The Autumn is coming in Canada!

The Autumn is coming! One of the most beautiful seasons are almost on the corner you need to get ready for this. It is the perfect time to rest after summer, enjoy the rain, the cold breeze and specially to witness the trees and shrubbery turning brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red. Check out the website Tourism Vancouver and choose some great places to enjoy the nature. 1 – Stanley Park  Stanley Park is an incredibly beautiful place to view the fall colors. Go around the seawall or check the trails, The park is one of the biggest and most beautiful parks all around the world! 2 – Queen Elizabeth Park Located in central Vancouver atop the city’s highest point, this 130-acre park has gorgeous gardens featuring both deciduous and evergreen trees. When the colors start changing, the juxtaposition of the evergreens, gardens and red/orange hues of the trees that are morphing into winter hibernation is simply breathtaking. 3 – Van Dusen Botanical Gardens  Take the Laburnum Walk through Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, which features an eclectic mix of plant life that turns to crisp yellow throughout the fall. Also take a look at the ponds in the center of the park for a nice colour pairing of lily pads on the water and the surrounding plant life. 4 – University of British Columbia (10 kilometres, 6.2 miles)  The leafy campus of the University of British Columbia is a great choice for leaf-peeping. Located at the far western end of the City of Vancouver, the grand old trees lining the Main Mall turn spectacular colours, but the on-site UBC Botanical Garden is also full of reds, orange and yellows during autumn. 5 -Grouse Mountain  Although it’s filled with evergreen trees galore, Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver is still a sight to behold each autumn. The grasses … Read more

Richmond Night Market 2017

Every year from May to October, Richmond hosts the biggest and amazing Asian themed market in North America. Located just few steps from Bridgeport Station, the market has easy access by Skytrain. The market is great chance to try many kinds of exotic foods and fun attractions. The website ( choose 10 delicious food to try at The Richmond Night Market..   1. Soft shell crab tacos from Tabetai Tacos You’ve probably tried Mexican tacos, but have you ever tasted it with an Asian flair? New to the night market this year is Tabetai Tacos—a food stall that specializes in Asian-inspired tacos. Its most popular item is a soft shell crab taco made with crispy fried soft shell crab, teriyaki glaze, spicy miso mayo, guacamole, masago (fish eggs), nori (seaweed), and a corn tortilla. Not a fan of seafood? It also offers kakuni (pork belly) and gyutan (beef) taco options.   2. Strawberry and balsamic ice-cream bun from Bao Bar Sweets Ice-cream sandwiches will always be a childhood (or adulthood) favourite, but the new bao buns from Bao Bar Sweets show fierce competition. Its ice-cream buns feature perfectly deep-fried mantou (Chinese sweet bun) that is both golden and crispy. A must-try flavour is strawberry with balsamic drizzle sprinkled with basil flakes. Other top contenders include toasted soy milk, matcha, and Vietnamese coffee. 3. London fog tea-ffee from Sippy Tea As you make your way through the hungry crowds, you may notice many people holding a plastic pouch close to their mouths. The answer to this is simply Sippy Tea’s introduction of its tea-ffee in a pouch (reusable and recyclable)—a combination of tea and coffee served in cute little bags. Try the London fog tea-ffee for a light and milky drink; if you want something with stronger flavours, go for the Thai coconut or chocolate lavender.   4. Barbecue oysters from Oyster & Scallop … Read more

What is reading for gist?

Gist is the overall meaning, the core idea, of a spoken or written discourse. When taking a quick look at a written text to establish its genre and the main message its writer means to get across, we’re reading for gist. This is also known as skimming. A text can provide readers with lots of clues that help readers quickly establish what it’s about. These needn’t be just the words. A quick glance at the arrangement – densely written columns, for example – can tell us we’re looking at a newspaper article, even when it’s been reproduced in an exam paper. We also look for visuals or any other discrete discourse features to help us make informed predictions. Reading for gist is all about getting the ideas of the text by skimming it rapidly and ignoring the grammatical words. Another reading skill often mentioned alongside skimming is scanning. Scanning is our quest for more specific information, such as numbers, names or other easily identifiable data within a text. We do this when, for example, we consult a bus timetable for a specific time or destination. —-Are you thinking to study English in Canada? Meet EC English Language School in Vancouver! 

2 Apps to keep up with your English

The most important thing when you’re learning a second language is keep practicing. Sometimes you need to go back home and it’s hard to find way to continue your studies. Here you’ll find two of the most popular apps to keep up with your learning. Duolingo is the most famous app for people that want to learn languages. You can set how much time you want to spend per day and you get notified to study. It’s addictive! You can challenge your friends as well, creating a competition and see who is improving faster! The app is available on App Store, Google Play, for Windows and for online. Another app is called HiNative. This app is all about community. You can exchange knowledge with native people and have them correct your pronunciation, asking them how can you say a specific word or if your sentence is right and many other things. This app is also available on App Store, Google Play and online. ==== Planning to come to Canada to improve your English? Find out more about Study English in Canada.

Masato’s English Studies

  Masato is a Japanese student here at EC Vancouver. He happily offered to share about his experience practicing English outside of the classroom Here is his story:   Studying English outside of Class I often go to drink at a pub or a bar. There are a lot of ways to learn English there. I sometimes go there with my friends. It’s important to communicate with my friends. But it’s not only to communicate with my friends, but also to be able to learn a lot of English. I always improve my speaking and listening skills through conversation with my friends and with servers. For example, I learned about how to order, as well as explanations of the dishes and drinks. We also talk about our favourite menu items, our thoughts and our school lives. It’s a chance for us to talk with each other outside of school. But I don’t always go to drink with my friends. I also go to drinking alone. When I do, I always sit at the bar so that I can talk with servers and strangers who sit next to me. One day, I went to a pub alone. At first, I said to the servers, “I’m studying English, but I cannot speak English well.” Then, they talked to me slowly and clearly. Furthermore, they introduced me to a regular customer who sat next to me. He talked with me as soon as he knew that I’m studying English. We talked a lot about our countries, our favourite sports, and our life in Vancouver. Moreover, an advantage of drinking is that alcohol changes me from shy to a little chatty. That way, I can talk with everyone easily and I can enjoy it. Advice for other students I think that it’s important to … Read more

Tips for taking good notes

Note-taking is a skill that can help you do well on all your schoolwork as a EC Vancouver student. So here are some tips. –          Write down key facts. If you have a teacher who writes notes on the board, that’s a bonus: You can copy them. If not, write down the most important points from class. –          Don’t overdo it. Don’t go crazy taking notes. You’ll be frantic if you try to write down everything that’s said in class. If you focus too much on getting your notes right, you might miss important points. As an example, some people actually learn better by listening, writing down a few key points, and then going over the material after class when they have more time. –          Ask. Don’t be afraid to ask the teacher to repeat something you miss. If the teacher’s going too fast, chances are your classmates will also be relieved to hear the information again. –          Compare. Keep your notes handy when you’re doing your reading. Compare what you wrote with what the readings say. Going over your notes with a friend and comparing what the two of you wrote can help with what you’re learning. –          Copy. Depending on how clear your handwriting is, you may want to recopy your notes when you get home. If you’ve taken notes in a hurry, you’re more likely to figure out an unreadable word or sentence on the day of the lesson than you are weeks later when you look back over your notes in preparation for a test. –          Organize. Keep notes for each subject in one place so you can find everything easily when it comes time for a test. That may mean keeping a notebook or section of a notebook for each subject as you take notes … Read more

Study Tip – How to prepare for an exam

How to prepare an exam? Written by MinHa Kim Select a place where you feel comfortable. Clean the place where you would study. Read through the entire notes that will be on the exam. Memorize notes, concentrating on one major theme at a time until you know it well. For the first major theme, start at the top and just read through. After you feel confident that you know every theme, put down your studying and take a break from the subject. Sleep well and eat well. Whenever I prepared an exam, I guess I usually crammed in the last few days. It was pretty effective to get high score, even though I wiped out and needed whole day for sleeping to recover myself after the test. Actually, I used to study for my exam for enough time like a month or more. One day, I had final test in high school and I couldn’t afford to have enough time to prepare it. There were so many other things to do at the time. When I got to have time for it, I had only 3 days. I was desperate and started to review my notes quickly. I barely slept for 3 days in a row. After test, my score was a lot better than before when I had long time for the test. Since then, I had been strongly believing that cramming is the best way to prepare an exam. I crammed for the other tests again. However, time goes by, I realized I forgot everything that I have studied. It was just studying for the SCORE. Consequently, I couldn’t learn anything on a long term basis, despite I studied. it could be the best way for an exam, but it shouldn’t be the wisest way to learn something. … Read more