The Wildfires in British Columbia

  Wildfire in British Columbia   If you are living in Vancouver or if you are just visiting, you certainly must have noticed the smoke surrounding the city.Metro Vancouver has been affected during the last couple of weeks by a huge wildfires in British Columbia. The famous lakes, hiking trails and natural attractions are not being recommended due to the bad air quality. The province of British Columbia has been facing the worst fire season in 6 decades and remains under a state of emergency. More than 7 thousand people are in alert to leave their homes. Due to the dry and hot weather, the situation is getting worse everyday. The summer season usually is the happiest season of the year for Canadians. Summer means parties, camping, stars and bonfires. This year, more that a half of the wildfires have been caused by humans. According to Chief information officer Kevin Skrepnek, almost 5000 square kilometers have been burned across the province to date. The government of BC issued some wildlife prevention’s:   Prevention means stopping wildfires before they start. Discarded cigarette   butts, campfires, hot exhaust pipes coming into contact with dry grass and vegetation, power tools (such as chainsaws), Tiki torches and even discarded glass can all ignite a wildfire. It is important to exercise caution when in the outdoors, not only when enjoying a campfire or off-roading in the backcountry, but also in using tools and handling, storing and disposing of materials and fuels. Campfires Many British Columbians and visitors to our province enjoy campfires. To prevent your campfire from turning in to a wildfire be sure to; Check current campfire restrictions for the area you are in Select your campsite and campfire location carefully Remove all leaves, twigs and other flammable material from the area around where you plan to … Read more

Why Vancouver?

Vancouver is a city of beauty, hospitality, and globally recognized facilities. On your downtime, you will be able to explore the endless corners of the city and its surroundings without ever worrying about getting bored with the options at hand. In terms of livability, lifestyle, costs, and inclusiveness, Vancouver offers everything a person could possibly want when studying or living abroad. If you haven’t already done so, and are considering a full-time academic or language program abroad to learn English then take a closer look at what Vancouver has to offer.  Residents of Vancouver are proud of their cultural heritage and the fact that we have a rainbow of nations at our fingertips. Vibrant festivals such as the Sikh Vaisakhi Parade, the Persian celebration of Nowruz, Italian Day on The Drive, The German Christmas Market located in the Heart of Downtown Vancouver, and the annual Chinese New Year festivities bless the city with food, music, people and performances from around the globe. We are fortunate in this city to live amongst so many different cultures. The only requirement we demand of those coming to the city is an open heart towards fellow residents regardless of race, colour, ethnicity, religion, political leaning, sex, or gender. Festivals take place year-round and are full of activity and life. If you wish to call the Pacific North West your new home, you had better be prepared for events such as the Celebration of Light, The world famous Pride Parade, the Santa Clause Parade at Christmas, the Pemberton Music Festival, and the Vancouver Folk Fest. One thing we can guarantee is that you will never be bored while you are on the west coast.   —– Are you thinking to study English in Canada? Meet us at EC English Language School in Vancouver!

Testimonial: Dana Lucia Angel Palacios

My experience in Vancouver has been awesome; since I arrived it has been perfect! I have met many people from different countries who are now are my friends, and I have been able to visit different places around British Columbia and Alberta like Victoria, Hope, Tofino and Banff. Also I can improve my English with an incredible process in EC because when I arrived six month ago I couldn`t speak, read or write anything! I consider my progress very successful. My plan for the future is to start studying at University and at the same time work in Vancouver.   —– Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Find out more about English Courses in Vancouver!

EC Vancouver Soccer Team

Club ESL Soccer Cup 2017

Football. Futbol. Voetbal. Futebol. Fußball. Fotboll. Calcio, Soccer. Many languages, one big passion. Soccer: The world’s most popular sport and the number 1 sport played all around the globe. No matter your religion, ethnicity, color; if you’re rich, poor, a boy or a girl, soccer unites people. Soccer is also the only sport able to stop a war! During the 1960s, Nigeria was wracked with a devastating civil war. But when soccer legend Pele and his team of Brazilian greats visited the country to play a match, both sides immediately agreed to take a break so they could watch the legend in action. The military even opened heavily guarded checkpoints so that people could make their way to the big game. (Source: It is a different, unique and magical game. Are you ready for the most fr tournament in Vancouver? Every year 16 English schools in Vancouver are selected to play for the Club ESL Soccer Cup. The league will be made up of two divisions, and league play will run for 11 weeks to determine each team’s seed within their respective division. Teams will then compete in a knockout tournament for the Club ESL Cup to be awarded on August 24th. Each team is guaranteed to play a minimum of 8 games and up to a maximum of 11 games. Get your gear ready and join the EC Vancouver Team!   —- Planning to come to Co improve your English skills? Find out more about TOEFL Courses in Vancouver!

BMO Vancouver Marathon

Hello Runners!Are you ready for one of the coolest and  most stunning sports events in Va Every year, in the first week of May, Vancouver hosts one of the most scenic marathons around the world. In the top 10 list and recognized by Forbes, CNN, USA Today and others as one of the top destination races in the world. As the second largest event in Canada,  Vancouver Marathon started with 32 participants in 1972 and now looks to welcome nearly 17,000 runners from over 60 countries. The BMO Vancouver Marathon offer races for all runner types, including a new Marathon Relay with race distances between 5KM and 13KM, a separate 8KM race, Half Marathon – 21km, and Vancouver full marathon – 42km. Runners can expect to experience a little bit of everything that this amazing city has to offer,The route goes all the way starting at Queen Elizabeth Park, going trough: 3 Parks, 6 Beaches, 12 Neighborhoods. 70% shoreline views, Stunning vistas, snow capped mountains, Stanley Park and cheering fans all along the way!. Not running the Marathon?No worries, you can still enjoy the fun environment and free Marathon festivities going on all week, such as food trucks, Expo Health and lots of free gateway. Come and join this amazing and inspiring experience! ——Planning to come to Canada to improve your English skills? Check out EC English Language School in Vancouver!