Student Testimonial : Nadia Do Prado Pereira from Brazil

Here at EC Language Centres, we meet people from around the world, and some truly remain in our memories! An example of this is one of our awesome Brazilian student, Nadia Pereira. Nadia studied English with us in our 30+ programme here at EC Vancouver and had a lovely time participating in the various social and outdoor activities. With that being said, here is what Nadia had to say about her visit and studies at EC Vancouver: “I chose EC Vancouver because I already knew the school when I took classes in Toronto. Actually, I came in 2019 and decided to come back to Canada because its an amazing country. I was very lucky with EC because I had the opportunity to improve my English, specially due to the 30+ classes because they have career focused subjects and lessons. The teachers are amazing, they know how to talk to us and they have so much patience. There’s alot of homework and dialogues in class so its impossible not to improve! The schools support goes beyond the language. They teach us about the Canadian culture, how to take the public transportation, and anything else we need! I have no regrets and I have no doubts that I made the best decision coming to Vancouver!” Needless to say, we will miss you, Nadia, and hope to meet you again in the future! Do visit us if you’re ever nearby the school!   EC Vancouver is a Languages Canada member in good standing – DLI#O19280217882. We provide ESL classes and test preparation programs for all levels and ages over 16 years old.Otherwise, the province of British Columbia proudly hosts many ESL schools in Vancouver. But none stands out like EC! Contact us today or visit our social media websites to learn more about our … Read more

Student Testimonial : Francisco Verdera from Spain

EC Vancouver Student Testimonial Hello and welcome everyone to our lovely blog! Meet one of our lovely students Francisco Verdera. He is originally from Spain and is 72 years old. Francisco carried alot of positive emotions and experiences throughout his time in Vancouver and Canada. It is safe to say that he was popular in all of his classes and between other students due to his positive nature and attitude. In addition, he took the opportunity to share his experiences in EC Vancouver and ideas about living abroad. Above all, this is what Francisco had to say about his stay in Canada and studies at EC : “ The organization of the school works very well. The classes are entertaining and fun. The teachers adapt well to the levels of the students. The host family is very nice and try to make you feel at home. With an open relationship.  I’m very well installed, having my own area, bedroom, living room and bathroom. I choose Vancouver and Montreal over other destinations because I want to improve my skills in English and French, and also visit places in Canada as much as possible. “ Similarly, it was a pleasure having him in our lovely school and wish him all the best! His positive energy always gave us a nice start to the day and a beautiful end as well. With that being said, contact EC Vancouver or visit our website to learn English in Vancouver and North America. We have levels ranging from beginner and elementary to complete proficiency and advanced. We also have test-based preparation exams like IELTS and Cambridge for all of your university needs and requirements. Nonetheless, thank you for choosing EC Vancouver and EC language Centres. We will truly miss your positive spirit and happy personality! Visit … Read more

Student Testimonial : Maiara Milanez from Brazil

Hello and welcome! EC Vancouver was very happy to welcome and host and Maiara Milanez from Brazil. She studied General English with us and graduated in the summer. This is what Maiara had to say about here experience in Canada and EC Vancouver : “My stay in Vancouver provided me a lot of unforgettable experiences, such as making friends from all over the world, visiting beautiful places and seeing fantastic animals. The school is amazing and I’d recommend it for sure. Also, to its staff, all I have to say is: Thank you so much for everything! I’m grateful for all the good moments we had together and I can’t explain how thankful I am for every time you helped me. You made my trip even more special!” Waterfront   Please note that the testimonial was written by Maiara herself and was not edited at all. From everyone here at EC Vancouver, we want to say that we will miss you alot and hope to meet you soon in the future! Please drop by and say hi to us if you plan on visiting Vancouver or Canada. We would love to see you again! Learn English in Vancouver and experience a new culture and environment dedicated to fostering newcomers.   The province of BC proudly hosts many events and activities throughout the year for our locals and tourists. With that being said, EC Vancouver is a Languages Canada ESL provider in good standing. EC Language Centres and EC Vancouver proudly provides ESL classes and test preparation programs for all levels and ages like IELTS and Cambridge CAE,CPE FCE. Contact us today or visit our website or social media to learn more about our English classes and programs, events, tours, prizes and much more. Our Designated Learning Institution number is O19280217882.

Student Testimonial : Renato Leocadio from Brazil

EC Vancouver was very happy to welcome and host Renato Florentino Leocadio (Instagram @familia.leocadio) from Brazil. He studied General English with us for eight weeks and graduated last week. We interviewed Renato and this is what he had to say about Vancouver and EC Language Centres :   EC: Did you improve your English? Renato: Yes, I like the class and teachers so much.   EC: Did you make any friends at EC Vancouver? Renato: The class and the methods and the teachers propose the idea of making friends. My Instagram is full with new people.   EC: Did you go to a hockey game? Renato: No because the season was finished. I did a tour inside Roger’s arena instead.   EC: What is your favorite place or street in Vancouver? Renato: Stanley park and BC stadium   EC: Would you repeat or recommend your experience in Vancouver and EC? Renato: Yes I totally recommend the school. It is very professional and well dedicated. Thank you for everything.   From all of us here at EC Vancouver and EC Language Schools, we wish Renato a very safe flight and a happy journey. We will miss you. EC Language Centres is an English School in Vancouver and with more locations across the globe that offers ESL classes with levels starting from basic beginner to complete proficiency. We offer various tours, activities and events throughout the year to help students practice their skills and know more about Canadian culture.

Student Testimonial : Flavio Gerber from Switzerland

EC Vancouver was very happy to host and welcome Flavio Gerber from Switzerland. He studied General English with us for six weeks and graduated last week. This is what Flavio had to say about Canada and EC Vancouver : Hello everyone, I’m Flavio from Switzerland and I would like to share my experience with you. First of all, I am amazed by the city of Vancouver and its possibilities. There is so much to do and explore, especially in the nature within as well as around the city. Even though there is a lot going on, the atmosphere is always calm and relaxing. In my opinion, EC does a great job of connecting learning with discovering by means of their planned activities and well organised schedules. The staff is extremely helpful and open to help with any problems you might face during your stay. Last but not least, the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made from all over the world make this whole experience a truly unforgettable one!   Please note that the post was written by Flavio Gerber and was not edited at all. British Columbia proudly hosts many ESL schools in Vancouver. EC Vancouver is a Languages Canada member in good standing – DLI#O19280217882. We provide ESL classes and test preparation programs for all levels and ages. Contact us today to learn more about our programs, events, contests, tours and many more activities that we host everyday. 

Talita Younan from Brazil

 EC Vancouver was very happy to host Talita Younan, a renowned Brazilian actress known for her various work across Latin America. Talita studied General English with us for one month and graduated last Friday (April 5th).  We interviewed Talita and this is what she has to say about EC Vancouver and Canada!   EC: Did you improve your English? Talita: Yes, I did because when I arrived I didn’t speak much English. But now, more or less, I can understand and feel more confident speaking and listening. EC: Did you make any friends at EC Vancouver? Talita: Yes, I met many people from different nationalities. Good friends and good people! EC: Did you go to a hockey game? Talita: Yes! I watched the Canucks play. I’ve never seen a hockey game before and this was my first time. I didn’t blink because there was so much happening. I would like to play it but we don’t have such snow or sport in Brazil. If I wasn’t an actress I would be a hockey player instead! EC: What is your favorite place in Vancouver? Talita: My dream is to buy a house in Bowen Island because it is beautiful. Also it was my first time seeing snow in Whistler! EC: What is your favorite Street in Vancouver? Talita: Robson Street because it has many stores! Really nice for shopping. Also Stanley Park. My current accommodation view is amazing because my apartment faces the park. Riding a bicycle there is a lot of fun. EC: Would you repeat your experience in Vancouver and EC? Talita: Definitely! I would move to Vancouver because it is beautiful and amazing! The teachers are really good and everyone is really nice. I am very happy and would repeat my experience. Thank you!   Check out Talita’s Instagram account at @talitayounann and IMDb profile (nm8684155). Please note that the post … Read more

Mariana Bellonci shares her EC experince!

Hello! My name is Mariana Bellonci, I`m from Brazil and I studied at EC Vancover for 12 weeks. I would like to share a little bit about my experience in Vancouver. The time that I have been here in Vancouver was incredible. I had the chance to live some experiences  that I have never imagined before. I had the opportunity to live the real Canadian family living in a Homestay. It was brilliant! I also visited many beautiful places in BC, like whistler, Victoria, Stanley Park and Rocky Mountains. I met good friends from all around the world such as Turkey, Korea, Brazil, Switzerland, that I will keep in my heart forever. During my time in Canada, I was able to see the beautiful autumn, the rainy and cold winter and I also saw snow for the first time. I am very grateful to all my teachers and all the staff who work at EC. Without them, my days in Vancouver wouldn’t have been the same. I`m looking forward to travel again to meet all the friends that I made here in Vancouver.   Thanks EC Vancouver!   Thinking of taking a TOEFL test? Take your TOEFL test in Vancouver!

Jorge Londoño shares his EC experience!

My name is Jorge Londoño, I’m 24 years old and from Colombia. I spent the last semester of 2018 studying English at EC in Vancouver, and it was the best experience of my whole life. At first, when I was planning my trip, I had been thinking about the best choice about the school and specially the city. I was sure about the school because a good friend of mine had recommended me EC, but the other decision was harder. You can choose a lot of beautiful cities around the globe, and EC has many schools in cities like Malta, San Francisco and Cape Town so I was confused about the country, but I’m glad that I chose Vancouver as my main destination. One of the world’s most liveable cities, Vancouver can offer stunning places, the politest people, a respectful and modern diversity and the best and most unique mix between mountains and ocean. I feel so lucky that I could meet the best people, friends, teachers and staff. Thank you, EC, for the great opportunity, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all and to visit again my beloved Vancouver. Thinking about taking an IELTS test? Take IELTS preparation courses in Vancouver!    

Renan Lacalendola Shares his EC experience!

Vancouver and EC became the best choice of my life, and the reason is simple… I had experiences here that I never imagined before. I hiked mountains and trails, I saw beautiful lakes, I experienced snow for first time in my life, and enjoyed the real Canadian life! Vancouver and EC offers all that you need and it will change your life forever! I made new friends from all around the world, I tried new foods, cultures and for sure I will visit them one day!   Vancouver is a beautiful and amazing place and I recommend everyone to come and live in it.   I’ll never forget this experience!   Thank you for everything, EC Vancouver!  

Laura from

My stay at EC Vancouver – Laura Bussat

Laura from France would like to share her story about studying at EC Vancouver. She has been with EC for 6 weeks! “Lots of good things happened during my travel in Vancouver. After five weeks, I can say that EC is a wonderful school. There is a very good ambience. We can meet people from all over the world in EC, and lots of students want to make friends and are very friendly. Teachers are involved in lessons. After 6 weeks, students can take a progress assessment to see if they are ready to move up a level. EC organizes fun activities too. Each week we can discover the city and Canadian traditions. We can go hiking in Stanley Park, have fun in the Halloween costume contest or meet students in a pub! It’s a very good experience!” ====== Are you interested in taking an IELTS course in Vancouver? Study at EC Vancouver and take an IELTS test in Vancouver!