Canadian Cuisine

Canadian Food and Local Favorites

Are you interested in Canadian cuisine? Do you want try Canadian food and see what is it all about? If so, then there are large restaurant chains in Canada and around the world! These places are expanding day by day and can be found everywhere across the nation.

Canadian Food is Everywhere!

The most obvious ones would be A&W, Boston Pizza, Tim Horton’s, Beaver Tails, Lobster, Cactus Club, Roadhouse, Booster Juice, Freshii, Smack, Whitespot, Burger King (believe it or not), Dairy Queen, also known as DQ,  Swiss Chalet, Warehouse, and much more! Most of these restaurants are on the cheap spectrum. You can find many Canadian restaurants near you and they usually include a wide variety of meals and options. So just go to any restaurant and order one of your favorite food or try something new like Poutine! Another favorite local foods is french fries and butter tarts. Poutine is by far the most popular and traditional dish of Canada. Eating out is a good way to get to know the city and culture.

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