Work and Study in Vancouver: Become a Web Developer in 12 Weeks

Become a Web Developer in 12 Weeks! It’s a techie’s world and we just live in it! The IT sector in Canada has once again been named as the fastest growing industry in the country, even beating out America’s famous Silicon Valley in terms of rapid expansion. Needless to say, this is excellent news for tech professionals as well as prospective students looking to enter the field; coders and developers are flocking to cities such as Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto where jobs in clean technology, computing and AI are plentiful. If you’re a budding IT student who is looking for ways to improve your English, study abroad and get into the university of your dreams, EC’s Canadian University Pathway Programme may just be the answer you’re looking for. Read on to see how studying at EC Vancouver can shape your future and build a bridge to your success!   Calling all web developers! Although data analysts, software engineers and network administrators are all highly sought-after, there’s one role that continues to be ahead of the pack in Canada: web developers. Consequently, Canadian employers within the IT industry are keeping a sharp eye out for web developers and programmers with a varied range of front- and back-end skills. Canadian salaries for IT professionals are very competitive, with earnings starting from 55,000 CAD. What is more, this income allows most graduates to pay off their tuition within one working year. The Canadian government is also supporting the demand for potential tech immigrants in British Columbia by extending the Provincial Immigration Program (PNP) until June 2020. How can EC Vancouver help? Are you interested in gaining a Canadian diploma and work experience in Canada? EC is proud to be partnered with RED Academy, one of the best private colleges in Vancouver that offers … Read more

Learn English in Vancouver and access a Canadian university

Canada occupies the first position in the ranking of countries with the best quality of life in the world. Its economic stability, a strong labor market, equal pay, the education system and a safe environment, among others, have led it to top the list. Especially, Vancouver, located on the west coast of the country, is a jovial city, full of student life and safe thanks to its low crime rate, the perfect destination for university students. In addition, it is one step away from both the United States and incredible natural landscapes. Learn English in Vancouver if you have always wanted to study in North America, now you can access the university without examining either the TOEFL or the IELTS, then we tell you all the details.   Discover the university life of Vancouver Vancouver is a beautiful city that has a high quality of life, the mixture between nature and the cosmopolitan environment makes it a unique place and, as a large city, it is made up of many neighborhoods for all tastes and styles.   Students can enjoy their most bohemian and creative area in the Gastown neighborhood, savor some good dim sum in the Chinatown, discover their LGBT area or have fun with Granville Street night. But in addition to the urban environment that characterizes it, university students can also enjoy its incredible nature by strolling through Stanley Park, the largest urban park in Canada, enjoying afternoon friends at Kitsilano beach or crossing the Capilano suspension bridge and appreciate its amazing views while breathing fresh air. Learn English and access a Canadian university There are many who dream of studying in an American university at the end of the institute and living the university experience in a foreign country but, with the overload of information that we … Read more

Why Study ESL in Vancouver

Studying ESL in Vancouver with EC Language Centres allows you to experience Canadian culture first hand and facilitate wonderful experiences. As an ESL student, you are highly encouraged to enjoy the events and activities Vancouver provides to participate in Canadian culture and arts. With that being said, there are many reasons to take English courses in Vancouver. Studying English in general is a good idea to kickstart and boost your career. Choose from the many programs and classes we offer like “English for Work” or “Grammar for Real Communications”. We also provide one on one private lessons to help you tackle the weak aspects of your English skill! EC Vancouver and EC Language Centres offers many free ESL classes, events and activities every day of the week, rain or shine. Contact EC Vancouver today or visit our website and social media accounts for more information regarding our programs and events.

Vancouver Titans : Overwatch Team

Did you know that Vancouver has its own Overwatch League team? Yup! You heard it right! There are twenty overall teams in the video game that represent different cities around the globe. With that in mind, the Vancouver Titans is a professional E-sports team that represents the city of Vancouver. The team has a winning rate of over 70% and a 15 game winning streak, it is safe to say that the team is definitely strong. The Vancouver Titans next game is on May 3rd against the Toronto Defiants at 7:15 pm. There are endless events and activities to do in Vancouver. If you enjoy video games, concerts, or even local craft beer festivals, there’s something for everyone. EC Language Centres offers English courses in Vancouver and around the globe. Visit our website or contact us for more information regarding our programs and different activities that we provide all year long.

The Bed Cinema

For the first time ever here in Vancouver, “The Bed Cinema” makes a grand entrance in Kitsilano. And for all the movie lovers out there, you can’t miss this! For a limited time only this summer, The Bed Cinema will screen 5 movies for one week. The entrance fee is $35 per person or $65 for couples. The price includes pillows, blankets, and an LED-lit nightstand.  Anyone can book any of the 150+ double beds and enjoy watching a blockbuster movie under the stars with their loved ones or alone! Vancouver usually hosts such outdoor events and activities. However, this specific event is unique and different than the previous ones because it offers the comfort of a bed. In other words, the event offers a lifetime experience and a chance to join the world’s largest outdoor bed cinema! Learning English in Vancouver is an excellent way to kick start your career and explore Canadian culture. Join EC Language Centres in the many tours, activities, and free classes we offer to our students to help them expand their vocabularies and pronunciations. Above all, EC Language Centres is an English school in Vancouver. We have different locations around the world carrying the same ethos, which is dedicated to providing the best student experience possible. Stay in tune with us and check out The Bed Cinema website to know more about the event and tickets.

People in Vancouver are probably craving ice cream now - EC Vancouver English Centre

Five pics to help you through this warm weather

Past days, we had some warm weather in Vancouver. The burning spring sun has probably made your armpits as wet and salty as the water in English Bay. Right now, you’re probably sitting in your cool basement reminiscing about those good ol’ days before global warming. It seems like only yesterday when we had that lovely refreshing rain all day long. Well, luckily for you, here are five pictures to help you through this warm weather.   First picture   Second picture   Third picture Fourth picture   Fifth picture Warm weather at EC Luckily, our building is air-conditioned and our vending machines are always stuffed with cold drinks. So if you’re doing EC English Courses in Vancouver, you never have to worry about a melting brain, soggy armpits or smelly feet.

Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium

  Want to see dolphins, rays, jellyfish and more? Visiting the Vancouver Aquarium will teach you a lot about BC’s and the worlds sea life and you can come up close with fascinating animals you don’t usually get to see. We visited the Aquarium with our group of Young Learners and had a great time. We took bus 19 from Burrard that drops you off in Stanley Park and only a 5 minutes walk from the Aquarium. Bring your student card when you go and you will pay $30 instead of $39! Divided into different sections you can see fish and jellyfish living in different oceans of the world and they even have a tropical section where you can see a snake, a sloth and little monkeys. I didn’t expect them to have so many different kinds of animals and you can learn a lot about sea life by visiting. At certain times you can see a dolphin show and they even have a 4D cinema, so there is lots to do and see. In between some shows we spent some time at the restaurant and café and regained our energy. After that they opened the basement and we could touch Rays. They felt slimy but it was such a great experience. Located in Stanley Park, the Vancouver Aquarium is easy to reach by bus and you can combine your visit with a walk through the Park enjoying great views on Vancouver, Lions Gate Bridge and North Vancouver.   Interested in TOEFL? Take a TOEFL test in Vancouver!

Mariana Bellonci shares her EC experince!

Hello! My name is Mariana Bellonci, I`m from Brazil and I studied at EC Vancover for 12 weeks. I would like to share a little bit about my experience in Vancouver. The time that I have been here in Vancouver was incredible. I had the chance to live some experiences  that I have never imagined before. I had the opportunity to live the real Canadian family living in a Homestay. It was brilliant! I also visited many beautiful places in BC, like whistler, Victoria, Stanley Park and Rocky Mountains. I met good friends from all around the world such as Turkey, Korea, Brazil, Switzerland, that I will keep in my heart forever. During my time in Canada, I was able to see the beautiful autumn, the rainy and cold winter and I also saw snow for the first time. I am very grateful to all my teachers and all the staff who work at EC. Without them, my days in Vancouver wouldn’t have been the same. I`m looking forward to travel again to meet all the friends that I made here in Vancouver.   Thanks EC Vancouver!   Thinking of taking a TOEFL test? Take your TOEFL test in Vancouver!

Renan Lacalendola Shares his EC experience!

Vancouver and EC became the best choice of my life, and the reason is simple… I had experiences here that I never imagined before. I hiked mountains and trails, I saw beautiful lakes, I experienced snow for first time in my life, and enjoyed the real Canadian life! Vancouver and EC offers all that you need and it will change your life forever! I made new friends from all around the world, I tried new foods, cultures and for sure I will visit them one day!   Vancouver is a beautiful and amazing place and I recommend everyone to come and live in it.   I’ll never forget this experience!   Thank you for everything, EC Vancouver!  

Sangah shares her marathon experience in Vancouver

Sangah from Korea and stayed with EC for around 8 months and has improved her English level from Beginner to Intermediate. She had many great experiences in Vancouver and would like to share her marathon experience! “Do you like running? What kind of sport do you like? My hobby is running and swimming, so I booked the marathon with friends. We practiced marathon three months. I heard that marathon is big fastival in Vancouver. I met my friends in downtown,and then we went to start line. It was crowded and a lot of people, so we waited an hour. We were nervous, because we were first marathon in Vancouver. We started running. When I ran, I saw a lot of sights. Finally, we finished the 10km marathon. I have a lot of good memory in Vancouver.” Many marathon events are offered in Vancouver all year round. It is a good way to challenge yourself or set a goal of participating in 5km or 10km run in Vancouver. One of our staff members, Lucas, is an active runner and trains himself for an upcoming marathon. If you are interested in participating in a marathon and need an advice, you must speak to him! ===== Are you interested in taking an IELTS course in Vancouver? Study at EC Vancouver and take an IELTS test in Vancouver!