes includes tickets to the Vancouver Aquarium, the Vancouver Lookout, Flyover Canada, Capilano Suspension Bridge, and much more!! Above all, EC students are welcomed to join the graduation ceremony and take part of the raffle! Taking part of the raffle is easy, all you have to do is to show your EC student ID card and have no Xs or red marks on the back of your card. We reward those who speak English as per our school policy of English-only! EC Vancouver To learn more about EC Vancouver’s English as a Second Langauge programs, events, or activities, please contact us by reaching out to our social media platforms or by visiting our website. EC Vancouver is located at 570 Dunsmuir street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1Y1. We are located on the second and third floor. The main entrance is just across the seven-eleven store. Nonetheless, Learn English in Vancouver and explore the different opportunities the city has to offer and provide for you. Studying English with EC Vancouver and EC Language Centres is a once in a life time experience. This is a great way to kickstart your English and various skills to settle in a new country and environment. English language is crucial to settling in Canada and North … Read more

Open Mic @ EC Vancouver

Open Mic is here! Music is an international language spoken by everyone. Everyone loves music for its calming effects and transcendental aura. With that being said, EC Vancouver is hosting an open mic every week on Friday from 2 to 3 at Level zero. Whether you sing, or play an instrument like the guitar, bass, or ukulele, come join us and jam with everyone! This is a great opportunity to experience music and meet friends from different cultures and background.   If you don’t play an instrument but would like to join us, then that’s fine as well! Everyone is more than welcomed to join us! Come and cheer everyone performing! The more, the better! Please note that this event is for registered EC students only. You’re advised to bring your own instruments, however we also have a guitar and amp ready in house to be used! Open Mic Day @ EC What? Open mic day for everyone to perform and enjoy! Where? EC Vancouver – Level 0 When? Fridays, 2pm to 3pm How? Just show up and take part of this event! Why? For the love of music and to meet new friends!   Music truly brings people together. Nonetheless, EC Vancouver is an English school for international students. We have levels ranging from basic elementary and beginner to complete proficiency and advanced. Not to mention our test preparation programs like Cambridge and IELTS. EC Vancouver is located on the second floor at 570 Dunsmuir Street, downtown Vancouver. We have campuses all around the world in 8 countries. Including Canada, United States of America, Ireland, United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Malta. Check out our other blogs and social media feeds to learn more about EC Vancouver’s events and activities. We have events and activities every week! … Read more

June 2nd New Students

Last month on June 2nd, we welcomed many students from different backgrounds and origins to EC Vancouver and Canada. Our students speak different languages, however English brings everyone together! We met outside of EC Vancouver campus at 11AM and did some ice breakers for everyone to know each other a little more. After the ice breakers and waiting for everyone to arrive, we went on a short tour around Vancouver. Here are EC Vancouver and EC Language Centres, we provide state of the art ESL courses and methodologies aimed at strengthening the student’s weak points. English is a learning process, it takes skill and knowledge, not to mention time! Nonetheless, EC Vancouver is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. There are many amenities, restaurants, tourist spots and many coffee shops around to make you feel at home! Our students have the opportunity to explore the city and study English at the same time. Take English courses in Vancouver & join EC today! Many of our assignments and courses combine real-world education and class room time to get the best out of both worlds! For instance, our special focus class English in the city allows students to experience English in real life. Ordering food, coffee, or walking around town can be difficult if you don’t speak the language. Our teachers provide the best method and ways to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time possible! To learn more about our English as a second language, contact us via our social media or visit our website at Above all, EC Language Centres has 8 locations around the world, including Canada, Malta, Ireland, USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. We also have multiple locations in the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom.  

May 26th New Students

A big welcome to our new students who started on May 26th. We met everyone outside of school at 11:30AM and took a part of the Sunday experience which includes ice breakers, a tour around downtown Vancouver, and of course lunch at White Spot. After greeting each other and knowing each other’s names, we ask everyone to get together in small groups and ask simple questions like: What is your nickname if you have one and age? Where are you originally from and what languages do you speak? What are your interests or hobbies? Why did you choose Vancouver or Canada specifically? What is your favorite movie or TV show? What is your favorite singer, band or artist? How long are you staying in Vancouver or Canada for? What do you do back home? Work, study, volunteer? After the ice breakers.. we head up Seymour street, and take a right towards Georgia street and stop there to explain more about Granville, Pacific Centre, London Drugs, Robson street and many other spots that they will need like: The Art Gallery at Robson Square How to get to the beach from Robson Street, Granville Street and Burrard. White Spot is a Canadian restaurant and a local favorite because it accommodates various kinds of foods, desserts and beverages. Above all, EC Vancouver is an English language school for international students. We have programs and courses for various needs and requirements! English for work, English in the city and global awareness, are just examples of our classes that are offered all year long. To learn more about our programs and ESL courses, visit our website or contact us by finding us on Facebook @ec_vancouver and Instagram @EC Vancouver. EC Languages Centre is situated in 8 countries with multiple locations in the USA, Canada, and … Read more